So a friend of mine did some digging on the usernames of the people leaving the nasty comments that I wrote about last time. He has come to the conclusion that they are not Hindu and not Indian, but are in fact the famous Russian trolls we’ve been hearing so much about lately. I’m rather stunned by this revelation. Perhaps I have some notoriety if Russian trolls want to mess with me? I always take people at their word. It’s… Read more

There have been some very extreme comments on the blog recently, particularly on the post Proud White Hindu?. It’s an interesting pendulum between the acceptance and encouragement at the panel and the hatred and anger in these comments. [My husband says I need to put a trigger warning because I share a sampling of the comments and they are deeply disturbing] These comments may be hard to read (keep reading this post for a sampling of the comments). But I… Read more

I was browsing on Amazon and I realized that there are quite a number of books these days with detailed instructions for various puja rituals to do yourself at home. Ritual worship isn’t for everyone and you don’t have to do it to be a Hindu, but it’s a special part of my spiritual life. I have more information on why I love ritual here: I’ve gone ahead and gathered the books I could find. Most of these I have… Read more

I was really inspired by going to Sri Shiva Vishnu temple for the panel. I’ve only been there a handful of times since I moved here nine years ago and always for cultural programs in the downstairs area. I know I checked out the actual temple and the murti but I actually don’t even remember what it was like! It is the biggest temple in the area, I would guess it’s the biggest in this DC/Maryland/Virginia area (which also happens… Read more

I have a book for Garrick Ravi called The Festivals of India (there must be a new edition because the cover looks different). One thing about it that I really like is that it is many Hindu holidays but not just Hindu ones. There are Christian ones, Muslim ones, Sikh, and Jain, and Buddhist, and even one Jewish one (though the description of Christmas is pretty wild. The explanation for the Christmas tree is unlike anything I’ve ever heard!). It got… Read more

Yesterday afternoon was the Panel that I was invited to speak at about being a non-Desi Hindu. It was awesome! I got to meet some other non-Indian Hindus and the audience was very engaged with lots of interesting comments and questions. The moderator (who now has a blog on Patheos too!) asked questions and then passed the microphone for us all to answer. That helped me to minimize my interupting! I get so excited and I always want to jump… Read more

I have been listening carefully to all the points of view on what will help curb America’s terrifying problem with school shooters. I believe I know an approach that will help, but it is going to take money. Significant money for every step. So what we need to be marching for and calling our congresspeople for and petitioning the government for is the funding to make these things happen: Resource officers. These are armed trained guards. In the school shooting… Read more

I have been invited by the Hindu American Foundation to participate in a panel about non-Indian Hindus! I’m so thrilled. It will be at the big temple in our area where they do many interesting events (it’s where I went to a talk by Rajiv Malhotra). It will be at the end of April. I am really looking forward to meeting other non-Indian Hindus in my area. I’ve never met any, but there must be some if they are getting… Read more

Did you guys know that we have a potential Presidential candidate in the U.S. who is a Hindu? She is the only Hindu in Congress. Her name is Tulsi Gabbard and she is a representative from Hawaii. ` I personally don’t really care what religion (or non religion) a President is. It’s how they behave and the ethics they have personally that matter. Sometimes religion informs that and sometimes it doesn’t. You can meet plenty of people in any religion… Read more

We are finally half way through the pregnancy and that means…it was time to find out the sex! In some ways I feel silly caring so much about this, considering that knowing someone’s sex doesn’t really tell you anything about them. Boys can be into “girl” things and vice versa and I’m all for that. Individuals should do what makes them happy and follow their heart regardless of traditional norms. Nonetheless, I really wanted one of each: a boy and… Read more

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