If A Dog Is Divine, So Am I

If A Dog Is Divine, So Am I May 5, 2018

There have been some very extreme comments on the blog recently, particularly on the post Proud White Hindu?. It’s an interesting pendulum between the acceptance and encouragement at the panel and the hatred and anger in these comments. [My husband says I need to put a trigger warning because I share a sampling of the comments and they are deeply disturbing]


These comments may be hard to read (keep reading this post for a sampling of the comments). But I don’t consider these two people to be “trolls.” I think trolls are those who try to needle you into a reaction just to watch you be upset. I think these people are genuinely hurt and upset. They want me to stop and maybe if they had said these things eight years ago I would have, but at this point I don’t feel personally attacked by these comments. I understand why some people are angry that I claim to be Hindu.

I understand and yet I keep doing it anyway.

At first one might think that these comments are too vile and hate-filled to be left up. I think most bloggers would probably just delete them. But as I practice confronting my “white fragility” I remember that people who have been oppressed are not required to be polite to their oppressors. They are allowed to feel and express their rage. They don’t have to tread with care.

Am I an opressor?

Obviously I hate to think that I could be. But I benefit from systemic racism and growing up white has left me with that subconscious impulse that I can do anything I want.

Here’s something a friend reposted on Facebook that feels very relevant to me:

Leesa Renee Hall

Dear descendants of the colonizers:

I know that it’s fun and exciting to discover another person’s spiritual practices.

The headdresses, the dream catchers, the chants, the circles, the feathers…

Gosh, it’s like a whole new world has opened up!

So, you buy the dashiki cloth, you take on the name of a Hindu priestess, and start inviting other descendants of the colonizers into your empowerment retreats so you can hum, breathe, and clasp hands with the sounds of the sea clapping on the shore behind you.

Such peace.

Such tranquillity.

Such load of crap.

Because all you’re doing is doing as your ancestors have done.

You’re taking what is not yours.

You’re Columbusing traditions which have been practiced by Indigenous, Brown, and Black peoples for centuries.

And you’re doing it for profit!

Let me tell you this – the gods aren’t happy.

So, instead of attracting love and light, you attract darkness and anger as the descendants of the colonized ask you to stop worshipping at the altar of appropriation, extraction, and theft.

How about this?

Discover your ancestors’ indigenous spiritual practices.

The ones they “forgot” to teach you as they were busy pillaging, stealing, and gaslighting.

The spiritual practices they abandoned so they could adopt an identity based on nothing more than skin colour.

Yeah, those ones.

Teach yourself the ways of your Celtic, Scandinavian, Baltic, Normandy, Germanic, Viking, Jute, Angle, or Saxon ancestors.

Discover your indigenous spiritual practices, folklores, mythologies, symbols, and narratives.

Do the work to uncover your roots, instead of doing harm by digging up someone else’s.

Then, teach other descendants of the colonizers what you’ve learned.

This work will not be easy.

The work of uncovering your true spiritual practices.

Because it has been CENTURIES since anyone in your bloodline has had any interest in reclaiming their indigenous culture.

You’ll have to search out obscure books, pay to get access to articles in scholarly journals, interview professors who are experts in these areas.

It may take YEARS to come up with the materials you need to reconnect with your indigenous spirit practices.

But it’ll be worth it.

So, drop the faux goddess name.

Strip off the religious garb that isn’t yours to begin with.

Stop paying to learn from other descendants of the colonizers traditions which were stolen.

It’s manufactured.



As is your spirituality.

With love,
A descendant of the Kingdom of Nri

It is difficult to hear that. But it returns to that same idea that Kartashok expresses below that because my ethnic heritage is Celtic, those are the traditions I must practice.

The thing about that is, though, that it assumes that there is equal Truth to be found in every system of faith. Many “hippie” white people like me believe that. I am not so sure. I think if there is a universal Truth at the heart of every religion then in some it is extremely hidden.

I’m not sure that Ms. Hall above is taking into account people who work quietly and sincerely at a “stolen” faith for decades. Are we the same as those who try on exotic-seeming practices and just take the fun parts? The same as those who throw $10,000 yoga retreats without a single native Hindu in attendence? Is that thought just my brain desperately clinging to excuses?

I wish I could say that I don’t profit from my faith, but the fact is that I do. I have this blog and it does give me some income. I think it should be obvious that even without the blog I would still be Hindu every second or every day. And I tell myself that I’m not profiting by taking and reinterpreting Hinduism but by sharing my personal experience and what it’s like to have a faith that doesn’t come from my heritage.

