The Water Priestess

The Water Priestess April 26, 2017

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Water Priestess Arise! The time is now, Join the Water Priestess Training Course now! The water calls to us, and some of us it calls out to and then charges us with a task; work for the water. Water is our life; it runs through our veins and it is in danger. Danger of being threatened and polluted beyond repair. Once in antiquity, women were called to tend the waters, to work with sacred springs and holy wells. They used it to sacredly bathe in groves before practicing oracular work and they worshiped and honored those spirits and deity that were born of the sea and dwelt within the water.

What is a Water Priestess? The Role of the water priestess is vital in our time, we need to bring awareness back to the sacredness of water. To do this we can begin by facilitating sacred water rites. This may take form in many different ways depending on your path and your strengths. You may find that drumming and chanting near water is what is most powerful. Or you may find that facilitating water rituals for your community is where your passion lies. The important thing is that you are working for the good of the water and humanity. It is more than just pretty photos of yourself at the beach, it is about real work and real change

Annwyn by the water
Annwyn by the water

Water since the beginning of time has been used to nourish us, to wash us, clean us, and quench our thirst. It has been revered by many cultures and treated as sacred. Today our current political climate is such that our precious water is in danger; danger of being used and abused beyond repair. But it calls to us, it reaches out through subtle vibrations and through voice and song in the quiet patter of raindrops and the fierce force of a wave and it calls to us, beckons to us to heal it, protect it, revive it and revere it.

Remnants of history whisper of groups of maidens, often nine in number, being associated with goddesses either in their own role as sacred vessels or as priestess or attendants of a sacred body of water. Ireland, Scotland, Ancient Greece, old Norse, Iceland and many more references are scattered throughout folklore and history telling of ancient priestess who are priestess of water or strongly associated with it. Even after the priestess began to die down and Christianity rose to power, the water priestess remained, now in a new guise, one of the Christian Saint. Perfect examples are St. Keynes and St. Hilda both who were young women, performing miraculous acts and having sacred water spring up at their feet. Even still later in the remote villages of Europe, women (and sometimes men) would become well attendants, and for a price perform magic and spells often of healing at the site of ancient and holy wells.

Water Witch - Image by Luna Dorada
Water Witch – Image by Luna Dorada

A straight but broken line connects these water priestess to us today; when the call of the water is heard again by modern spiritual and magical women. Women who are connected to the spirit realm, and often embrace different forms of magical practice such as metaphysics and witchcraft who have been awakened to the words and whispers of the water. Spirits of ancient and hidden wells are calling to these modern priestess in dreams, beckoning them to come and find the ancient well, clean it and revive the old practices. Women are being called to perform rituals to heal and bless the ocean, protect and champion the freshwater rivers that are in so much danger of destruction and we rise. We rise to this call, the water is speaking, the water is calling, and we listen.

Many modern Priestess’, who are trained in magic, energy work, trance, oracular work or divination, have begun to move and form practices at the shore with one collective goal in mind; heal the water, protect the water and revive the old practices that were lost, but still flow through our veins and pulsate with the life force of water. As their eyes fly across the pages of Dion Fortunes Sea Priestess looking for clues to the past, how we should practice and how it shall come to pass.

Rise up watery child

With the power of the Well, Fount and Spring

Hear the Water whisper

Hear the water sing

Children of the water rise,

into women under the Priestess guise.

Practicing rites, teaching the young

Uncovering mysteries that have just begun to be sung.

Remember the ways of the water,

Rites of old, spells and stories yet to be told

Waters from the heavens fell

At their feet they bubble and swell

Remember where the water spirits dwell

At sacred spring, fount and well.

 And when you have remembered

Hold it close and keep it treasured

Stir the cauldron, fill the vessel

Heal, Pray, Protect and Feed

Become the Water Priestess the world needs


Sulis- Original art by Annwyn

At one time water was honored for being sacred, time turned and these practices and ancient knowledge were lost with only puzzle pieces left to be found and pieced back together by those that are haunted by the waters words, do not let the old practices fade from memory, scour a forgotten tome and find the old ways. It is time to practice again, it is time!

I was one that heard the call and fearlessly I charged into the world with water at my feet and pulsing through my own veins. At times the mission unknown to my conscious mind, but feeling the tug, the push and pull and strong current at my feet; I dove in and I began the work. As my own work began to manifest and I began, at the will of the water to speak, write and teach I found others were profoundly moved by my words, my practice and my charge. Then I began to find others that needed just a tiny push and that could swim deeper than I and still I found others who of their own accord and that of the water began to listen and form their own practices. I met water priestess’ and well maiden and I knew that I was not the only one the water had charged with this mission.

For that reason, this blog post was manifested as an introduction to the Water Priestess and her work. Some of the work must be written about, spoke about and performed, but most others need to know what is happening, how the water is turning the tide and speaking through her priestess and to the world. As such I wanted to begin to feature interviews with Water Priestess on this blog occasionally. Priestess like Lisa  from Glastonbury’s White Spring who tended the well for 9 years with her partner and children, people like Gaia and Kathryn (Forthcoming interviews) who were doing the work the water asked them to do before I even discovered it myself!

So as the weeks go on, scattered within the feed of this blog will be not only my own work and practices but the practices, words and voices of her Water Priestess who weave watery tales of enchantment, healing and the magic of the living modern water priestess ever-flowing with the changing tides…

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