Realizing the “Christ Consciousness” Within You

Realizing the “Christ Consciousness” Within You December 19, 2018

Christ consciousness
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Have you heard of the phrase “Christ consciousness”? There may be no better time to explore its meaning than right now, during the Christmas season. While Wikipedia lumps the term in with the definition of higher consciousness, a website called The Center for Christ Consciousness may do a better job of explaining its meaning:

Christ consciousness is the state of awareness of our true nature, our higher self, and our birthright as children of God…it is the highest state of intellectual development, emotional balance and spiritual maturity and is sometimes termed the “Christed” state. Jesus achieved this in his human life.

The Indian guru Yogananda believed in Christ consciousness and taught that the key to achieving this higher level of attunement was to use meditation to open our hearts and minds. He wrote that there was no better time to realize this consciousness than at Christmas:

Take this Christmas celebration seriously and through deep and sustained meditation invite the Christ to manifest Himself to you. Jesus himself said that to all those who received Him, He would give the power to become the sons of God. Then why not make yourself ready to receive Him now? It is easier at this season than at any other time, for the whole world is filled with a spirit of good-will, love, and peace.

The book I Am the Word by Paul Selig also talks in great detail about Christ consciousness. I recently discussed one aspect of the book, spirit guides, so you may already know that Selig’s book is a channeled text—and while I normally call BS on most channelers, Selig is different in both the way he channels and his message, which for me has the ring of truth.

I would sum up (and greatly simplify) Selig’s core teaching in I Am the Word like this: People function at different frequencies or energies. Most people operate at a lower energy, guided by their ego or false self, while others are able to tap into a higher frequency or energy. This energy is known as Christ consciousness.

I’ll let Selig’s wise spiritual guide explain the rest; the key points from the book are listed below. Please note that I’ve done some light editing and rearranged the text, it appears in a different order in the book. I’ve also added a few points of my own in italics.

The Keys to Christ Consciousness

  • Christ is a consciousness, a frequency, an offering to man from the Creator to align to. Christ is, in essence, the vibration of God as realized in man.
  • The Christ vibration does not belong to Christians. It is a frequency of consciousness that was manifested in form by Jesus and by others in different names over history.
  • No one is without Christ consciousness, it has not bypassed anyone. Anybody is welcome to this consciousness and frequency. Any man, any woman, can be a conduit with the divine.
  • Achieving this connection with the higher frequencies, starts by rejecting what might be termed low-frequency thinking. Your pride, your fear, your loathing of the self…these are the low frequencies that must disband, that must release, that must go away for good. If you believe things will always be the way they have been, that is what you will create.
  • If you are vibrating at a higher frequency, you do not get zapped by the lower because, in fact, you have risen above it.
  • Man cannot be put outside of God because God is everything. God is the frequency of every cell in your being. You are vibration. You are an aspect of the Creator in form. You are inherently perfect, manifested in perfection, that is your true state of being.
  • There are many passages in the book where the reader is invited to recite a passage ending with the words, “I am Word.” Selig writes that by setting our intention to operate at a higher frequency, we open this energy to us and realign our conscious minds. Here’s one such intention: “I am now choosing to think only those thoughts which will bring me peace and will align me to a higher consciousness. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”
  • You all have the ability to be a tuning fork for the higher frequencies.
  • When you set the intention to vibrate at a higher frequency, your frequency changes and the feeling in your energy field will actually shift. Your vibration will attune to a higher octave.
  • Each time you progress in the higher frequency, you retain the information and the consciousness that you have come to.
  • Christ consciousness represents a change in your own consciousness, a change in how you experience yourself on a moment-to-moment basis.
  • You are changing your path to vibrate at one with your Christed Self. You are calling these energies to yourself. Once this change has been made, your feelings in your body will begin to shift as you begin to exist in a higher frequency.
  • When your Divine self works at a higher frequency, it doesn’t really get angry about anything. It integrates with the energies of love. True love is a frequency that is emitted and it transforms all it encounters.
  • You will begin to witness the divine perfection that is in every man and woman you encounter. When you move to this level of identification, you resonate at a higher frequency. You align yourself to the Christ consciousness. You know that God is in everything and everyone and cannot be otherwise.
  • When you resonate at this frequency, you bring those around you into the same frequency and align with the Christ consciousness. You are a benefit to all those you encounter.
  • Your choice right now is to embark on this consciousness shift with a decision. These higher frequencies are already working within you. Believe you can lift your frequency and exist at this level and you will.

I’ll close with some final thoughts from Yogananda on Christ consciousness, including a Christmas message. It’s a sentiment that I also share with you:

May you have a very merry Christmas, and may you receive the greatest gift that anyone can wish for you: the perception of the Christ spirit in your own heart. May you feel His presence on Christmas day and every day throughout the new year. 

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