3 Faces of Fear

3 Faces of Fear January 29, 2018

Fear is perhaps the most prominent negative human emotion. Ask any self-aware person what plagues them most abundantly and fear is likely the answer. We are afraid of rejection, of failure, of being hurt. We are scared of being exposed, misunderstood, accused.

It is a giant weight that we pile on every day, even before we get out of bed. We’re afraid things won’t go well and people won’t like us. We’re afraid of not being seen or heard or loved.

So how do we deal with this giant monkey on our back? The first thing is to acknowledge fear. We’re all feeling it. Might as well say it out loud. Perhaps then we can talk about it in an honest way, without being so afraid of what our fear says about us.

There are three distinct ‘faces’ of fear. Perhaps naming them will help us approach our lives with more courage.

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