Not In The Market

Not In The Market October 23, 2018

Got another character on my Facebook page. Someone trying to talk me into Christianity. This happens once in a while, since some branches of Christianity teach their followers that there is only one answer to life and its name is Jesus. I’m having a fine conversation with this fellow (an Indian Christian). It does seem like he is following some kind of script on how to convert Hindus. But he doesn’t know what he’s in for because I do have an answer for everything.

What came to mind as I talked with him was that I’m really not in the market for a new religion.

He’s trying really hard to sell me on this, but I’m already totally content, satisfied, and happy with the faith I’ve got. When it comes to sales, you have to convince your target they have a problem that you have a solution to. But I don’t have a problem. I can see why Christianity might be great and comforting for people who are struggling with something, who are feeling discontented, who are feeling like something is missing. But that’s not me.

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Since embracing Hinduism I have steadily become more and more happy, at peace, content, and blissful.

This is what these branches of Christianity don’t have an answer for. They are taught that without Jesus people are miserable, empty, searching to fill their souls with something. Now, if they find someone who is lost at sea like that, sure they can offer Jesus as an answer. But they need to accept that there are other ways to find total peace and contentment.

When you are deeply happy then you know you are doing something right. To me that’s how you know you’re on the right path, if you feel joy in what you are doing.

This guy keeps trying to make me prove that I have actually tried Christianity and know about it. But the fact is that I don’t care enough to try to prove some kind of credentials. I know that I’m confident in my path and what he thinks about it really makes no difference to me.

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  • showyourfacewithpride

    If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it! I wonder if guys like this have some kind of ‘sales target’, a certain number of people he wants to convert within a given time… He certainly sounds as pushy as a telemarketer or door-to-door salesman.

  • Tailless Baboon

    Amba,I was specifically intrigued by Krishna’s statement to Arjuna-and you too have translated Gita–I have revealed to you the greatest secret,now ponder that and DO WHAT YOU WANT . Complete freedom granted to even err( despite knowing the consequences,which is what we all do many times due to temptations of life) but face the consequences.There will neither be any God or Prophet who will shoulder the consequences .

    It’s unfortunate,that every freedom is abused by us.Every freedom comes with huge responsibility.

    Indian Christians being themselves converts,are very enthusiastic about converting others. Hindus too fight over some wrong/erroneous ideas developed by humans and fight among themselves.They don’t realize that traditions and sects are made by humans.Instead of standing by the women of their families,men will help perpetuate these stupid ideas–a glaring example if the celibate God in Kerala.Both sides are fighting over nonsense.Had the men stood by their women ( who in turn acknowledging the need to evolve) and refused to visit such temples,the temple priests and authorities themselves will relent–since the revenue shrinks.Menstruation is a part of the greatest boon granted by nature to women–motherhood. How can there be anything impure about any woman? How can any God or temple be desecrated by menstruating women if God dwells everywhere–especially within us and so we are alive.

    These are the kind of stubborn beliefs have put people off Hinduism–the true spirit of which is reflected in the Upanishads which were condensed in the Gita–and turned people to Christianity and Islam( apart from, of course, money,food and dignity in parts of India.)

    I am sure you read Maria Wirth’s blog as well. She writes quite a few very good articles and one of them was about why people don’t find Hinduism attractive.She is herself a good Hindu at heart.

    • mike malzahn

      does she not reply to comments anymore?

      • Ambaa

        I apologize. I try to keep up with comments but I’ve had problems with the Disqus system letting me log in and see comments. I’ll try to dive into this discussion further when I’ve got a few minutes!