Water Witch Dedication Ritual

Water Witch Dedication Ritual May 17, 2017

I often get the question “How do I become a Water Witch?” or “How do I get started?” These are great questions and there are a variety of answers! To start one can simply begin by dedicating themselves to the path. In order to do this a ceremony or ritual is performed with the intent of moving forward in a dedicated manner to their chosen path. If you are considering focusing your craft on a Water Based practice feel free to use the below dedication as a way to mark the beginning of your journey. Leave a comment and let me know how it goes!


Water Witch

Getting Started

You will need

  • Sacred Vessel
  • Rose Petals (or other flowers)
  • Salt
  • Water from a River, Ocean or Spring (Be sure this is clean drinkable water)

Preparing your Water

  • First cleanse your vessel both physically and spiritually (Using blessed water, or sacred smoke)
  • Next take your water from your water source and place it in the vessel
  • Take a pinch of salt and sprinkle it in the water and say “With this salt I cleanse you of all impurities and make you holy”
  • Next take the flower petals and sprinkle them into the water and say “With these flower petals I bless you and make you sacred”
  • Now hold your hands over the water and visualize white beautiful light shining down from the heavens and into the water

The Ritual

  • On the night of the Full Moon…
  • Ritually bathe, ground, shield, and bring yourself to an altered state.
  • Begin by filling your sacred vessel with the water you created above.
  • Take the bowl outside and hold it up under the Full Moon reflecting it on the surface of the water.
  • Let the light of the moon shine down on the water in the sacred vessel
  • Recite the Water Witches Dedication (below)
  • Take your finger and dip it in the water then trace a triple spiral or triskele on your forehead, lips, and heart center.
  • Each spiral symbolizing one of the 3 states of water, Liquid, Solid and Gas,
  • Say any personal messages to the Water Spirits
  • Pour the water over your head letting the water drip down all over covering your body and symbolizing becoming one with the water and your chosen water source.
Photo taken by Annwyn
Photo taken by Annwyn


Water Witch Dedication

My hair mingles with the salty waters

And my body becomes the sacred springs

When the moon comes over head

Clear visions from the waters are lead

I dedicate myself to the waters

Both fresh and salty sea

I dedicate myself to the moon

In all her many phases

Water pulses through my veins

And my body ebbs and flows with the tide

I dedicate myself as a Sacred Vessel

Dipping, filling and nourishing this sacred well

I dedicate myself to honoring the waters

Keeping her sacred and clean

I dedicate myself to the moon

Keeping mysteries unseen

I dedicate myself to the Sacred Well and Ocean

Keeping myself in balance while still flowing in motion

I dedicate myself on this day

To water in all of her forms

To bless the waters, heal the oceans

and honor the spirits that dwell within.

So Mote It BE!


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