A Prayer on 9/11

A Prayer on 9/11 September 11, 2021
Reduced to dust,
in a white-hot moment,
under a clear, blue sky.
Where do we go
In such moments,
with unfinished thoughts,
unfulfilled dreams,
unspoken love?
Where do we go
with our rage,
our sorrow,
our loss?
Only you can know,
only you fully remember,
only you can retrieve
the dreams,
the hopes,
the fragments,
all that is lost in the dust.
For it is there that you are found,
among the dead,
and the wounded,
those who weep
and those who grieve.
Make us strong
in the same mercy
and compassion
that we might remember,
and respond,
moment by moment,
in daily faithfulness.
Beating back the cruelty of the moment,
with the steady resolve
of love,
of strength,
of courage,
we can only find in you.
Photo by Redd on Unsplash
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