By the Book: Meditation for Fidgity Skeptics

By the Book: Meditation for Fidgity Skeptics December 10, 2018

When I did a YouTube Live QA recently (check out the youtube channel for a replay of that) one of the major topics that came up was meditation and how beneficial it is.

Meditation is something that I’ve struggled with. I know that it has enormous benefits, from improving health to giving our reaction times enough space to be more considered in our speech and action. I also know that it’s damn hard.

Meditation is simple, but far from easy.

Then I was listening to a podcast I like called By The Book where two ladies try out the advice in self-help books (a new one each episode) and they tried out Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics. Their reactions were mixed but I was intrigued. I plan to get the book and see if it can help me make meditation a more regular part of my life.

I may even do a youtube series of me following along with various mediation advice books!

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