Herbal Magick : Tonka Beans

Herbal Magick : Tonka Beans August 21, 2016
Tonka beans photo courtesy of wikimedia.org. Text added.
Tonka beans photo courtesy of wikimedia.org. Text added.

Tonka Beans… even the words sound magickal, like something from a fairy tale. These are indeed some little magickal treasures that can be used in your sacred bag of tricks. Like many herbs and spices used in magick, this one has it’s roots in the kitchen. The use of Tonka Beans as a secret culinary ingredient has seen a recent resurgence. Historically Tonka beans were used as a prized ingredient in creating vanilla extract until they were banned in 1954. In a post on the Wall Street Journal website called A Banned Drug in Fine-Dining Desserts, they explain “after years of being relegated to perfumes, the tonka bean is making an appearance as a dessert flavoring in fine-dining menus.”

The smell of Tonka beans has been compared to that of Sweet Woodruff, the main herbal ingredient in the ritual brew May Wine. The flavor is subtle, but also complex. It can be used to flavor ice cream, cakes, and other treats. But what about it’s use as a magickal ingredient? Tonka beans have long been a Hoodoo ingredient in spells and ritual workings. Similar to mojo beans, they are used for manifesting desires and wishes. They are particularly effective used in spells for love.

Tonka Wishing Love Spell

  • Customarily 3, 5, or 7 Tonka beans are carried in your pocket for the corresponding 3, 5, or 7 days. Each day take another bean, make a wish about love,  place it in your pocket during the day, and under your bed at night. Some wish suggestions might be removal of obstacles to love, the discovery of opportunities for love, the confidence to get and keep love, and the like. On the last day, take the beans to a river or stream, and throw them over your left shoulder into the water. Walk away without looking back.

Tonka beans are also added to mojo bags, or gris-gris bags, to add extra luck and success. If you are looking to purchase Tonka beans please visit the webstore DeesTransformHealing for those and other magickal supplies, I highly recommend them. This post is part of our Herbal Magick series, please check it out for more great information on magickal herbs and spices, and remember to share, share, share !!!

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