Now let me share the content of some of these comments:

you are EITHER a non-Hindu OR a rootless, soulless, Westernized Hindu.

Hinduism is a religion AND an ethnicity, and they are inseparable.

Long is not ethnically Hindu, which means he’s not a Hindu. Is that too difficult to understand???

Jeffery Long and Carolyn Choate [me] are anti-Hindus who want to destroy the Hindu ethnicity by proselytizing the evil creed that says that the Hindu religion is separate from the Hindu ethnicity.



This is how EVIL whites feel about you. They want to wipe brown people off the face of the earth. You want to suck the cock of your oppressor and enemy, go ahead. Don’t ask me to come along with you. Whatever helps white genocide and dispossession as fast as possible is the greatest good, and whatever helps them at our expense is the greatest evil from this point on. Survival and reproduction are the two most important needs for ANY race, and whites directly wish to destroy our very existence. Their technological advantage they had over nonwhites historically is being challenged now, and it’s only a matter of time that whites pick on the wrong race. Either way, before they get to India, I want them wiped out in a way that makes their Native American genocide look like a minor tribal war.


The white Celtic-Germanic race is genetically predisposed to evil and colonialism unlike any other race on the planet, they are not even the same species as other human beings. There is no reason to give our religion away to DEMONS ON EARTH! Hinduism is for Indians. Why would I want my ENEMIES to practice my religion?
Indian civilization survives through the genetic presence of the Indian people, specifically the Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras who formed the original population of Bharathavarsha in the first place. Enemy aliens have their own cultures and beliefs that they can follow. Hinduism is about ritual purification, not multicultural universalist communism.


Yellows and whites hate us, and it’s only natural that we should hate them back and not want them claiming ownership over our ancestral way of life. Hinduism is about blood and soil, not “saving souls” like Islam and Christianity. We don’t believe that all humans are equal NOR do we believe that all the world’s people should come together. [Side note from Ambaa: I’ve never heard of any teaching of Hinduism saying that humans are not equal and equally divine].


Practicing some fag “exercise-yoga” doesn’t make some Celtic-Teutonic warmongerer demon into a Hindu.


Long’s children are MIXED BREED MUD BLOODS THAT SHOULD BE CURB STOMPED. Not Hindus. Hindu woman breeds with her white master and pops out identity-less hybrid subhumans. And Hindus are supposed to claim them? This is colonial cuckoldry.


Europeans are biological enemies of non-Europeans, and the only good one is a dead one. Drop dead.
Inventing ethnocentrism is the only way to protect the Indian race. Ever heard of cultural appropriation? Whites as it is claim they invented everything under the sun, don’t give them the Indus Valley Civilization. The Indian identity is ETHNICALLY connected to the Indus Valley Civilization, and anyone who says otherwise is a worthless faggot and a loser. This disgusting white slut Carolyn and this race mixer Jeffery Long are European Aryans, not Indians, and not Hindus. Hinduism wouldn’t exist without the combination of the cultures of the Devas and Asuras, the Asuras being the rulers of the Indus Valley civilization, the ancestors of every dark skinned Indian person. Even the British directly identified Hindus as the natives of the Indus River and east of it. Drop dead, you anti-Indian waste of space. You should be punished for treason for saying that our enemies are even the same SPECIES as us. The only reason we are alive today is because the Jew has broken the back of the EVIL Germanic man.

There are many valid points in what these commenters say (except for the part about white people being a different species and not human. That’s batshit. Also calling me a slut I guess is just trying to come up with the most hurtful term he could to throw at a woman?).

It’s very hard for me to comprehend the concept of a system of philosophy only being valid for people of a particular ethnicity. How can Truth be limited to only particular genetics? But that may just be the American in me.

There is an uncomfortable strain between these people wanting to protect Hinduism and keep it pure from white people’s interpretation and the actual teachings in Hinduism, which I think all variations agree that everything in creation has a soul and that soul is divine.

Here is a Hindu story (if you’ve read my blog for a long time you’ve heard it before):

A wise man was sitting out having a picnic. A wild dog ran up and stole his bread. The man got up and started chasing the dog, shouting, “My lord, my lord, you forgot the butter.”

I am not taking Hinduism. Me believing in Hinduism and practicing it with care and sincerity is not taking it away from someone else. It is not a limited resource.

