A Water Spell for Troubling Times

A Water Spell for Troubling Times December 20, 2017

I walked by a beautiful fountain today while out running errands, and in it were a few coins. I smiled when I saw them and was reminded of how the Romans would throw coins and other precious items in the Hot Springs at Bath, and how the Celts did the same in honor of their gods. From ancient times Gold, Coins and other precious objects have been thrown in rivers, bogs, lakes and springs to honor the deity of place, other times to strike a bargain, pray or ask for blessings from the Water Spirit that dwelt there.

Mermaid Fount - Image by Annwyn
Mermaid Fount – Image by Annwyn

If you have an animist world view and believe that all things have spirit than it is easy to believe the each body of water, lake, river, and even man made fount would have some type of spirit associated with it. We can work with these spirits in similar ways that the ancients did, but apply it to our own lives, circumstances and world view.

Right now much of our country is unsettled, afraid, angry and restless for many important reasons. We can make changes by working with water everywhere. What if we all started charging crystals, stones or coins with healing energy for our nation? What if we started doing it nationwide? What if we literally flooded the world with healing energy? Next time you walk by water if it is safe and legal to do so, drop a coin in with a prayer or blessing. Remember to charge it and help make change in other aspects of your life as well.

Fountain - Image by Annwyn
Fountain – Image by Annwyn

You might be wondering how a simple wish or coin dropped into a well or fountain would help create change and that answer will vary depending on your process, path and belief. For those that believe in the spirit world, the coin is a gift or offering and the wish is the petition. In the case of Animists and others that work with water or elemental spirits the fountain holds the energy and spirit of water, which spreads wide across our globe at once separate but the same as well. The water you whisper wishes into today can be the rain in Africa next month. The water spreads the energy, the prayers and the spells.

For those that believe in many deities or work directly with water spirits, Nix, Nereid or Fae they may find themselves using the water as a conduit to communes with the celestial or water spirits both who have invested interest in us and our work. Feed the spirits, energize them and help them protect our water and our people!

A Simple Healing Spell with a Fountain

You will need

  • A Fountain
  • A Coin or small crystal
  • A moment to charge the object

Start by charging your object and finding a well, spring or fount that is safe and legal to drop a coin or quartz crystal into. You may have a specific cause or just want to make a difference in the world in any way you can. Once it is charged, hold it in your hand and move to the West of the Fountain. Once there begin to walk sun wise around the fountain 3 times. Focus on your intent and chanting the chant below. Once you reach the place you started in the west, face the fountain and drop you coin or crystal in. Thank the water spirit that lies there and complete your spell by walking away and not looking back.

Water Spirits please hear my plea
Grant this wish I ask to me
Help me heal Lake, River and Sea
3 times 3 so mote it be!

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Fountain - Image by Annwyn
Fountain – Image by Annwyn

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