Serving and Saving Lives

Serving and Saving Lives November 19, 2018


Congo Rising (  is now a 501c3 company. Here’s our first fundraiser as a 501c3! We focus on:
SANITATION (compost toilets and hand-washing units.Compost is for use in tree groves.)

ORAL HISTORIES AS LIBRARIES in a place with few books and no libraries. (The oral history center will be set up in cyber-cafes which the students will establish. Cyber cafes pay for their education.)

We hire students to build, man, and maintain the sanitation stations and the cyber cafes, and to take and bind oral histories.


Even $1.00 makes a difference! We want to inspire families to serve—from youngest to oldest! Choose your gift and your reward—or choose no reward. $1.00 buys soap and a wash cloth

  • $5.00 buys two bowls for hand-washing units
  • $15.00 pays for coconut shells, ash, and sawdust for compost toilets + labor
  • $20.00 buys a jug with a spout for hand-washing
  • $25.00 buys two buckets for sanitation unit (compost toilet and container for mulch)
  • $50.00 buys a complete toilet station—bucket, privacy screen, bench with hole or seat
  • $75.00 buys a toilet station plus a hand-washing station
  • $100.00 buys a simple Samsung Chromebook (on sale) for cyber café/ oral history library
  • $200.00 Buys a simple Epson printer for cyber café . We hope to purchase 5.
  • $1,400 pays tuition for one year for four students, all of whom will be hired to maintain stations.
  • $10,000 pays tuition for 28 students, all hired to maintain sanitation stations and cyber cafes
    • I do not want a reward.
    • I want the following reward: (Please send an email requesting the reward to . Payment may also be sent there via Venmo or Paypal. Checks made out to Congo Rising may be mailed to 561 N. 700 W. Provo, UT 84601)
    • Link to YA story “David of Nebula”, appropriate for young donors – 27 minutes ($5-$20)
    • Link to a vision on forgiveness, a “supposal” by Margaret Young – 19 minutes ($25-$75.)
    • Link to a recording of an award-winning play about Jane Manning James, I Am Jane (2H)
    • Link to a recording of interviews (65 minutes) with LDS missionaries who served in South Africa, unavailable elsewhere. Covers 1908-2005. ($75-$100.)
    • Link to the penultimate draft of DVD “Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons”. Ultimately, some b-roll was revised. The DVD for sale on ebay includes 100 minutes of special features—not included in this draft. 72 minutes. (Over $100.)





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