Becoming a Faithful Witness

Becoming a Faithful Witness May 5, 2020

There are two things inherent in every human life. The desire to participate in purpose and the understanding that to do so means to engage with something bigger than ourselves.

These longings are expressed in the language we use with one another every day. We talk about the meaning of life. We ask, “why does this matter?” or  “what is the point?” When we speak of such things, we are speaking of purpose.

And whether it be our job, our familiar relationships, our political affiliations, or our church, we spend a vast amount of time searching for those entities that pull us beyond the borders of ourselves. We understand that to participate in the meaningful life we long for, we need to engage with a greater sense of meaning, a greater object of purpose, than our selfish internal desires.



Our lives, therefore, become a witness to that greater sense of purpose. Follow where we spend our time, money, and energy and you will discover what we sense to be the source of meaning in our lives.

Everything we do, from our behavior to our perceptions, is evidence. It justifies the purpose we have put our hope in, the external object of meaning in which we have placed our trust.

Many of us do this without intention. We do not know the name or the nature of the thing we are following. Yet, whether we acknowledge it or not, we are bearing witness to the power of wealth or celebrity or our own emotion. We are serving some master and our attitudes and choices reveal to what (or whom) we are bearing witness.



Even when we find the true sense of vision for our lives, remaining faithful to that purpose is difficult. We live in a world that preaches instant gratification and a strong sense of what-have-you-done-for-me-lately. Our sense of purpose is threatened by difficulties, trials, challenges, and unmet expectations. And there are a dozen lies waiting around every corner, eager to snatch our attention away and promise that if we bear witness in another direction, we won’t have to struggle anymore.


The Bible

If you were to ask people what the Bible is all about, I imagine you would get an array of answers. But the real intent of Christian Scripture is to present God as that object of purpose you spend so much time looking for and then to give you some tools to become and remain a faithful witness on His behalf. For His good. For yours. And for the good of the people you lead, are in relationship with, and influence through your choices and attitudes.

The Bible is not a buzz kill or a moral litmus test. It is a treasure map. Meant to lead you to the thing you, and every other human on earth, is searching for: the object of purpose and the tools necessary to live a life that participates in that purpose by becoming a faithful witness of its message.


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