LaSiren + Songs Of The Sea

LaSiren + Songs Of The Sea April 9, 2018

Sing A Song Of Sirens

Yemanja, Mami Wata, La Sirene image courtesy of Wikimedia. Licensed under CC 3.0

In Haitian Vodou there is a strong and powerful Lwa named LaSiren. She is part of the Rada nanchon, or nation, and her domain is the sea. Like the sirens of legend she rules over sacred sounds. This Lwa is called and given tribute with the sound of the conch shell. Her traditional offerings can include blue and/or white candles, sea shells, flowers, mirrors, combs, white wine, champagne, perfume, and molasses. She can reward her devotees with great wealth and protection. Foremost is her beauty, and also her vanity.


LaSiren In Ritual

Haitian Vodou ritual is an intense experience to watch, and an ever more intense one to participate in. To illustrate here is a ceremony shared by Marcelin Saint Pierre where LaSiren blesses all who are present.


LaSiren In Truth and Legend

Many equate LaSiren with the water deities with those who own that domain in other pantheons. Therefore, like you see in the image above, LaSiren is in some ways connected to Mami Wata, Yemaya, and the sirens of legend. However, people must be careful, these are separate and unique energies and should always be viewed as such. Think of it as they may swim together in the same water sometimes, but they are not the same.

Many tell stories of LaSiren and how she takes children and adults and sweeps them under the water. In some cases they don’t return for hours, or even days. These individuals are said to then possess the mysteries and blessings of LaSiren. In many cases the appearance of these people is changed too, their hair is now straighter, and their skin color lighter. Many have written lately about the skin color of La Siren, as she very frequently is seen as a light skinned person of color, or as white. Some have viewed this as a negative, while others just believe it is an example of the Lwa manifesting in all shapes and races. I will let you draw your own conclusions. I do however find it interesting that for many Lwa and Orisha statuary comes in a full range of skintones.


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