Blessed Imbolc

Blessed Imbolc February 2, 2013

Blessed Imbolc!
I hope that the turn of the wheel, and the first month in 2013 has treated you well. While the rest of the world is experiencing the first glimpse of spring with snow drops and crocus peeking out of the ground. Here in Arizona we are experiencing a mix of death and birth. The leaves are still golden and falling to the ground from our first frost. The bunnies are out as if it were already Eostara. I am having a joyous time watching the little seeds I planted in the fall begin to sprout. I have henbane sprouts, and a brand new little Mandrake that has emerged just this morning. I am so happy to see this! My poke and belladonna are doing well, so are the primrose, and ferns. It is really lovely to see all the new growth.


Today I crafted Brigid’s crosses, and held ritual. I am looking forward to tending to my home and another ritual tomorrow. I have never really resonated with Imbolc or Brigid. I am not really a fiery person (despite the red hair). It wasn’t until this morning that I really had that AH HA! moment. Brigid is associated with Fire, and I am a Water Witch. How do these co-mingle? It is hard, but after deep thought i realized that, a cup of tea is fire (heat) and water, so is a hot bath. My favorite flower the Rose is also associated with fire. I find it interesting that Brigid is a fire Goddess, Goddess of the rising sun and morning, but yet she has numerous holy places through out the UK. The most famous being the Holy Well at Kildare. “This” is the water association I needed!  Not only was this association pleasing to my soul, but I realized that she is a Goddess of healing, and water is the element that is associated with healing. I chuckled at myself, because I have been reading a book on healing with Brigid.

I was very happy and pleased to start to resonate so strongly with this beautiful Goddess. So I pulled out my new blue bowl. A brand new sacred tool that is associated with Glastonbury, the Holy Grail, and Avalon (more on the Glastonbury blue bowl later) I took fresh filtered water, quartz and red rose petals from the one mini rose that was blooming on the porch. I made sacred water to cleanse before ritual. I also prepared an offering of Honey, for her work with bees, Milk for her work with cattle and diary, and Apples, for her association with the Sacred Apple Orchard. We held ritual in her honor, it was wonderful, we made what the Scotts call Clootie (strips of fabric with our prayers and intentions on them) to tie in the tree, asking for healing and other magical intentions. We crafted Brigid’s crosses and breathed life into our Clootie. After ritual we presented her offering to the Fairy garden, and tied our Clootie in the tree. I look forward to continuing my Imbolc/Candalmass rituals, hearth tending, and more crafting tomorrow………….
Have a Blessed Imbolc

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  • symbian597

    What a Beautiful Video ! You could Hardly tell it came from your Cellphone – Giggle ! Have a Blessed Imbolc Sweet Water Witch ! The Discovery of Brigids Fire Correspondence with your Water Element is indeed Steamy and Magical ! <3 May your ReBirth and ReNewal be an Amazingly Sacred One ! Yours AYE ! Symbian <3