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Vivianne CrowleyVivianne Crowley, PhD is a university lecturer, psychologist, and Wiccan priestess. She was formerly Lecturer in Psychology of Religion at King’s College and at Heythrop College, University of London, where she specialized in Jungian Studies and Buddhist psychology. She was a founding faculty member of the first MA program in Psychology of Religion in Europe.

She is the author of many books on Wicca, contemporary Pagan spirituality, and Jungian psychology. She has taught Wicca internationally for over 30 years. In the UK, she has served as interfaith coordinator of the Pagan Federation and was the first coordinator of Pagan Chaplaincy Services. In 1989, she released her first book Wicca, one of the most valued and widespread books on Wicca as a spiritual tradition.

She is currently a professor in the Department of Pastoral Counseling, Cherry Hill Seminary, Columbia, SC, where she teaches master’s courses on Psychology of Religion, Death and Dying, and Ministry to older people. She lives in Europe, dividing her time between her farmhouse in rural Brittany, north-west France’s megalithic heartland, and London.

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Greening the Spirit is for all those who honour the Divine in nature and who find inspiration in Pagan philosophy and spirituality, both contemporary and ancient. Columns will be published on the third Friday of each month.

Vivianne Crowley with Rainbow