Show Your Hindu Pride in New Gear!

Show Your Hindu Pride in New Gear! January 1, 2019

I was so inspired by some of the conversations we’re having in my new Facebook group: Hindus in Pursuit of Truth that I stayed up all night designing these (if I do say so myself) awesome shirts. My new online shop Hindu Swag is launched and you can get a code for 15% off for the first two weeks (from January 1st, 2019).

Check out my favorite designs!

Check out these and all the others at:

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  • Ghosh


    Carolyn Choate is raking in the moolah, like crazy!

    Milking the Hindoos seems very profitable for the self-proclaimed so-called “White Hindus“.

    If ad kickbacks from Patheos and paid videos from Youtube wasn’t enough, Carolyn will SELL t-shirts with names of Hindoo gods in them for money.

    So much for a self-proclaimed Leftist (or is it Caviar Communist, or Champagne Socialist???) “White Hindu”

    Carolyn, did you read Deuteronomy 6:10-11 or Joshua 24:13 from the Old Testament?

    They speak about YOU!


    • Ambaa

      I’m sorry you feel that way. I wish I were raking in moolah but I make about enough to pay for a meal out once a month.

      I have identified as Hindu for thirteen years and a couple weeks ago I thought of an idea for some shirts I would like to wear. It seemed like a fun idea to share them.

      I’m not a mastermind or an evil genius.

      I have pondered whether I should be monetizing my work because of this very issue. I do put a lot of effort into creating this content. I do not think that my work exploits my fellow Hindus though I can see that you do.

      • Uma

        Hi Ambaa
        Dont get putoff by these bad remarks of the converted xian.He holds an indian hindu surname .Whats the use ? So what if you are getting some cash out of it.Dont even reply to these leftist commies .They see only bad tings or negative things . What a joke .
        I saw the shirt and i think it is really good.As some one remarked above please do full dasavathara so that it is beneficial

  • S Kr

    Nice attempt … Here is another idea for you as a modification to Vishnu world tour shirt :
    You know that the ten avatars (dashavatar) of Lord Vishnu follow the evolutionary developments – fish, amphibian, land animal, half-man half-animal, dwarf man, warrior, king (rama), krishna (probably philosopher-statecraft-political human), enlightened human (buddha), kalki (dunno what exactly he represents, probably destroy old order and re-establishment).
    Buddha part is sometimes taken as Balarama by some sects, but overall the evolutionary pattern holds, at least till the human part.

    So it could be Vishnu’s evolutionary cycle or some such along a circle, like signs of zodiac are sometimes represented.

  • Dhivya

    I like the third one ..The bindi babe.

  • Let Go

    I just signed up with you for email, I am not in FB, Twitter, or Google. Do you send out regular messages to your email followers? Thank you so much for your service. I live in Maine, away from the populated area that has a temple. I have not been able to find local connections and have been interested in Hinduism for a long long time. Thank you very much for sharing and teaching.