Toyota had a superbowl commercial meant to focus on interfaith goodwill, saying we are all on one team. Who did they show? Jews, Christians, Muslims, and…Buddhists. When asked why Hindus were left out, this is what they had to say: Their excuse is that they can’t represent everyone. Okay, so they leave out the third largest religion in the world but do include all three Abrahamic faiths? That’s pretty weak, Toyota. Look, I get it. We are trying to combat… Read more

Mahashivratri is this coming Tuesday! I will probably not be doing a whole lot for it. No way will I be able to stay up all night or fast! But that’s pregnancy for you. I will definitely be playing plenty of Shiva bhajans, though. Here is more information on how to celebrate: New to this blog? Check out these posts: What Makes Me A Hindu? Did I Start Out Christian? Why Am I Called “The White Hindu”? New to… Read more

The Friendly Atheist reposted something they had written about the conversation between atheist Ricky Gervais and Catholic Stephen Colbert. It was my first time seeing it and it really struck a chord for me. In particular I’ve always struggled with how to explain that science is not a form of faith to people who say, “Oh atheists have just traded faith in God for faith in science.” Ricky Gervais explains it exactly: “And then, when told that his belief in… Read more

Check out my latest craft project! For a few years now I have been occasionally making ultra realistic baby dolls known as reborn dolls. A lot of people find them creepy because they are so life like. I find them delightful. I love snuggling babies and real babies are not always on hand. Anyway, it occured to me that I could use these doll making skills to create a baby Krishna to use during Janmashtami. I’m very pleased with how… Read more

It is the eighth aniversary of the death of my best friend Ilana Jonsson. Each year I write about her and try to keep her memory alive. I never thought that I would come to a place of peace and acceptance of her being gone. For many years I felt torn in two, unable to really comprehend that she was not coming back. But it seems to be true that time heals. I still miss her, but I am able… Read more

I have always thought of pujas and other rituals as being more about intention than about exact details. I figure the Gods understand if I don’t get every detail right, just as Sri Krishna said that he accepts any offering made with devotion even if it is just a drop of water or a leaf. I also see the purpose of rituals to be more about refining my inner Self than supplicating to a “higher being.” But many of the… Read more

I recently shared an article about Nikki Haley (who I have since learned is the US Ambassador to the UN. Yes, I didn’t know that. I’m ashamed) and whether she claims to be white or changes back and forth about being white or Indian. I don’t know whether the article is accurate but I thought it brought up some interesting questions, particularly around how long we are supposed to identify with the ethnic identities of our ancestors. But anyway, that… Read more

You guys know I have a pretty tumultuous relationship with Christianity. I try to remember all the good Christian friends I have but it’s hard to hold onto that in the face of so many Christians trying to take over the world and destroy other people’s faiths. However, a couple weeks ago a Christian stranger did something remarkable for me and reminded me that most people are good, most people want to help others, be kind, and make the world… Read more

I feel that my post the other day about feeling awkward sometimes with people who are ethnically Hindu was not well articulated. People seem to be taking it and reading it in ways I didn’t intend. I think I should have left this topic for a time when I can actually devote depth of thought to it. Being pregnant and chasing a toddler is making it very hard for me to think as deeply about issues as I like to…. Read more

Garrick Ravi has some news to share with you all… Doesn’t he look thrilled? Amazingly I have fallen pregnant without really trying or knowing it. True we have not been doing anything to prevent pregnancy, but considering the infertility struggle we went through with Garrick Ravi, neither of us expected it to be easy and normal the second time. I am not much of a “woo woo” person but I truly believe that His Holiness Sri Bharati Tirtha cleared away… Read more

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