How to Use Social Media for God

How to Use Social Media for God July 26, 2022

If you are Catholic, how do you use social media for God? If you have been following my posts, you know that I hate social media and had to find ways to use it to protect my mental health.

How to use social media for God
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Have you recently opened a Catholic social media account? Are you asking yourself how to use social media for God? Well friend, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some useful tips to get you going in the right direction!

Have No Expectations

My ministry of dispersing rosaries worldwide was unexpected. It started small. I tweeted something out about getting rosaries out to people and next thing I know, my DM’s are blowing up! This was unexpected. I never imagined when I got on Twitter that I would use social media for God by sending care packages filled with rosaries and holy cards across the globe.

But when we are open, when we truly are on these various social media channels doing God’s work, He will send us on unexpected missions! Think of it as God’s wild adventure. You are fully and completely surrendered to the will of Christ.

You may have one vision of how things will go, but God may have another. Allow the Holy Spirit in to do the work in and through you. Yes, you are one person, but you are mighty. Using your voice for good and not for evil will cement God’s plan in your life.

Isn’t that what you are praying for anyway?


Use Social Media for God by Connecting with Others

When I first opened my Twitter account, I never anticipated corresponding with complete strangers. I figured I would use social media for God by connecting with people over my writing, but never to have deeper relationships. That was until I met a seminarian in Nigeria who became my friend. We started to correspond about his country, the need over there, and how I could help.

I have always had a heart for Africa, and God reminded me of this calling. Soon, we were chatting and praying over how we could effectively work together to get these rosaries to Nigeria. I also learned that he needed a surplice, and I promised to send him that as well.

He was overcome with emotion and so was I. Look what God was doing! All the way across the world he was connecting us, one a writer in the US, another a seminarian in formation to be a priest in Nigeria. I felt so blessed to see how God was using us to work in Nigeria; I was crying tears of joy for days!

Be discerning of course and safe with the information you disclose, but be open.

God will use social media to connect people on opposite sides of the globe!


Be Gentle

Nobody likes a harsh word! The bible says, in Proverbs 15:1, “A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare.” People do not need more hatred or negativity on social media, even those that are nasty and mean. Use social media for God by being the bearer of light- even when it’s difficult, even more so when it’s difficult!

Learn also to hold your tongue. Don’t send something into the social media verse right away, especially when you are angry or hurt. A good rule is to wait at least an hour, if not more when you are responding to something that really gets you wound up. Remember, hurting people hurt people. 

If what you are saying is not helpful, useful, or meant for correction, don’t post it. Or write it down on a notepad or put it on your phone and save it for later. After some prayer and reflection, see if it’s what God would have you post.

Be open to the Lord’s reproof.


Use Social Media for God by Promoting Others

One of the things I love about my Twitter account is being able to promote other great Catholic writers, content creators, and ministries on my account. If you are in competition and think this will hurt your social media following, reexamine your conscience. We walk together as followers of Christ, not apart.

Vet each person, creator, or ministry. Make sure that their values and message are in line with your message and Catholic beliefs.  Once you do that, tell everyone about them and what they are doing to use social media for God! How wonderful it would be if we all chose to do this as Catholic content creators on a weekly basis.

This also teaches us how to shift our focus off self and back to God. We are doing God’s work by welcoming others alongside us and next to us.

Allow God’s diversity of talent to reign supreme!


Hear God’s Message 

Every morning I start with prayer, reading the daily readings from the Catholic Church and praying Morning Prayer from The Liturgy of the Hours. This prepares my soul and allows me to see with God’s eyes and not my own. I go on to my Twitter account and let God flood me with everything He has taught me that morning.

I do not engage on the outskirts unless I feel called by the Lord to do so. I focus on hearing Him, His call, and knowing the work that is to be done for the day. This is often a silent call, a forward movement that we cannot hear unless we have laid the spiritual foundation for it.

What is God saying? What is the message of the day? Find his message to share in the still small moments that normally get unnoticed. This only comes through prayer. Share that message of hope with others. Even if you touch one soul, that is the soul God sent you to!

God knows what He’s doing, so listen!


I hope that my tips helped move the spiritual needle for you a bit and served as a reminder of why you are on social media in the first place! May God bless your online ministry as you bring others His love.














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