Review: CBD For Your Health, Mind & Spirit

Review: CBD For Your Health, Mind & Spirit June 20, 2022

CBD for Your Health, Mind, & Spirit. Photo courtesy of Llewellyn Worldwide. All rights reserved.

I’m a big supporter of CBD so when I got the change to review CBD For Your Health, Mind & Spirit, published by Llewellyn Worldwide, I couldn’t be more excited. Written by veteran author Kerri Connor this book is a comprehensive look at all things CBD, also known as cannabidiol. It begins with the history of Cannabidol and Cannabis as a whole. One of the earliest mentions of the substance is the Hindu Vedas written around 1100 BCE. The God Shiva is said to have delivered it to the people to use for their enjoyment.

Personally I’ve used CBD for pain, anxiety, and a whole host of other situations. I truly appeals to me as a natural medicine, that can even be used on pets. The part of the book that I found most valuable were the recipes and formulas, there are over 40 of them included in these informative pages. Here’s the recipe for the Amp’d and Easy Brownies. It starts with a boxed brownie mix and adds buttermilk, extra cocoa, espresso, and of course CBD.

CBD recipe
CBD brownie recipe courtesy of Llewellyn Worldwide. Photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.


One of the best parts of the book is the section on connecting to spirit in the garden. Here Connor tells us ways to bless and honor our seeds ” thank and bless these seeds in whatever way suits you best. Send them energy.  Thank them. Talk to them if you want.” CBD For Your Health, Mind & Spirit also talks about using CBD as a healing remedy for pets. It can be a useful tool for assisting them with some of the same maladies we are dealing with. There is very little this plant can’t do, and this book explores many new and exciting ways to discover.

The author Kerri Connor is the author of several books including Spells for Tough Times. She can be reached at her website

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About Lilith Dorsey
Lilith Dorsey M.A., hails from many magickal traditions, including Afro-Caribbean, Celtic, and Indigenous American spirituality. Their traditional education focused on Plant Science, Anthropology, and Film at the University of R.I, New York University, and the University of London, and their magickal training includes numerous initiations in Santeria also known as Lucumi, Haitian Vodoun, and New Orleans Voodoo. Lilith Dorsey is also a Voodoo Priestess and in that capacity has been doing successful magick since 1991 for patrons, is editor/publisher of Oshun-African Magickal Quarterly, filmmaker of the experimental documentary Bodies of Water :Voodoo Identity and Tranceformation,’ and choreographer/performer for jazz legend Dr. John’s “Night Tripper” Voodoo Show. They have long been committed to providing accurate and respectful information about the African Traditional Religions and are proud to be a published Black author of such titles as Voodoo and African Traditional Religion, 55 Ways to Connect to Goddess, The African-American Ritual Cookbook, Love Magic, the bestselling Orishas, Goddesses and Voodoo Queens and the award winning Water Magic. You can read more about the author here.

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