How To Make Your Own Holy Water

How To Make Your Own Holy Water August 7, 2018

Holy Water photo by Charles Hutchins. Licensed under CC 2.0

Holy Water is a popular ingredient in many Hoodoo and Voodoo spells and blessings. It is great for spiritual cleansings, protection spells, and removing negativity.

In my post The Hype About Hoodoo and Holy Water I write “Many may wonder how, or why, a Catholic mainstay like Holy Water found it’s way into traditional Hoodoo spells and formulas. I have already mentioned Hoodoo is resourceful, it’s practices survived and thrived despite years of prejudice and oppression. Most Hoodoo spells exist in the form they do today because of their power. Quite simply, why would someone keep doing a spell if it didn’t work. When faced with the challenge of economic, religious, and cultural hardship Hoodoo grabbed what it could and went to work. One thing that the Catholic religion does well, regardless of your opinion of it, is make sure people have access to it’s practices. Holy Water is, and has been, readily available to the general public, for a price.”

But what if you don’t want to use Holy water from a church, fortunately you have the option to make your own. Please once you are done, also test it out in a variety of situations to make sure it is working effectively.

Make Your Own Holy Water

1 cup Spring Water

3 small Quartz crystals

1 cup Rain Water

Combine all ingredients together in a large glass or earthenware bowl. Leave the mixture on the windowsill or outside overnight during the full moon. The next morning bring the water inside and bless it. This can be with your favorite incantation or prayer, or simply with your breath infused with focused intent. Pour it into a bottle. You can then choose to have your spiritual elders bless it too. Now it is ready to use.

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