#IAmAHinduAmerican December 19, 2018

I love this new imitative that the Hindu American Foundation has put together!

They are encouraging all Hindu Americans to submit a headshot and a statement of how Hinduism inspires them. I’ve got mine in there!

The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) is hoping to educate the general American population about Hinduism. There are so many misconceptions and misunderstandings. So few people know anything about Hinduism. Many Americans don’t even realize that they know someone who is Hindu. It is often very quiet and private.

With Tulsi Gabbard poised to announce a presidential run, now is such an important time for non-Hindu Americans to learn more about their Hindu neighbors.

Also I’m delighted by the variety of faces on the site. Hindus of all colors and nationalities. Hinduism is for anyone who longs for truth.

There are multiple ways to find truth and peace and joy, but in my opinion none is so clear as the Hindu way.

See all the contributors here (and add your own story!) https://iamhinduamerican.org/

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  • JLIT99

    Keep up the good work!

    I tend to avoid talking about my religious beliefs with non-Hindus, but often I’m asked about them since people are very curious about what it means to be a Hindu and want to know if it’s an open religion. Your page has helped me to provide them with answers to those questions.

    • Dhivya

      That actually true. There it always make me happy when i see people say good things about Hindu because i am also a Hindu. We can’t change these things but one thing we can do is we should talk good things about our religion rather than talking something bad about anyone else’s religion.