That may be justifying my racism and perhaps I am in the wrong here. I have to live with the fact that I have heard this hurt and this pain from native Hindus and I have chosen to keep doing what I am doing anyway. (Let me add that 99.9% of the time I have had a ton of help and encouragement from native Hindus).

In the end, as sorry as I am for the way these people are feeling, they don’t have the power to decide who is Hindu and who is not. I will continue to try to be respectful and humble as I practice my faith. But Hinduism is in my soul and it isn’t going anywhere.

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  • disqus_kl7kY8xctR

    Yeah. Hindu is not an ethnicity.

    • kartashok

      Hindu = Indian subcontinental native. It’s our ethnicity, deal with it.

  • Lulu

    Ok, so, yeah, Hindu is not an ethnicity. It simply isn’t. Hinduism as a monolith is very, very recent. India is one of the most diverse countries in the world, ethnically. To insinuate or assert that Hinduism and ethnicity, is just factually incorrect. Anyhow, moving right along from that.

    I am a little bit different here. I am, for all intents and purposes, a white woman. I passed as white, I look white, I benefit from being white, I have privilege, Etc. However, I am a Romani poshrat (half-blood). So, I am doing exactly what the first commenter pointed out. For the last 16 years of my life, I have been going back home, spiritually. My people were Hindus. They were goddess worshippers. My people still revere a syncretic form of the Goddess. But, looking at me, one would never be able to know that. I am pale-skinned, and although I have black hair, I have incredibly blue eyes. So, one may pass premature judgments based on my looks and my being Hindu.

    With all of that said, I think that it is great that you are tackling these issues head-on. I know that it must be incredibly hard to do so. So, I commend you for it.

    Kartashoks words are not reflective of any Hindu philosophy that I have ever come across. I have been studying the Eternal face for 16 years, and his ideology is not one that I have ever come across among Indian or Nepalese Hindus when working, and having conversations with them about our faith. He is clearly a hateful individual, and I am not saying that he isn’t justified in his feelings. He very well may be. But, his feelings are not coming from a place of objectivity regarding Hinduism as a whole. So, try not to internalize them or take them personally.

    • kartashok

      This is not about looks, this is about genetics. Before Buddha and Mahavira created their religions, Hinduism/Sanatana Dharma was a racial identity that tied together the people southeast of the Hindu Kush, into their tribes. It was 100% based on race and tribal affiliation within South Asia, the subcontinent. There are Kalasha and Dardic people that are “white passing” even today in India, they are Hindus. European Nazis are not. YOUR WORDS are not reflective of any Hindu philosophies either, you subversive rat. I like Romani people, they are descended from the brave Gujjar-Pratihara kingdoms who defended Hindus from Muslims for almost 300 years before the Afghans genocided you and the Roma exodus from Rajasthan-Sindh-Punjab to Europe and the Middle East happened. And ALL people, white, black and brown, were pagans who worshiped the Goddess, before Abrahamic religions came along. Doesn’t make them Hindu.

      • Lulu

        Oh. The Goddess I am referencing is Kali. Forgot that part .

        • kartashok

          You are a Romani sister of ours. You know how many EVIL, EVIL white people i have met who said they supported the holocaust of Romani people under Hitler and that Romanis should be tortured and gassed and shot down like rodents? This is the way Slavic and Germanic EVIL white people think of you, sister. I hope you come to India and live amongst your blood brothers, I have seen the VILE evil that the Polack and the Czech and the Amerikkkan and the Hungarian is capable of saying about us.

          • Lulu

            I know how evil whites are, trust me. We call them parne bengalo

          • kartashok

            Thank you, this is the first comment of yours I can relate to. Now you would understand why we don’t want evil whites to join our tribal religion, and then claim that they invented it. Just like they did with the Chinese compass, the Indians who invented yoga, the Native Americans who invented popcorn, etc. Cultural appropriation.

          • Ch Billy

            kartashok, This is the last comment I will be posting as a reply to you. I will straight away state my intention here is to trip you up if at all that is possible considering your hatred has reached pathological levels.

            Here is what you and I agree regarding the wrongs that have been done in the past:
            1) The white people have formerly colonized several cultures and exploited them, denigrated them and somtimes even exterminated them completely. Hindus are one of them.
            2) The Hindus are served a raw deal even today by both the right wing Christian conservatives and the left wing Marxists in the West.
            3) White Germanic and Anglo-Saxon people have formerly committed some of the worst genocidal acts bordering on the lines of animalistic barbarism.

