Herbal Magick: Lily of the Valley

Herbal Magick: Lily of the Valley May 27, 2017

Lily of the Valley is a tiny, delicate flower that is full of magick. Ruled by the element of air, this botanical is said to foster communication, improve memory, mental stability, purity, and peace.

Lily of the Valley photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.
Lily of the Valley photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

May lily, Lily constancy, and ladder to heaven, are some of the other names for this plant. According to the herbalist Culpeper “there is an old English legend from Sussex that St. Leonard fought against a great dragon in the woods near Horham and wherever his blood fell lilies of the valley sprang up to commemorate the desperate fight. The woods still bear the name of St Leonard and the forest floor is still covered in lilies of the valley. ” Blooming this time of year it makes a traditional appearance on Beltane altars and as offerings.

Lily of the Valley is believed to magickally connect the head and the heart. It opens the pathways in our mind to allow access to higher spheres of consciousness. Spiritually it pairs well with crystals like amethyst, quartz, and amber. You can use the flowers, leaves, or the powdered root in your spellwork.

According to the legendary Victorian language of flowers if you received this bloom it meant happiness was to return to you. Partially for this reason people use it in workings to return a lost love, or heal a divided relationship.

Both the gods Apollo and Mercury rule over this plant. It can clearly help with communication and messages from this world and other realms as well. You can combine Lily of the Valley with some of the other plants from the list below to create your own fairy garden.

Plants for your Fairy Garden

Lily of the Valley


Irish Moss






Like many botanicals, parts of Lily of the Valley can be toxic. Special care is to be taken with the berries of this plant. Please proceed with caution and good judgement.

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