Attending to the Now

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Standing poised between two different influences can be difficult – it is simpler to go with one or the other, but Pagans would not be Pagans if we did not like doing difficult things. [Read more...]

Beltane-The Sleeper Awakes ?

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Taking pleasure in the world is Pagan. Paganism is about the here and now, about appreciating what is around us.

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Farewell Sir Terry Pratchett

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Last week the world’s media announced the death of British fantasy novelist Terry Pratchett . After 70 books, 70 million sales in 37 languages, and 44 years as a professional author, one of the wittiest, cleverest, and insightful writers passed into the Great Beyond, but the work that he has done for literature and for charity lives on. [Read more...]

In Memory of Giordano Bruno, Martyr

Giordano Bruno - Portrait from "Livre du recteur" (1578)

Short, slight, red-headed and pugnacious, Giordano Bruno’s explored the radical theological implications of Copernicus’ heliocentric universe. Powerful imagery of fire and ashes played an important role in his writing. His end in fire and ash, on the day after Ash Wednesday 1600, was terrible but perhaps in some way foreseen. And it was not a defeat [Read more...]

May they not have power over us

Vivianne Crowley with Rainbow

Many of us have little power in the world. We can only do what we can do in our own small spheres of influence. But there is one place where we can always start. This is within ourselves. To refuse evil is to be strong in the face of terror, to hold steadfast to our values and what we believe in, to refuse to share in the terrorists’ hate. [Read more...]

‘Tis the season to be jolly’ … unless you’re depressed

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The turning of the year is a traditional time to make New Year resolutions. The cycle of the seasons that we celebrate as Pagans teaches us the reality of the universe – that all is impermanence. The past no longer exists except in our memories. If we have courage, we can let go of that which we no longer need. [Read more...]

‘Every man and woman is a star’

„Statt Paderborn“ Kupferstich von G. Pfautz

Every man and woman is a star, and to create a new Paganism we need constellations – individuals in touch with their true and authentic selves and working in harmony with one another, and this we can only begin by creating harmony within ourselves. [Read more...]

‘And beyond death I bring peace and freedom…’

Carl Jung, 1912

We do not all have traumatic events like the near-death experience Carl Jung described to help us focus on what is really important to us. Still, the spiritual experiences of transcendence that many of us find in ritual and meditation play a similar role in teaching us that ‘I’ and the body are not the same. [Read more...]