            Here are some of my observations which you may not agree with but are definitely true:
            1) The current narratives on what had happened in the past in India from the literary, archaeological and genetic evidences provided by both the Marxist left historians and the racist white supremacist ultra right wing historians (like those ethnocentric people whom Hitler was inspired from) are extremely flawed since they have either illogical inconsistent interpretation of the different literary sources or complete denial of certain archaeological and genetic evidences while accepting the rest all based on convenience to force fit a narrative.
            2) All your arguments are based on a heady mix of these left Marxist narratives (cultural appropriation, white privilege etc.) and ultra right wing white supremacist narratives (Vanaras are dark skinned natives, Indus valley people are original Dravidians etc.) not understanding that both these factions have a pathological hatred towards the Indian people. The hatred of ultra right wing white supremacists is well known. But the hatred from the left for those who don’t know is summarized in one of Karl Marx’s articles that was based on India before his Das Kapital. In the article, he said India is a very peculiar country. It’s one country no doubt, and it has some kind of a centralized living model, and it’s infrastructure, and mobility of the people are looked after by Kings who somehow function together. But economically if you look at the country, every village is an economic unit, a tariff unit, and it doesn’t import or export anything. It produces and consumes. The producer is also the consumer; the consumer is also the producer, which he later on called the ‘Asiatic method of production. ’ He said it’s a very peculiar country and there is no economic inequality because no one has any power over others. This was called the primitive socialism in the communist terminology even today. But he said there is something very wrong with this society, they are worshiping monkeys, and they are worshiping cows. And, such a backward society can never progress and carry out a revolution which is necessary for advancement of the human race. It is necessary to destroy the social base, the society and that work the British is doing. Even though it is a painful destruction, it is a pleasurable destruction also!!!! This is what Karl Marx said and this is how evil and savage he was. Remember that he never came to India, he never read any Indian literature, he never met any Indian but this is what he wrote about India.

            Now, this is what I am proposing to do to address the wrongs that have been done in the past:
            1) I am completely ignoring both the leftist and the ultra rightist Euro-centric narratives about our past. I am looking at our literary sources without the prejudice that these tests are from dumb uneducated natives who are either liars and charlatans or they never say things as it is and they have to be interpreted using convoluted logic. I also look at archaeological and genetic evidences without conveniently denying any and will form a narrative that is based in reality and not on prejudice.
            2) I will not make ethnocentrism as an agenda just because it is a convenient way of defeating the people who denigrated and exploited us.
            3) I will not pathologically hate every person of the ethnicity of the people who committed unspeakable crimes on Indians.
            4) I will never give in to propaganda and I will always defend truth in whichever way possible.

            Now, this is what you are proposing to do to address the wrongs that have been done in the past:
            1) You are completely accepting the left Marxist narratives in some cases and the ultra right wing narratives in other cases completely ignoring the biases and prejudice behind developing such narratives and ignoring the logical flaws and inconsistencies in these narratives.
            2) You are making ethnocentrism an agenda to defeat the enemy who have wronged the Indians using ethnocentrism themselves.
            3) You will pathologically hate every person of the ethnicity who have wronged us just like those bigots who hated every Indian while committing unspeakable acts on us.
            4) You will stick to the propaganda that Hinduism is an ethnicity and white people are all evil ignoring every rational argument irrespective of how much truth there is behind the argument just like the way the people who wronged us did while developing racist and bigoted narratives of our history.

            In summary, I have decided to undo the wrongs of the the past by sticking to Dharma and rationality whereas you have decided to avenge the wrongs of the past by perfectly adopting the methods of those who wronged us.

            A question for you: If there is a person who does horrible things to you using certain barbaric methods and you destroy this person using the same methods as he did, who defeated whom? Is it you who destroyed the other or is it the other who managed to make you adopt his methods? Food for thought.

            Finally, as a Dharmic follower, here is a tiny prediction for you. If you continue to adopt the same methods and ideas as those who you pathologically hate, you will develop enough sanskaras to take the next birth as a racist white person. And probably, as a bitter consequence for your actions in this life, you will one day look at yourself in the mirror in your next life and suddenly remember everything you did in this life. A searing guilt will pierce your heart that will make you miserable with the realization that you became what you hated the most!!! If you want to avoid such a horrific thing from happening, then change now.

