The 5 Superpowers Us Mere Mortals Possess

The 5 Superpowers Us Mere Mortals Possess February 16, 2018
Expert Power

The fourth type of power is expert power. As we gain knowledge and skill over a certain area, those looking to gain the same set of skills seek after us.

It is expert power that drives innovation and inspires us to push ourselves to further limits. When we see someone else excelling at carpentry or baseball or healthy eating, we are influenced to seek their advice to our own betterment and to the betterment of the world around us.

Referent Power

The last and most effective type of human influence is referent power. In some ways, referent power is the least obvious type of power – the least measurable. It is exactly for this reason that it is most effective.

Referent power is character-driven. More than tasks, we are inspired by people who display a mastery over peace, or joy, or unity.

The power of our personality is the most influential tool at our disposal. The proper handling of our unique identity influences others like nothing else. Iron sharpens iron. As people created for community, we are constantly watching one another. And a life well lived is worth gleaning from.

With great powers comes great responsibility. You may not be able to pick up a car or defeat an alien army, but you are constantly influencing the world around you. You have the power to change the world. The most effective method is through exploring your own identity and sharing the beauty of yourself with the world. But in all five of these ways, you are walking around the world like a superhero in scene one of a movie. The secret power is within you. Discover it and use it wisely.

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