Interview with a Water Priestess – Isabel Friend

Interview with a Water Priestess – Isabel Friend August 24, 2020

Interview with a Water Priestess- Isabel Friend

I am very happy to share we have another edition in Interview with a Water Priestess series! This month we get to know Isabel Friend, a Mystic and Steward of the Water. She takes a scientific approach to much of her work which is so different than my own approach. It goes to show that like the water her Priestess are just as diverse! Our common goal… Service to the Water, our paths may or may not intersect, but that is irrelevant to our work! We cannot all be alike, rather it is our diversity and strength in different areas that truly make us a powerful collective. Would you like to be interviewed for this series? Contact me through Stay tuned I have a big surprise for next months interview! Now! Let us learn all about Isabel and her Mystical Nomadic Water Steward Path!

Image by Isabel Friend


Who are you and how do you practice?

I’m Isabel Friend and I’m internationally semi-nomadic, currently based in Bali.

I’ve been studying water for 10 years, since I first discovered the work of Viktor Schauberger, and have been foraging for wild-crafted spring water ever since. Before that, I had studied Herbal Shamanism with MaryAnn Copson at the Evenstar school, which was my first introduction to communing with the more-than-human world of animate elements. And since then, the red road and medicine path have influenced my water priestess as well as an avid love of reading and a constantly growing collection of water books spanning ecological to spiritual to scientific.

What is your path? And how does it relate to your Water caretaking?

My main spiritual path for the past few years is as a Moon Dancer in Teotihuacan Mexico, where I make a pilgrimage every year to pray by the pyramids. Water medicine songs, water ceremonies, and sacred water carrying are a big part of our practices among this sisterhood. This aspect of my relationship with water is deeply personal and spiritual, so it’s not something I often discuss in my public role as a water advocate, activist, and educator.

My spiritual foundation is the central hub of every spoke of water stewardship I bring into the world. I feel I am guided by water in everything I do. The water in my body is the direct link between my body/mind/spirit and is the transducer of frequencies and guidance received from my higher self. So my work comes directly through the water, for the water.

Do you identify as a Well Maiden, Priest/ess, Caretaker, or Witch?

I generally identify as a servant, student, and steward of water. Over the past year (Since discovering your work, Annwyn! And since studying deeply with Monika Nataraj in Thailand) I have been stepping deeper into the path of Water Mystic as well.

Was it spirit lead?

Yes, though I feel that everything is spirit led. Following the synchronicities, our paths unfurl before us in ways we can’t ignore.

Can you tell us a little bit about the history of finding your path?

Since discovering the work of Viktor Schauberger, the 19th/20th century “Water Wizard” I have been fascinated by the literally limitless capabilities of water. So my first introduction to water wisdom was very left-brained and scientific. However, over time as the science of water led me into the spirit of water, I realized that water is the medium of communion between the physical and nonphysical. She is the singular vehicle of prayer and the modus operandi of creation. I came to understand that the quantum tunneling states of water currently being discovered in laboratories holds the keys to ancient mystical “siddhis” or powers of powerful yogis and that the origin stories of countless indigenous wisdom keepers mirrors the recent cosmological discoveries about the universal roles of water. It became clear to me, over time, that water holds the answers to all of humanity’s toughest questions on both physical and esoteric levels. And there can be no access to the infinite wisdom of water except direct, intimate, personal communion with her. Through establishing this connection, we can access the akashic records and can tap into the intrinsic power of the law of attraction and the biology of belief.

This merging of science and spirit has been the foundation of my body of work, which includes numerous workshops, e-courses, retreats, public speaking engagements, consulting, and writing. I’m working on a book about dehydration and mental health. I consult for wellness centers and intentional communities to optimize their water systems. I speak at festivals, retreats, conferences, and fundraisers. And I produce as much free content, videos, and articles online as I can. It all ranges from: The health and physiology of hydration, including biohacking hydration to keep genes young. As well as indigenous water wisdom and the cosmic role of water. And water privatization, desertification & the politics of the global water crisis. That of course ties into teachings on Sacred water activism & guardianship. And into the ways in which water holds the keys to climate change. One of my recent favorite offerings is a class on water as a source of free energy and the key to future science in medicine, agriculture, and physics. Then finally, I teach water medicine stewardship & ceremonial water songs and some Celtic, Hoodoo, and other water witchcraft practices and techniques. My most common class is about how different types of water (i.e. how bottled vs well water vs distilled, etc) affect our physiology & psychology, as well as tools and strategies for uplifting and revitalizing drinking water. Since finding this path, I’ve continuously discovered ways that water affects every single aspect of our lives in subtle ways that largely go unnoticed. And even after 10 years of studying, I still learn new things about water nearly every single day.


