Texts during the Cincinnati Miracle

Texts during the Cincinnati Miracle July 12, 2021

Text from Darius:

5:35 p.m., Friday July 2

Contacted Jed Woodworth from Church History Dept. Gave him your “short” version of today—including the pastor’s contact info. He will follow up with personel in that department.


There is much more to the Len and Mary Hope story. This is enough for now. I will work on the screenplay during my long layover in Denver. We will get moving on it quickly.


Texts to Bruce:
I am ready for a great adventure today in Cincinnati. I need to get the bus schedule, but I think I can carve out an hour to see the church where Len and Mary wanted to worship. I have the address. It is now a Catholic church.

Sent at 8:24 a.m. on July 3.

9:56 a.m.

I am on the plane. Could you purchase the bus ticket using my phone number? Jana Reiss will pick me up and we’ll have lunch and go to Len Hope’s church. I also have the phone number for a man who participated in the meetings at the Hopes’ place.


To Darius

9: 35 p.m. Thursday July 1

Are you free to talk? I will be in Cincinnati tomorrow. Long story. I missed my flight to Columbus.


Darius. Yes. Yes. Yes.


To Amber:
Amber, I missed my flight. Frontier changed the gate and I got no notification. Jim wanted groceries purchased for everyone. I do not know when I will arrive. Can Alex pick up groceries? I am in a long line of upset Frontier customers.

5:57 from Amber
Oh, I am so sorry! Don’t worry about groceries. They’ll get it figured out.


Friday July 2 8:26 a.m.

I just got lots of names of people who were likely on the council which decided to exclude the Hopes .

4:26 pm.

Amazing day. Incredible.


To Dwan Bradley

Friday July 2, 9:58 p.m.

One of the strangest, most miraculous and most exhausting days of my life. Eager to talk.


FB message between me and Lauren

Lauren 6:45 Thursday

Just heard about your flight. I’m so sorry. How stressful for you! I missed a flight once and it was so traumatic. Hope you’re okay.

Precious Lauren—no stress. I am doing this for you, so God is right beside me. I am listening to beautiful music and smiling. Now, wanna bet that there was some reason I missed my flight? Let’s just see. I am on my way, just slightly delayed.

From  Kaila

6:10 p.m. Friday

Are you at the airport still?

To Kaila

I had a full and delightful day with Jana. She brought me t the bus station.

at 6:12 Friday

It has been a day of exhausting miracles and I don’t want any more miracles right now.

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