          • kartashok

            Death to pig skinned men, women and children down to the last child. Period. Don’t like it, go to an alt right site and watch them say the same thing about us. This is not about the past, this is about alt right white people threatening our existence TODAY. The US military is their greatest tool.
            I rejoice in the brutal death and suffering of their people, and I wish the Jews, Muslims, Chinese, blacks and Hispanics God speed ahead. As Psalms 137 of the Bible says, “O daughter of Babylon, who are to be destroyed, HAPPY is the one that pays your iniquity with iniquity, happy is the one who takes thy little ones and dashes them against the rocks.”

          • Archaeopteryx

            You seem to hate the whites for being unusually successful at doing what you think all races should do, including us. And Srila Prabhupad went to US in the sixties, after independence.

          • kartashok

            No, if they had stayed in Europe and not embarked on worldwide colonialism, none of that would have mattered. They’d be valued for their innovations and not hated for their imperialism which continues to this day. Whites cry about white genocide while poisoning the food and water supplies of Africa, India and Latin America to this day. They invented AIDS to specifically depopulate brown people, but it didn’t really work as well as they wanted. The Chinese mostly stayed put and they were far more advanced than whites in 1492. I’m not some kind of faggot who wants to welcome them into my fold and love them like you. And what does your point about Prabhupada have anything to do with what I said? Vivekananda went to the US in the 19th century, this stuff started as a way to garner sympathy from the predator race. God bless the Jews for white genocide since 1914.

          • Jason Wright

            All races practiced conquest a long time ago but you say that only whites are fully human and non-whites are just blameless animals.

            ehhh poisoning water in Africa? I would say that you guys defecating in the same water you drink is more of an issue. Whites are in Africa, purifying the water, feeding people, and they built the infrastructure in nearly every black country and gave it to blacks.

            White people wouldnt have to invent aids to take people out, they could just taint your handouts with anthrax and call it a day.

            Meanwhile, you demand to live among whites…. so nobody believes youa re oppressed or a victim.

          • kartashok

            Whites are subhuman terrorists practicing conquest and wanton imperialism over the entire planet to this day. And the ones “feeding people” in Africa are mostly doing it as a way to get them to convert to Christianity, or are doing it because Jews told them to do it. The Chinese are doing the infrastructure building and water purification in Africa, the US is only sending its military to Africa to slaughter Islamic terrorists that it created in the 1980s. The Jews will wipe your race off the face of the earth very soon, and that will be the end of you pig skinned terrorists.

          • kartashok

            Handouts? Asians produce our own food, we don’t receive any handouts from whites. I don’t live among whites, I live in my own country. Whites demanded to exterminate and take over nonwhite lands in the past 500+ years, not nonwhites.

          • kartashok

            The opioid epidemic alone is killing about 50,000 of you Nazis every year, the more the better. I hope it continues killing thousands of conservative Republican Nazis like you so that the US military runs out of Nazis to continue their imperialism.

          • kartashok

            China would shut down all your computers before attacking you. Without the US army protecting them, India and Pakistan’s nuclear weapons alone have the ability to take out all of Western Europe. Except for blacks and Amerindians, no one requires your handouts or any help from you. All the infrastructure and inventions that whites built in the past have already been replicated and used by nonwhites, and most new inventions such as Google and Facebook are coming from Jews anyway, who hate Nazis like you. And the Muslims would appreciate you leaving the Middle East and not being slaves to the Jews demanding land there as well.

          • kartashok

            Nobody wants to live among whites, they want to take over the land and resources you occupy, and the Jews have allowed them. Period. For the past 500 years, whites were doing the genocide and conquest, now things have changed. Through conquest, the whites still occupy the best land and own most of the natural resources on the planet. The Chinese in the West aren’t trying to live among whites or become white, they want the power and the resources you possess. It’s funny how you take ONE example, the black race, and pretend that all other nonwhites need handouts from you. Every other race had agriculture and reasonably complex societies before colonialism and can build such societies again if possible.

          • Jason Wright

            without Whites, those resources would be USELESS to you, uranium is about as useless to non-Asians/non-Whites as a microwave is to a bear. WTF … resources? Are you KIDDING ME? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

          • kartashok

            I am Asian you retarded pig skin, now stop replying to me. And uranium isn’t essential for survival either, agricultural products and basic minerals like gold and silver have built significant civilizations in the past long before the Atomic Age. The reason Asians enriched uranium and built nukes is to defend ourselves from your people. You on the other hand invented that technology to mass murder people, initially your own blood brothers in Germany. And funny thing is whites never used uranium as anything but a glass coloring agent until 1789, which is extremely recent. So the idea that nonwhites couldn’t build upon existing white knowledge to create products in the future is absurd, since whites have only been at the top for about 500 years, before which China, India, Persia and the Ottomans had civilizations with more wealth.