Image by Isabel Friend

Do you have a Sacred Body of water you tend?

As a traveler, I tend to cultivate somewhat annual relationships with different bodies of water.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been spending winters on the shores of Lake Atitlan, a powerful water source whom the Mayans consider to the navel of Mother Earth. She’s surrounded by volcanoes, and the energy there is extremely strong. She tends to magnify whatever is brought to her shores.

Here in Bali, there is a confluence of two rivers right beneath an 8th-century temple called Pura Gunung Lebah where I go to do most of my work. It was consecrated by the ancient Hindu holy man, Rsi Markandeya hundreds of years ago, and still carries powerfully resonant medicine of harmony and balance.

The Nagas and Naginis dwell here. The Balinese consider them fierce yet benevolent water dragons. They’re usually depicted as a crowned, giant, magical serpents, sometimes winged. It’s believed They live in an underground kingdom called Naga-loka, or Patala-loka, which is filled with resplendent palaces, beautifully ornamented with precious gems, and they guard these treasures for Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance. The creator deity Brahma relegated the nagas to the nether regions when they became too populous on earth and commanded them to bite only the truly evil or those destined to die prematurely.

The first time I visited the confluence, I sat on the furthest point of rock right where the two rivers join. I offered water that I carry which contains water from sacred sites around the world. I also offered a bit of water from a hot spring in Guatemala collected during a ceremony that was pivotal in my water journey. And finally offered a bit of potion water that I created during a ceremony when I stepped into this phase of my life, which carries certain personal prayers. I sang a water medicine song along with each offering. Then I became very still and listened for a long time. I dipped my beaded mala on the right side of the rock, in one river. Then dipped it on the left side of the rock in the other river and prayed for balance in the world and harmony amid dualities. I offered drops of floral essential oils into the river because I didn’t have actual flower petals with me. And after sunset, I picked up trash and litter along the shore before I left. I usually visit on new and full moons. All my prayers and ceremonies in the past few months have been for peace and wellness for the planet. This place is tended to every day with offerings by other priests, water stewards, and Balinese who practice Agama Tirtha: “The Religion of the Holy Water.” So the sacredness was absolutely palpable from the moment I first encountered it.

Image by Isabel Friend

What dangers does your body of water currently face? Any perceived threats in the future?

While the river here in Bali is quite well protected and stewarded (except for an atrocious amount of careless litter on its shores), my other dearest body of water that I pray with for a few months each year in Guatemala is endangered in many ways. Runoff from the hillside towns brings the toxic sludge from chemical fertilizers, heavy detergents, sewage, and more into the sacred caldera of Lake Atitlan. And corruption in government prevents the funds from large-scale cleanup efforts to actually be effective.

What is the goal of your work there?

This year a hosted a water retreat on Lake Atitlán in which our work centered around a deeper understanding of and communion with water. We did a sacred water ceremony with a local Mayan shaman, Nana Amalia, who gave us transmissions and empowerments into water guardianship. In addition to supporting the indigenous elders and activists in the highlands as they resist corporate exploitation of their lands, I also teach workshops to tourists in the area exploring the ways in which colonialization and imperialism affects local communities and ecosystems. I feel it’s crucial for us each to understand the ways in which commodifying nature in general, and water specifically, have contributed to the state of political and climatological unrest in the world.

Can you tell us more about the rituals you perform with this water?

Because Lake Atitlán is considered by Mayans to be the navel of Mother Earth, its water is said to extend an umbilical cord of energy to every other body of water on Earth. I believe all water, regardless of its source, is already connected to and in communion with all other water on the planet. But I feel this connection particularly alive in Lake Atitlán. So many of the rituals I do there are related to integrating myself as a body of water living on a body of water.

How do you feel about the current attack on water? Standing Rock? Drilling? And Pollution in general?

I believe that dwindling freshwater and equitable access to water pose the greatest threat ever to the planet and to our survival. Unless we collectively change our behavior we are headed toward world wars over the dwindling supplies of freshwater — between nations, between rich and poor, between the public and private interests, between rural and urban populations, and between the competing needs of the natural world and industrialized humans.

