5 Creative Ways to Recharge Your Tarot Cards

5 Creative Ways to Recharge Your Tarot Cards February 6, 2015
Creative Ways to Recharge your tarot cards photo by Lilith Dorsey, all rights reserved.
Creative Ways to Recharge your tarot cards photo by Lilith Dorsey, all rights reserved.

Tarot cards are magickal tools, and they are ones that by their nature frequently get touched and used by others. This means the need to cleanse them occasionally is great. I’ve been reading Tarot cards professionally for over two decades and I still make a point to cleanse my cards and my ritual reading space daily. The following is a list of creative and easy methods you can use to accomplish this.

  1. Knock 3 times– You may have seen your Tarot reader do this before they start. Most people tap the deck twice on top, then once on the bottom. In a way this is representative of asking to enter the psychic world, the knocking serves as a petition for insight and guidance.
  2. Put the cards back in numerical order– Reorganize the cards so that the go from 0-21 in the Major Arcana, and then follow with the individual suits. Fire, Water, Air and Earth is usually the way people order these, but feel free to organize it differently if you so desire. This step is very important to some readers, and others could care less. As always, see what works best for you and your cards.
  3. Bury the Cards. This is easier said then done if you have a yard or other area to bury them. Apartment or Boat dwellers do not fear however, the same earthy cleansing can performed with a little creativity and a few materials. Get a large pot, wrap your cards in a clean natural fabric like cotton, and then place into a ziplock bag. Put the cards in the bottom of the pot and cover them with dirt. Leave outside overnight. Dig up your new and improved deck the next morning.
  4. Salt the Cards– Sea Salt, Black Salt, Pink Salt… most salts are great for removing negativity, getting rid of
    Salted Tarot photo by Lilith Dorsey, all rights reserved.
    Salted Tarot photo by Lilith Dorsey, all rights reserved.

    unwanted energy and grounding. One idea is to wrap your cards in cloth and a bag, like the dirt instructions in number 3 and then cover the entire thing with salt. Another idea would be to put salt water in a spray bottle and spray around the outside of the cards in a counterclockwise circle. You could also simply make a circle of salt around the cards (see photo.) A pinch of salt in your tarot bag would also accomplish the same results.
  5. Sleep with your cards under your pillow – This is a two part process. Before taking the cards to bed, cleanse them with salt, Florida water, Palo Santo smoke or other magickal process. Then wrap then in a natural fabric white cloth and place them under your pillow. This will help to re-attune your energies to the cards. People have accused me of being a little bizarre ( just a little) when offering this suggestion, but it can be a very effective way of connecting with your Tarot deck. Try it, you might like it !

There are many other ways of cleansing your cards, crystals, altars, smoke and more. I would love to hear your favorites in the comments below. For those who would like more information about a Tarot reading from me please message me at voodoouniverse@yahoo.com and New Yorkers please check out my tarot workshop Sunday Feb 8 at Esoterico Brooklyn. Happy Blessings !

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