The Feminist Trinity

The Feminist Trinity May 22, 2016

What does the Trinity have to do with feminism?

Rublev Trinity Icon-photo by Shakko
Rublev Trinity Icon-photo by Shakko, via WikiCommons (Public Domain)

It’s Trinity Sunday, so I’ll share a couple quotes with you from my favorite book on the Trinity, Catherine Mowry LaCugna’s God for Us: The Trinity and Christian Life

It is not surprising that in the initial stages of theological feminism the subject of the Trinity was either rejected outright or simply ignored. Now some feminist theologians appeal explicitly to Trinitarian theology in support of a relational view of human personhood and the values of mutuality, equality, and community. (269)


A reconceived doctrine of the Trinity affirms what Jesus Christ reveals: that love and communion among persons is the truth of existence, the meaning of our salvation, the overcoming of sin, and the means by which God is praised. Therefore any theological justification for a hierarchy among persons also vitiates the truth of our salvation through Christ (400).


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