          • kartashok

            If all whites were wiped off the face of the earth, there wouldn’t be a need to enrich uranium for warfare would there? White innovations only have meaning in a world in which the white man makes weapons for mass murder.

          • kartashok

            Basic metals and agriculture are what is necessary for any civilization and have existed in almost all nonwhite civilizations. Those are “resources”. Uranium and others are simply resources for advanced warfare, which are only necessary in a world WITH whites like you. Case in point, uranium was first enriched in the 1930s in Nazi Germany. Even Amerifags didn’t do anything with uranium until Operation Paperclip happened.

          • Jason Wright

            meanwhile you beg to live among the KKK, they want nothing to do with you… then you say it’s all because of resources that your people have no practical use for.

          • kartashok

            The KKK exists in the southern cesspool red states of the US, I don’t even live in the US you retarded waste of space. I live in an Asian country with nuclear submarines and ICBMs, we’re putting uranium to good use. Are you absolutely retarded? I already stated I’m not a fucking nigger, and yet you keep assuming I’m some nigger living in the US. The average Texan conservative IQ must be in the low 70s looking at retards like you. With wastes of space like you, the Chinese takeover of United States through artificial intelligence is guaranteed. Get ready to get wiped out. None of the smart white people are breeding, the only white people having kids in the US are the retards like you who don’t even have basic comprehension skills to operate at the level of a high IQ person like me. “Master race” my ass, you’re nothing. Is this you? https://twitter.com/jasonwrighttx?lang=en

          • kartashok

            The KKK wants to kill all nonwhite people, obviously they “want something to do with me”. Did you go past grade two you shit eating meth smoking sister molesting hillbilly? Recently one of your redneck sisters in Georgia PAYED two old white men to molest her infant children in exchange for cash, this is what your people are. You are the bottom of the barrel in the US and are NOTHING compared to the LOWEST of nonwhites in sub-Saharan Africa.

          • kartashok

            Not all nonwhites are niggers. And resources include agricultural land and copper and aluminum that was used by even the most savage tribes throughout history. Southerners are a joke anyway, the entire Manhattan Project and everything before it was done by Germans, Italians and German Americans from the Northern United States, not retarded Confederate blooded sister fucking inbreds like you. Metallurgy and chemistry in Asian countries like China, India and Persia were far more advanced than Europe in the Medieval era, and now the East is rising again. You’re just desperately trying to act as if anyone owes you Southern evil diseased inferior rednecks anything, they don’t.

          • kartashok

            Supporting the elites in their extermination of whites in their homeland guarantees a future existence for our nonwhite children in a world in which we won’t be killed and colonized by you ever again.

          • kartashok

            If you’re one of those Indians who worships whites I hope you and your family get shot dead by Trump supporters when you visit the US, you worthless faggots. White conservatives are just like ISIS. Has a SINGLE white person been killed in India, just for being white? Nope. The blacks in South Africa mow them down like dogs and rape them in huge numbers. Would you call that “successful” by your might is right standards?

          • kartashok

            I wouldn’t hate them if they stayed in Europe, but they didn’t did they, pig skin? By your logic, the blacks and Muzzies are pretty successful at raping your women, so that’s a good thing right? Success at polluting your Aryan bloodlines.

          • kartashok

            Neither the left nor the right knows our people, the Indian soul knows our people. I know my history. The Vanaras are today’s Scheduled Tribes of India, fact. They’re great people. I’m a right wing Indian, which means I borrow from both the left and the right as far as political paradigms are concerned. Marxism originally did not have anything to do with culture, but economics. Cultural marxism began with the Weimar Republic.

          • kartashok

            Hating our oppressor is very different from hating the oppressed. A wise man hates his oppressor. An evil man wishes to torture and mutilate the weak who have done him no harm. NO GUILT, IT’S OKAY TO BE INDIAN, IT’S OKAY TO HATE WHITES. Freedom of speech, freedom of thought. Nice try with the Christian “guilt therapy”. Fuck that shit, guilt is for pussies.

          • kartashok

            So, in summary, POWER makes dharma irrelevant. This isn’t about “right and wrong”. This is about racial success and racial extinction. I want my people to survive, in order for my people to survive, I want the predator race gone, simple.

