How to use Catholic Twitter for Good!

How to use Catholic Twitter for Good! August 3, 2022

Are you a Catholic content creator who is ready to dump Twitter? Well, don’t go yet! I am going to show you how to use Catholic Twitter for good! This platform can be so powerful for so many things. But first, we must effectively learn to curate our experience on the platform.

Use Catholic Twitter for good
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Here are five great ways that will show you how to use Catholic Twitter for good, and let God continue to use you on this platform.

#1 Make Connections

If you get on this platform simply to promote yourself and your work, you are going to have a miserable time. God created us for connection and to be other-centered, not to be selfish or self-centered. Catholics are spiritual people and will be able to tell right away if your content is genuine. Also, people want to be seen and heard.

By having a mindset geared toward connection, you will approach your Catholic content creation as a gift that brings love and friendship. Our writing and content are ultimately God working through us to bring us to Himself. As we aim to make friends on this platform and block those that are not contributing to the good of our Twitter space, we will see the amazing growth of our work and the expansion of our hearts for God.

Make sure you are taking the time to connect with people on a deeper level, offering them a place of rest and a kind word. You never know about the connections that will come your way as a result of your work! I have made so many great friends on this platform!

#2 Pray for those that ask for it

One of the number one ways to fulfill our duties as Catholics and remember why we are on this platform is to pray for others. We can begin to use Catholic Twitter for good by setting aside some time to pray for others. Typically, I will post a meditation, my morning rosary, times that I pray, or places that I go to pray. This is a genuine time to connect with people on Catholic Twitter and pray for their needs.

Even if you are sick or immobile, you can pray. These prayers are carried on our lips and in our hearts. Carry the prayers of those who engage with you on Catholic Twitter by asking who needs prayer. People are lonely and afraid and need our help.

By using the Twitter platform for good, we can sit back and watch the Lord work! Just recently I went to the Shrine of St. Dymphna and was able to carry many prayers to her on behalf of people from Catholic Twitter. It was an amazing supernatural experience that I was able to share with the people that follow me.

I have talked about this before; the notion of using Catholic Social Media for good! 

It’s worth repeating until it goes from your head to your heart. Think about how much good you can do and how many people you can pray for! This could become a global ministry!

#3 Use Catholic Twitter for good by Collaborating with others

God does not want us to work alone! A great part of Catholic Twitter is finding other content creators that you can work with.

I enjoy writing pieces for others. Being a guest writer or contributor for other websites has been amazing! Recently, I was asked via Twitter to write the 2022 St. Edith Stein novena at Carmelite Quotes Blog. This was truly an experience of a lifetime as St. Edith Stein was the one who converted me to Catholicism in the first place!

I never would have made this connection if it wasn’t for Catholic Twitter. I followed Carmelite Quotes on Catholic Twitter because of their encouraging work. To be a part of this year’s St. Edith Stein novena was a dream come true!

Look for other Catholic organizations and sites that resonate with you. God knows the cry of your heart and will connect you with the accounts that match your talent and audience.

Find your people!

#4 Make Catholic Twitter a Ministry for The Catholic Church

Many content creators see themselves in a vacuum. They separate their work as individualistic and not attached to others or the Catholic Church. Now, that may sound a little crazy seeing that they are Catholic content creators, but the lure of self, the world, and the need for followers often leads people astray.

I notice a lot of people on Catholic Twitter who start arguments or are snarky for the sake of gaining a following. This may bring them followers, but it does not glorify God or the Church. Treat your Catholic Twitter account as reverent, and approach it just as you would approach the Church. Remember, this is a space that God created for you, not the other way around!

There is so much good you can do on here. Why waste your time arguing in unfruitful conversations? Use your time wisely and for the greater good of the Church. In this way, you will make the right connections, and content and use your creativity to bring people back home!

#5 Find YOUR Purpose

Every person is on social media for a reason. But in the Catholic evangelization world, you are on here for a purpose. Just like Mother Teresa, you have a call within a call. So yes, you are on here to spread the gospel in a creative way, but what specific issue within the Catholic Church are you called to address? Maybe it’s motherhood, family life, or, even explaining the liturgy. Whatever it is, make sure you know exactly what your purpose is in this space!

I find that when I drift off my topic that God gave me, the Holy Spirit gently reminds me, Melissa, this is not why you are here! Then I find myself slowly drawn back to my purpose and passion, which is speaking about mental health and redemptive suffering in the Kingdom of God.

Keeping within your purpose allows you to stay focused and driven and out of someone else’s lane. Stay on topic and you will see that your audience will come to love both the expected and unexpected! But ultimately, they will know WHY they are coming to your Catholic Twitter Account.

And always leave them better than how they came in. You are here to inspire, NOT complain. So stay on mission!

I hope that these 5 tips have inspired you to use Catholic Twitter for Good and spread the message that God has specifically given to you. And remember, doing good means having fun! Your account should bring you peace and joy. If it doesn’t, it may be time to pray again about your mission!



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