Mike Hogan Interview

Mike Hogan Interview May 5, 2012

Mike Hogan, formally of the David Crowder*Band, and I have been friends for over ten years. When DC*B decided to call it quits, majority of the band decided to open a recording studio, Asterisk Sound, and formed a new band, The Digital Age. However, still good friends with the guys in The Digital Age, Hogan (what his friends affectionately call him) decided to venture down a different path for the next part of his journey. Hogan has joined the One Campaign to help become a part of the collective voice for those who do not have a voice. From touring the world as a Christian Rock-star to fighting the global fight against poverty in third world/developing countries, Hogan shares his story here on the Whiskey Preacher Podcast of where he has come from and where his going next.

Bio: Mike Hogan grew up in Arlington, Texas, a suburb sandwiched right in between Dallas and Ft. Worth. Upon graduating from Baylor University, he became one of the founding members of the David Crowder Band. For more than a decade they toured the globe, made albums, and worked hard to put off adulthood. He helped form the partnership between ONE and the band for DCB’s farewell tour, and while they didn’t put in U2 numbers, it went pretty well overall. Before joining the efforts of the ONE Campaign, Mike co-authored a book, worked as a freelance writer, and composed and recorded music for film. He lives in Waco with his wife, Robin, and 3 year old son, Walter.



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