          • Ch Billy

            Please do not join the bandwagon. I know how the Romani people have been historically treated by White Europeans. I genuinely empathize with you. But I feel calling all whites of today as evil is unwarranted especially when there are people like Ambaa who are genuinely interested in Dharmic path and who genuinely condemn people like those who have oppressed, exploited and violated Romani people.

            I myself am from an ancestral village in India whose people were brutally starved to death by British colonizers as part of their “population reduction” program in India. I have myself felt uncontrollable hatred towards the British whites for the unspeakable cruelty that they had committed. However, hatred made me miserable. Now, as a Dharmic practitioner, I have dispassionately debated modern British whites who are given delusional narratives about colonizing Britain saying that it was “civilizing” the colonies. To my surprise, some of them accepted my arguments almost immediately when I showed them evidence. Now, I did this and continue to do this because my Dharma is to protect truth from propaganda. I am no way asking for reparations or apologies from the current British whites for what their ancestors did. If I instead create a new propaganda that all whites are evil, what will be the difference between me and those heinous creatures of the past? Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not a pacifist. I support taking any necessary steps towards protecting Indian people from exploitation by whites or any other race, if at all, in future. But, I will only support taking the necessary steps and not any more. Even one extra unnecessary step taken will make the entire process Adharmic. This may sound idealistic and unreasonable in standards especially when fighting with people who do not adhere to such standards. But, this is what Dharma is all about. Dharmo rakshati rakshitah. Dharma will protect those who protect Dharma. I would rather stick to the Dharmic path and let it heal my hatred than to be consumed by hatred and in the process become the same person as I hate.

          • kartashok

            Shut the fuck up with your “not all whites” bullshit. Fuck off and go be their slave. You’re such a worthless faggot cuckold. It’s OKAY to hate whites. They hate us, I hate them. You desperately want to befriend and be lovey dovey with them don’t you, bitch? Dreaming of some white girl to send you “bob and vagene” pictures on facebook like the subhuman you are, you are shaming the REAL Indian men like me who are masculine and have Indian women.

          • kartashok

            The “difference” is that we don’t have the power to do to them what they’re doing to us. So it’s only logical for us to support enemies of theirs (with much greater power) to cause them panic, so that we may live. I’m not a virtue signaling faggot like you.

          • kartashok

            You’re probably a Bengali cuckold fag with Anglo-Indian ancestry, of course you want to protect the Nazis. Your mommy probably slept with a few. The extermination of other races eliminates our threats on a PERMANENT basis, might is right. I’m not asking whites to sit around feeling guilty for what they did. That is UNMANLY. I don’t want to exploit or be passive aggressive towards whites either. I just want them to disappear. It’s called PURITY. Which is dharmic by the way. Rudra decides which race lives and dies, our obligation is to not even CARE for one of those devils.

          • kartashok

            British people had SOME sense of morality. Amerikkkans have ZERO morality. Which is why supporting their extinction through Jewish and Chinese supremacy is 100% normal. During the Mahabharata, there were several exterminations of entire kingdoms. It’s about YOUR TEAM winning. Your dharmic principles is faggotry. Might is right, their extinction means our future is secure.

          • kartashok

            If every white man, woman and child is brutally tortured and murdered by chemical weapons tomorrow, why should I cry? You FAGGOT, they are not even human, why are you asking me to care for them? Death to those enemies of my people. Faggots like you don’t understand, dharma supports extermination of enemies. NOTHING is off limits as far as exterminating or supporting the extinction of oppressors is concerned.

          • Lulu

            I can express my anger towards the way my people have been treated however id like so long as I am hurting no one .

            It should go without saying that I don’t hate white people or think they are all evil. I am HALF Romani. My father is white.

            As I said in regards to kartashoks sentiment ….no one can tell him that he shouldn’t be angry. No one can tell us how to respond to our cultural trauma. I came here defending Ambaa so with all due respect…spare me.

            Oh…important tidbit…
            There are still pogroms against Romani. My feelings aren’t based on historical treatment . We are still being chased out of our homes. We are still choking on the toxic fumes of our lives going up in smoke, literally, as we watch white supremacists burn everything we know to the ground. We are still forced to live on toxic lead heaps to watch our children slowly die of lead poisoning while gadze put up signs that tell us to breathe deeply.

            So…with all due respect.. if I want to SAY that whites are evil….I can. You, with all of your “empathy” don’t get to tell me how to feel about the way my people are treated .You don’t get to invalidate my feelings because you don’t like how I express them .

