Sanity during Corona Virus – a writing exercise

Sanity during Corona Virus – a writing exercise March 24, 2020


Go the Museum of Art online and ENJOY everything there.  You might visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, or the Louvre 

I have provided a few artworks in this post in case you have problems accessing a virtual art museum tour.

Choose a work which speaks to you and write a story or a poem or a journal entry stemming from some of these possibilities (several of which are borrowed from Peter Elbow’s Writing with Power):

  • Pretend you created the work. Something important was going on in your life and your poured your feelings into the art.  What was happening?
  • Pretend you made it and are very dissatisfied. Why are you dissatisfied with it?
  • Imagine the work as medicine. What is the disease?  What are the symptoms?  How does this medicine cure it?
  • Imagine the work as poison. It destroys whoever experiences it.  Describe the effects.
  • Imagine that everyone on earth owned this work and all babies were repeatedly exposed to it. How would it change the world?
  • What tiny detail in the work says more about it than any other?
  • Create a story about what’s happening in the art—seen or unseen
  • Create a story about what’s about to happen after the scene the art shows
  • Create a story about one of the characters in the artwork (for example, someone observing the Savior at Bethesda).
  • Suppose that this work is the only one transported to an inhabited planet. What would the inhabitants deduce about earthlings given this work?

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