We must all not only support water protectors but become them. Because it’s not about we, as humans, protecting water. As humans we are water, protecting herself. The North Dakota access pipeline received a lot of press, and it was installed regardless. But few people realize there are currently 97 other areas in the US fighting similar pipelines, but without any media attention. Destruction of water resources is a form of terrorism. Denying poor people access to water by privatizing water distribution is also terrorism. And there’s a growing grassroots counterterrorism initiative of people fighting for their rights; a mass mobilization of water warriors. I have a video and a blog on my site with specific things people can do as an activist to join the movement and make a difference.

It matters more than ever. Because right now we are at the legal crux of a historic question… Is water a legally protected human right, or not? Is it just a commodity to be bought and sold by those who can afford it? And there are some very powerful forces at the helm of the privatization movement that want to have the laws permanently changed to state that water is not a fundamental human right. Furthermore, that nature herself doesn’t have a right to the water of her own hydrological cycle – that it can be stolen and expropriated by the highest bidders.

We don’t need gold or oil to survive, but we each need water. By the capitalist laws of supply and demand, that makes blue gold infinitely more valuable than black gold. The most powerful and wealthy people in the world have realized that now and are capitalizing on it. And we, this generation, right now, is going to be the determining factor of what the rest of the future of human history will look like in terms of our relationship with water, depending upon which direction this privatization question is answered. So we need to be VERY involved in this. As though our very lives depend on it because they do.

Image by Isabel Friend

Do you feel that your work is connected to this? Do you participate in water activism?

My work is greatly connected to this. If one water source is polluted, the effects ripple energetically into every other source of water on the planet.  I teach about water privatization and their political and climatological ramifications, as well as about water stewardship and activism. I was booked to speak on a water activism tour throughout California this Summer until the pandemic canceled the itinerary. However, I still incorporate water justice and advocacy into every workshop I teach – whether it’s a spiritual or scientific workshop, I feel the element of service in action is crucial to any reciprocal relationship with water as the physical body of conscious life-force itself. I also work with a company called Kairospace Technologies which does large-scale water remediation projects to clean polluted waterways using renewable and regenerative technologies that work in harmony with nature to restore health and vitality to bodies of water in sustainable ways. And I support the Waterkeeper Alliance and the Blue Planet Project, which are my two favorite water nonprofits.

What types of rituals and spells have you done to protect your sacred body of water and the water of the world?

I mostly work with liquid water by making potions, elixirs, saining remedies, and bath mixes. I carry these potions everywhere I go and infuse them into bodies of water. I also mix mingle and share them with the collected waters of other water carriers I meet along my travels.

I generally integrate all 5 elements into the water through an alchemical process of vortexing water (for the element of Ether and to structure the water so intentions hold more steadfastly in its molecular matrix), remineralizing water (for the Earth element and to increase its ionization and zeta potential, including monatomic ORMUS and nano-colloidal minerals), light frequency patterning (for the fire element and to imbue certain bandwidths of the color spectrum for specific purposes) as well as nano-bubbling, hydrolysis, molecular hydrogen and turbulence (for the air element and to increase the internal surface area of the water). Then, depending upon the intention of the ritual, I time my water work based on phases of the moon and astrological movements.

Can you tell us more about Vortexing Water? What is this? How do you do it and why?

