Cowry Shell Divination

Cowry Shell Divination April 1, 2013
Cowry Shells have many different sizes and colors. The ones we are most familiar with are about 1/2 inch long. They can get as large as 2-3 inches in some cases. They are beautiful very feminine shells. Boasting beautiful colors, round womanly shapes, and very feminine lips. Treasured for thousands of years by many different cultures this prized shell can make an excellent bath divination tool.
My Bathtub has a nice little corner which I have made into a altar space to the Water Spirits, Mermaids, and Sulis. (And yes there is a little Bast in there too! My cats like to take baths with me, what can I say) Here in a little offering bowl shaped like a godess I hold many little sea treasures. Inside is a 1.5 inch Cowry shell. I use this shell durring my spiritual baths for simple yes/no answers.
First I have “trained” my shell. Spoken to it and told it that the slit or mouth side up is a “yes” and the lips side down (rounded side up) is a “no” if the shell lands on its side it is a maybe/unknown. I sit in my bath, candle lit, in a meditative state. I wait till the waters calm and hold the shell veritcal just under the surface of the water. I ask my questions and let the shell fall. If it lands with the lips facing up the answer is yes, if it falls with the rounded part up it is a no. If it lands on its side it is a maybe/not now/more info.
When you are selecting your shell, try to use one you have found, if you can not find a large enough one, you can buy it. Make sure to cleanse it. Before you train it, let it drop several times to make sure that the shell is able to fall all 3 sides a number of different times. Once you have been successful train the shell with your yes/no/maybe. Give it a try and let me know your results!



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