Divination Space Station : Little Luna

Divination Space Station : Little Luna August 21, 2017
Little Luna photo courtesy of Snake Oil Tarot & Apothecary. All rights reserved.
Little Luna photo courtesy of Snake Oil Tarot & Apothecary. All rights reserved.

Over the years here at the Divination Space Station we have presented and profiled many of the top psychics and readers throughout the world. This week is no exception, as we showcase Little Luna from Snake Oil Tarot & Apothecary. Little Luna is an amazing reader, and someone I am very honored to call a friend.

When did you start divining? With what method?

I started reading cards and experimenting with different methods of divining about 11 years ago. Being Latina, I grew up in a very catholic environment where these types of things were very taboo but I have always had an intense interest in spirituality although I’m not religious and my degree which started in Psychology, is in Religious Studies. I had acquired my first deck before this time but really had no idea how any of it worked. One day, I decided to get my cards read by a local reader when I was living in Baltimore and the reading felt more like manipulation to get me visit her more. She had said just enough to make me uneasy but not enough to shed light on anything I was going through. I had just become friends with an artist, astrologer and card reader named Cheryl Fair, so I told her what happened and to put my mind at ease, she offered to read my cards. The deck she pulled out was a Mah Jong deck by Derek Walter, and for some reason, sitting with her reading those cards a lot of things just fell into place and I began practicing with both Mah Jong and Tarot and discovering that I was a natural at it. When my friend needed emotional support we would get together for lunch once a week and read each other’s cards, that time learning with a knowledgeable friend was so valuable.

Which method do you use most often now?

I use both Tarot and Mah Jong. It depends on the setting and the feeling I get from the person and that determines what I read for them. The Tarot is based on western esoteric concepts and imagery and of course the Mah Jong is Chinese, and contains eastern concepts and imagery which give a different feel to the reading. Although the results are the same the symbolic language is a little different. I also use a pendulum and other methods for dousing for answers to questions for clients and myself.

How important is the choice/phrasing of the question?

Personally, I don’t require my clients to ask any initial questions for readings or really say anything, sometimes they want to tell me and sometimes they don’t. I have them draw cards and then I read what I see.

Do you have a yes/no method of divining you recommend?

Usually the surprising accuracy of this method will lead us into other questions about their situation, if there is something that remains unanswered at the end of the session, I help them formulate a yes or know question, and use my pendulum for the answer.

Is there any advice you have for newcomers when using divination?

The purpose of using divination is to connect with your own intuition which is part of how we are wired to survive. My advice to people new at exploring this would be to approach it as an art not expect it to be a science. Looking at a deck of cards for the first time is like looking at a surrealist painting your imagination must be open. When you are learning these methods to divine you are essentially trying to become well versed in the language of the unconscious, so studying a little Jungian psychology might help.

You have your radio show on WHIV, which is wonderful, are there any new projects you are developing?

I’ve been doing my show The Major Arcana Music Show, here in New Orleans on WHIV FM for over a year now and I really enjoy doing it. For this show I draw a tarot card and divine a playlist about the meaning of this card using various methods and my ipod. It’s been a great way for me to go even deeper with the tarot and see how these symbols are reflected in popular culture. Other than that, I am working out of my shop Snake Oil Tarot and Apothecary as well as reading for various events around town.

Little Luna owns Snake Oil Tarot & Apothecary in Metairie, LA. She was born in Albuquerque, NM. She has Co-produced the Snake Oil Festival in New Orleans for the past three years, which is dedicated to showcasing sideshow & variety arts.

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