Love Crystals : Take Your Troubles To Turquoise

Love Crystals : Take Your Troubles To Turquoise January 4, 2018

Turquoise image fro Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under CC 2.0
Turquoise image from Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under CC 2.0

Turquoise is a wonderful crystal to use for love. It gives healing, joy, luck, and longevity. Turquoise is prized in many cultures: Native American, Egyptian, and more. In fact the word comes from the French, and actually means Turkish.

Today you can find the stone in the countries of Iran, China, Tibet,  Australia, Afghanistan, Chile, Mexico, and the United States. According to the U.S. Department of the Interior ” Chemically, a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum, it is formed by the percolation of meteoric or groundwater through aluminous rock in the presence of copper. For this reason, it is often associated with copper deposits as a secondary mineral, most often in copper deposits in arid, semiarid, or desert environments. For thousands of years the finest intense blue turquoise in the world was found in Persia…. This changed during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s when modern miners discovered or rediscovered significant deposits of high-quality turquoise in the western and southwestern United States. Today … the majority of the world’s finest-quality turquoise comes from the United States, the largest producer of turquoise.”

Turquoise – What You May Not Know

  • Turquoise is said to protect it’s wearer from harm. If it breaks some believe that the stone absorbed the “hit” directed at you, and saved you from danger.
  • Some Native American tribes believe you could find a treasure of turquoise at the end of a rainbow.
  • The Zuni people used this stone to protect them from demons.
  • The burial mask of King Tutankhamen is adorned with turquoise.
  • A carved serpent with the precious blue inlay was found among Montezuma’s treasures.
  • In Tibet it was traditional for some families to even take the name Turquoise to attract luck and success to their homes.

Turquoise Love Healing Candle Spell


1 white votive candle in a holder

5 turquoise chips

1 piece parchment or other magical paper

5 drops jasmine oil

5 drops rose oil


Take the paper and write your desires that you wish to manifest concerning love. Some example are communication, joy, happiness, passion, etc. Place the paper in the center of your altar. Place the candle in its holder on top of the paper. Sprinkle the stone chips and oils on the candle. While concentrating on your desires light the candle and focus your intent while it burns. When the candle is finished please throw the remains into a body of water, like and ocean or stream.

Hope you have enjoyed this quick look at one of my favorite stones, please check out our comprehensive Love Crystals series, my recent book Love Magic and remember to like, comment, and share.

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