Calling on the Catholic Blogosphere: Support Transubstantiation!

Calling on the Catholic Blogosphere: Support Transubstantiation! August 7, 2012

Some of our readers may be familiar with the grad student comic strip, Piled Higher and Deeper (Ph.D.).  It a great little spot on the internet for grad students to laugh at themselves.  Their latest great idea is the 2 Minute Thesis Contest.  Grad students submit a two-minute audio summary of their thesis to be voted on by the public.  The winners will get their dissertation cartooned by Jorge of Ph.D. and win a prize package, not to mention publicity for their work.

Part of the running gag at Piled Higher and Deeper is the obscurity of the topics grad students study.  Given this, I ask you, “How cool would it be if a dissertation on transubstantiation were to win the contest?”

I have submitted my summary on just this topic!  I’d be very obliged to have your vote.  Follow the above link to the contest and look for my entry.  If you’re having trouble finding it, you can sort alphabetically by field.  I am the only Theology entry (another reason to vote for me!).

Furthermore, I am not above shamelessly promoting this.  Any Vox Nova reader interested in good eucharistic theology and ecumenical dialogue is heartily encouraged to share this on their own blog and their Facebook feed (and whatever else you can think of).

Much obliged.




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