Fall Equinox Water Ritual for Healing, Protection and Balance

Fall Equinox Water Ritual for Healing, Protection and Balance September 12, 2017

Can you hear her call? Can you hear the water whisper in your ear? See me, Feel me, Need me. Have you heard the sirens sweet song change to frustration and now anger? I know I am not the only one working with the water that has heard her change her call. Many others are now hearing her and stopping to ask are the water spirits angry at us? Where is the water to put out the fires? Why is there so much flooding? What is going on that is making things so unbalanced? What does she need to heal and be clean again? There are numerous answers to these questions and they can’t all be answered here because the answers are complex and will take cooperation from both human and spirit.

What can you do? For those of you that might want to get involved, to do the magic and the mundane work, to start actively taking part in this work please join in our incantations, magic and mundane efforts. Even starting your beach cleanup with an incantation, or while you are thinking of the victims of fires, floods and hurricanes whisper an incantation and pray for the victims. Pray for the world to wake up, start talking, start sharing, do your work publicly and in the face of others who might turn a blind eye. The world must wake up, we can no longer sleep and ignore what is happening. It all starts with action which cause a reaction… let us will spread the word, let us get Water Witch Water Rituals in every lake, pond, and river and ocean side let us do the work.

An Incantation for Balancing the energies of Fire and Water

Sacred Waters who ever flow
Even your tides as they come and go
Bring the rains to the burning land
And soak up your flood waters
Send it back to the beach sand

Water we call to you in your many forms
From calm waters to raging storms
Even your tides let them ever flow
But be kind to those full of woe
No more chaos, no more strife
No more destruction only healing and life

We thank you now for hearing our plea
To send the waters and save our trees
We thank you now for heeding our call
And bring safety back to the flood lands for all

Sulis _ Original Art by Annwyn
Sulis _ Original Art by Annwyn


On the Fall Equinox please join me, other Water Witches and Magical folk worldwide to call upon the Water Spirits and ask them for their help, for us to understand their needs and to help improve the conditions of the waterways. We will be gathering in the Spirit of Magic and Witchcraft to bless our local waters and send healing energy and spells to our local water sources. In addition commit to cleaning the area, and providing one protection or healing spell. Be sure to take a moment at the beginning of the ritual to ground, center and then connect to the magical web of this world wide spell!

Because of the Dakota Pipeline Access and all of the many similar issues and pollutants that are contaminating our water. Please focus on greater change, healing, aggressive protection of our waters and balance. Please still work at your local water source but please extend the energy/spells/incantations/petitions out to the activists in North Dakota, Flint, North Carolina, Florida, Houston and where the lands are burning.

We all walk such different paths so there is not a specific location or script for the ritual. However I ask that you bring you best energy work, spells, conjure, incantations, local spirits, ancestors and Water Deity to help heal and work to change our environment. Please venture out to your local bodies of water on the Fall Equinox and work with the water. We need many Witches and Magical folk at water bodies’ world wide, not just one, and not just one time.   If you don’t know what to do or what words to say consider using either incantation in this post and a protective symbol then head out to your local source and draw the symbol in the sand while you are using the incantation.
Offering to the Water.

Image by Annwyn
Offerings at Annwyn’s creek side water temple – Image by Annwyn

If you are going to give offerings please check out this blog about giving appropriate offering to the water and being careful not to pollute it. If at all possible when using fruit and flower offerings choose from local sources, those that are organic and grown without pesticides or dyes. This means that most flower bouquets that you pick up at the store are actually very harmful to the water and creatures that live there. Use flowers that you have grown yourself if you must bring flowers. Other great ideas for no impact offerings are things like ethically minded, charged quartz. Local stones and agates that have been charged the same way a store bought crystal would be. Energy work is also very beneficial to the water and surrounding environment.

It is better not to add any foreign objects to the water but often our work requires offerings and sacrifices so be wise and think, is this going to help heal the environment? Is this going to pollute the water? Is this going to be beneficial in the long run? If you really want to give offerings consider doing things like carving runes, protection symbols or healing sigils in driftwood or the sand. ALL your spells and prayers are helpful

Magic, Reiki, Energy Work, Spells, Incantations, Prayers and Petitions are very helpful, but the water needs us in the mundane world as well. Consider joining a local water/beach/lake/river clean up. Get involved with cleaning oil out of the waters, join online activism, join in person activism, sign petitions, and send funds to these causes. GET INVOLVED The water needs us to be ACTIVELY protecting, fighting for and healing it. If you can’t join a cause that is ok too, every little bit helps, so next time you are at the river’s edge doing your ritual commit to hunting down a bag full of trash from the area and taking it to be properly disposed of.

water witch
Annwyn working by the Water – Image by Luna Dorada

An incantation for Water Blessing Ritual

All the water that flows through my veins is sacred and holy
All of this land beneath my feet is sacred and holy…

Oh sacred heart
And oh sacred soul
Waters that flow through me
and make me whole
I bless this body
I bless where I stand
and all of these blessings
Flow forth from my hands
I call for the spirits to lend me their aid
Together we heal these waters that flow through the polluted land
Blessings sweet waters, flow forth and flow clean
And thank be to the powers that are unseen…
Many blessings are poured out upon this water
May you be clean, healthy and holy…

To close, please join us in our cause. Please work magic for our water to become balanced, to heal those that have been effected and to continue your great work. To join all you have to do is prepare for your ritual and set out on the equinox. Like the past World Wide Water Witch Healing and Blessing Rituals they take place on the Equinox and Solstices pulling on the power of cycles and power days. The next ritual will take place world wide any time on the Fall Equinox at your closest or sacred water location.

Ritual Check List

  • Join the online event page here
  • Locate a time on the Fall Equinox you can visit a local body of water
  • Visit this local body of water
  • Take time to ground, shield and connect to the web of magic
  • Spend time in meditation or contemplation
  • Choose an incantation or use your own words
  • Work magic or energy work on the waters edge, for healing, balance and protection
  • Leave a protective of healing sigil or symbol by drawing in the sand or carving in drift wood (do not carve living trees)
  • Take home as much trash and debris that does not belong to the environment and dispose of it properly and far away from the river
  • Return to this spot regularly to work with these water spirits

Learn more about Annwyn Avalon here


Water offerings
Water offerings


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