So let’s start with the basics – vortices are everywhere – For example, Spring Water, fresh from the source, which is drawn to the surface of the earth from deep underground aquifers by lunar gravity, travels in a vortexing spiral that structures the water. Water flowing through rivers forms internal vortices. Cyclones, whirlpools, and water flowing down a drain form vortices. Raindrops fall in imperceptible spiral patterns from the sky. Your blood and cerebrospinal fluid don’t just flow, they actually spiral through your veins and spinal column. And not just in water, but in air & weather currents, in the growth patterns of plants, in the spirals of our DNA, in the shape of your heart, and countless other natural phenomena. In fact, vortices accompany every creative process in the Universe and they provide most of the energy that initiates and sustains life.
Vortexing is one of the main ways that nature creates crystalline water. The water inside every living thing is not just H2o, it’s actually H3o2, a 4th phase of water, beyond solid liquid and gas. It’s often called “crystalline” water or “exclusionary zone” water. Structured water has a geometric arrangement of molecules, just like a crystal. Because the molecules for a matrix of organized repeating pattern, this water is a better conduit of life and conductor of electromagnetism. Just like a crystal, water whose molecules are in a formation can store information. And this water is better capable of perceiving, storing, transducing, and transmitting energy. In fact, the ability of water to carry memory is directly proportional to the strength of its hydrogen bonds.
This is particularly relevant to our work with water witchcraft because bulk, unstructured water, has molecules whose hydrogen bonds may form and break apart billions of times per second. So there’s no time for them to snuggle up and communicate. Our spells and prayers will certainly have some effect on this water, and will even help to subtly structure it. But water is much better able to hear and store and send our prayers and spells when it is already in its crystalline state. Plus, the work of researcher Theodor Schwenk showed that water becomes much more sensitive to its environment while it’s in motion. So it will absorb your incantations better if they are performed while it’s vortexing, rather than while it’s sitting still.
Not to mention, structured water is far more hydrating, as it’s able to penetrate cell membranes more efficiently.
There are a number of ways to create a vortex – everything from manually stirring the water to the use of magnets and vortex generators.
If you stir water manually to create a vortex, stir it for several minutes for each direction. Velocity is not as important as connecting with the water while you stir. Wooden, copper, silver, or gold string utensils rather than stainless steel or plastic are recommended. Copper silver and gold are in Ormus elements. If you’re doing it manually though, it’s going to take quite a while to get the hydrogen bonds strong enough to actually notice a difference. So I don’t generally recommend that method. It’s a wonderful meditation, but it’s not the most convenient daily practice.
Also, it’s best to vortex your water after you’ve already added minerals or salts. These electrolytes add a source of organizing energy. Then vortexing spins the ions which induce tiny magnetic fields. The addition of magnetic, Piezoelectric, light, or sound energy amplifies the organizing function of a vortex. Remember, just vortexing your water isn’t enough to energize it. Only enough to organize it. Even structured water still needs to “mature” as Schauberger called it, or to be energized. This happens simultaneously in nature, but we can think of it as two separate principles when we consider our drinking water alchemy practices, just to make it easier.
There are a number of devices that direct water through spiral configurations and flow forms. Many of these can be attached to the waterlines that provide water to your home so that all of your incoming water is treated. Some are connected in line, others are fastened outside of the waterline, and some are attached out of water outlet like a faucet or shower. And some are separate structuring devices that are more portable and, in my experience, far more useful for water magic. I recently published a PDF resource guide with all my favorite tools and top recommendations for various kinds of water vortexes, structures, energizers, etc.
I highly recommend devoting some time to experimenting with this practice and these methods. Notice how it shifts your relationship to water and your experience of hydration. It’s one of the most subtle and profound differences, and clients I’ve worked with have had incredible transformations when they begin drinking crystalline water.
Is there anything else that you might like to share with our readers? 

My favorite water quote, which I find to be invariably true, is “A drop of water, if it could write out its own history, would explain the universe to us.” (Lucy Larcom) . Water is the most complex and mysterious substance in existence, and she holds the answers to every deep question humanity has posed into the unanswering void. Questions of illness and health, war and peace, life and death, spirit and matter, humanity and divinity, physics and energy, ethics and morality, water contains timeless answers to each of these conundrums.

Just because it’s all clear liquid, doesn’t mean it’s all the same.

The chemical compounds, vibrational frequencies, and molecular structures of these different kinds of water vary greatly, and they all have very different effects on your biology and psychology. The science of water holds the keys to the spiritual connection of our bodies as vessels of holy water. For example, when we understand the recent scientific discoveries in water, we become empowered as stewards of cerebrospinal fluid that unlocks profoundly transcendent states of meditation. Our bodies are smaller holographic mirrors of the Earth, and our internal hydrological cycles mirror her greater planetary hydrological cycles in simple and profound ways that not only provide the keys to personal health but to environmental restoration.

Water is the solvent. It dissolves things. When you have a problem and you want to solve it, we call that a solution. And when you dissolve or solve something into water, we also call that a solution. And I know beyond a doubt that water is the solution to solve the world’s problems. As human drops of water, we can each be a part of that solution!

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Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you will reach out to connect and share in this sacred and exciting journey of water reverence and discovery!

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” ~Loren Eiseley
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