Ways To Connect With Water When You Are Stuck At Home

Ways To Connect With Water When You Are Stuck At Home April 30, 2020

If you are like me, you love the water, but it’s not always easy to visit, especially when you are sick or stuck at home. Being homebound or a landlocked witch on a magical path can be quite difficult. This week I was considering some simple and easy ways to connect with water during times when we can’t quite make it to the water’s edge.

Take a Sea Salt Bath

Taking a Sea Salt bath is a wonderful way to connect with ocean energy when you are stuck at home. As a Water Witch chances are you have sea salt in your witches stash. If you are out perhaps look in your pantry! Do you cook with sea salt? I personally changed over several years ago and only use Sea Salt in my culinary concoctions. If you have some, try putting a few handfuls of salt into your bathwater and dress your bathroom with blue ocean candles and shells! If you have seaweed, add a bit too! Another culinary herb with a watery connection is Rosemary! A folk name for Rosemary is Dew of the Sea and it often grows near the beach. This is also a lovely addition to your bath and should bring a muscle-relaxing quality to your sea bath! You can also add ocean sounds, whale songs or even rain sounds to really connect you with water in all your senses.

Image by Annwyn

Create a Sea Shell Grid or Mandala

Healing Grids and Mandalas can be used in many ways. They can be energetic gifts of beauty, they can be incorporated with crystals, flowers, and herbs to create healing intentions, to be a focal point for spell work, and incorporated into a ritual. Be sure to treat your shells like your crystals and cleanse them before and after each use. They can be cleansed with holy water, smoke, and moonlight! If you are struggling with creativity, just organizing, cleaning or re-arranging your Shells will draw you closer to the energies you are missing.

Create a protective potion for your house

Now is a great time to practice your protection magic! Protection magic shouldn’t be cast when you need it, or after you have been hit. No, it should be practiced when you have time, it should be practiced in order to keep it strong and ready for when you do need it. So perhaps consider making a protective water blend! A personal favorite of mine combines holy water made with a Hag stone, black tourmaline, thorns, rue, Rowan, and St. Johns Wort.  This water can then be sprinkled around the house, windows can be warded with protective symbols drawn in this water. If you want to preserve it add Vodka. Be sure to create your tourmaline gem elixir the indirect way to protect the stone and be sure not to ingest this water!

Make Flower Essences with the flowers in your garden

Its springtime! What a great time to make flower-infused waters! Even if you don’t grow flowers chances are you can find some! Dandelions are a wonderful flower to work with, it can be found just about everywhere. It is an uplifting elixir to work with! Lilacs, Roses, violets, and hydrangea are often easy to locate!

Magical Showers

Make your daily showers magical! Consider stepping up your shower game and create a shower sachet! I recommend using a cotton bag, but unbleached cotton fabric will do. In this case the little sachet bags you can acquire at the craft shop will not work, plus you probably don’t want to run those all over your body. So look for a natural fabric bag or even cheesecloth! Be sure you choose an undyed, cotton, linen, or natural blend. Choose the herbs and salts you wish to add, tie it up and take it to the shower with you. Then, when you are finished washing your hair and body you can give it a magical wash. A few easy suggestions are

  • Combine Rose petals and Pink Himalayan Salt in a bag to create a Love Wash
  • Combine Black salts and St. Johns Wort, Hawthorn and Rosemary in a bag to create a protection wash
  • Add Sea Salts and herbs such as Mint, Chamomile or Basil to create a prosperity wash.

Give daily water blessings to the earth

Connecting to the earth during times of unease is so important, it acts as a way to ground and connect with the earth when you are frustrated. One of the best ways to do this is to give daily water blessings. For some of us, staying home and doing nothing it not possible. We must act, but how can you do that when you are stuck at home? Well you can start in your own home and with the local spirits, by taking a glass of blessed water outside and offering it to the land each morning. This brings healing energies to the world, helps keep you connected and grounded as well as gives back.

Meditate with Mermaids

Perhaps spend time at your water altar or shrine and connect with the Water Spirits and Mermaid. If you aren’t sure where to start, take your favorite mermaid oracle deck, shuffle, pull a card, set the card on your altar, go into meditation and visualize the card. Like Alice through the looking glass, in your mind’s eye step into the card and explore the astral realms that correspond with the card and commune with the mermaids or other water spirits!

Image by Annwyn

Take a Journey with the Queen of Cups

If you prefer to work with Tarot Deck, consider doing the same thing except give it a try with the Queen of Cups from your favorite Tarot deck. Spend time meditating on the archetype and how she shows up in your life. You may wish to try the same as above and step into the card and explore the symbolism up close!

Check out images of water on Instagram

Browse Instagram Hashtags, my favorite are #waterwitch #waterwitchcraft #waterpriestess #watermagic #watergoddess #watermagicpath

If you are still not connecting then check out these 3 amazing Instagram accounts thedreamingspring Talk about your water eye candy! She posts amazing photos and videos of the various beautiful waterways in Florida. If you need a freshwater fix you will find it here! holywellsofthenorth is another freshwater account, this one focuses on Sacred, Holy and Healing Wells and Springs in Northern Britain. If you like to see obscure springs lost to time, or still flowing through ancient stone and structures this is the account for you! Finally, one for the Sea and Ocean Witches Swimming_in_moonlight is another beautiful account featuring the original Whale and Orca art as well as beautiful images and videos of the water under a darkened sky.

I hope some of these ideas inspire you to connect with water even if it is at home and not along the shore.

About Annwyn Avalon
Annwyn Avalon is a Water Witch, Water Priestess, and the founder of Triskele Rose Witchcraft, an Avalonian witchcraft tradition. She has devoted her life to the study of art, witchcraft, and magic. She is an initiated Witch and Priestess, Reiki Master Teacher, award-winning Dancer, published author and has a BFA in sculpture, BA in Anthropology with emphasis on plant and human interactions and has received an apprentice certificate in Herbalism. She writes for the Magical Times Magazine in the UK and has contributed to other published works such as The New Aradia a Witches handbook for resistance. She is the author of Water Witchcraft: Magic and Lore from the Celtic Tradition and forthcoming Weiser book The Way of the Water Priestess Winter 2020/2021. Visit her at www.WaterWitchcraft.com, www.WaterPriestess.com and www.TriskeleRose.com You can read more about the author here.

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