Comment Policy

I am still learning how to appropriately monitor comments here, but I like a lot this metaphor from NPR to moderate comments as though this is a dinner party.

The entire article on comments is very good.

Moving forward I will try to moderate in a similar manner. That includes starting with warning people, then deleting comments rather than banning people outright, but if you keep on posting things that attack other people (including me), cultures, or religions, then you will get banned.

There are some sensitive subjects here. I ask that you comment based on your personal experience and not attack others for their experiences and beliefs.

“We encourage people to share their experiences about their own cultures, and in trying to create a safe space for that kind of thing, we’re going to err against allowing people to say denigrating things about other cultures.”

Of the four types of comments the NPR article mentioned, we have a particular problem with two and I will be monitoring carefully for these:

3) “Group X Is Objectively Terrible, And I Have Proof” (or “It’s Not Racist, It’s Just The Truth”)

4) “It’s Censorship!” (Or “Your Removal Of My Comment Is Evidence Of Your Conservative/Liberal Agenda!”)

I want to have discussion and debate here and to not curtail speech, but it really has got to be polite discussion.