          • Ch Billy

            Ok I understand…. I am sorry I did not recognize that this is a current ongoing phenomenon…

          • Lulu

            If you are at all interested…




            It is constant. Our Holocaust never ended. We live with the feeling of rocks in our chests and copper in our throats, waiting anxiously for the day it is our home that is burned to the ground.

          • Ch Billy

            This is tear jerking… The most disgusting part of all this is that there is hardly any awareness among Indians about this when such horrible injustice is taking place towards our brothers and sisters… The Indian government is trying to do something now especially since we have true Indians in the government for the first time in the history of independent India and the leftists are trying their best to sabotage that too:


            Even though the awareness about this among Hindus seems to be appallingly low…. I will try my best to spread awareness about this….. I mean we are giving refuge to the undeserving Rohingyas and leaving out such an important community as yours… This is terrible foreign policy…. India has a lot of clout in geopolitics nowadays… If India wants they can arm-twist EU nations for the ill-treatment of the Roma people… Yet, even the current government is not even taking the first step in this!!!! This is unacceptable….

          • kartashok

            India couldn’t arm twist shit. We are weak. Which is why white devils dying off is the only hope for our survival because most of India is cuckold fags like you, not real men like me.

          • Ch Billy

            kartashok, I told you I will not post any other reply to you. But something so important has come up that I had to share with you. Here is scientific evidence pouring cold water on all your theories about how Vedic deities, Vedic horse-chariot culture, Indo-European languages are European in origin whereas Puranic Gods, Asuras etc. have origin in Indus Valley i.e. India:

            You see. Nobody denies migration happened from Ural Steppe regions. But to claim that they brought the horse culture, Indo-European languages, Vedic deities (Devas) and Vedic mantras is the most absurd unsubstantiated argument anyone has ever seen. To show you how absurd this is, let me give you another example from more recent times. The Greeks did enter the subcontinent and rule parts of what is now Pakistan but they followed Buddhism and they built a lot of Buddha statues and stupas. Now, hypothetically consider that Ashoka never made edicts and Buddhists never wrote down their texts but only orally transmitted. If these hypothetical things would have happened which is of very good probability, the westerners today would have claimed that Buddhism was brought to the subcontinent by the Greeks!!!!! You see they would have made the same argument that migrated people got their culture to India and they would have ignored all the indigenous oral traditions saying that they are not strong enough proof just like how they are denying the oral traditions proof of Indian origin of Vedas and Sanskrit now.


            Now, I am really concerned about you. This is a big revelation for you. This is like proving to an Abrahamic fanatic (who had long-held conviction that his God is the only true God and every other God is evil) that his prophet was lying!!!! I did not want to write this but seeing your pathological hatred, I have no choice. There is huge similarity between you being brainwashed by European nincompoop academics about our culture and Pakistani Jihadis being brainwashed by moronic Wahhabis from Saudi Arabia about true Islam. The similarity is that both you and them have lost yourselves to hatred. Even if you understand a part of what i said here, you will change.

            Finally, even if you actually think that Hinduism is a race thing only for Indians, you are definitely not following it. One of the primary etiquette of Sanatana Dharma is sense control and seeing how you shoot off your mouth, you hardly have any sense control. Our ancestors maintained perfect sense control and were very quick in thinking on their feet because of which Hinduism is the only culture among all ancient cultures (like Mayan/Inca/Aztec in South America, Wicca/Pagan/Hellenistic in Europe and all the indigenous religions in Africa) to survive the Abrahamic onslaught. They were intelligent and knew how to beat the overwhelming odds. If they were just bombastic rabblerousers like you, we would have ended up like those cultures that are now found only in museums. You of all people will never get to own our ancestors.

            In summary, the Vedic culture, the Devas, the Sanskrit, the Asuras, the Puranas, the Itihasas are all our (INDIAN) culture and our culture alone and not brought by some outsiders. Whatever is written in them is exactly right and we don’t need any nincompoops in western academia to “interpret” these texts for us. I will only accept Indian narratives unlike you because I have something called self-respect. You cleverly dismissed my previous comments by saying that “Aryan theory is debunked by only RSS”. I clearly did not say “Aryan theory”. I clearly said Aryan Invasion is debunked worldwide and not Aryan Migration. There is not proof in any form or manner to show that there was any invasion by incoming migrants. The British did horrible and unspeakable things to us and you are clearly projecting that on migrants of a bygone era. And here, I give proof that these migrants came and settled here learning our culture and becoming part of our society. If westerners like Ambaa or anyone else wants to learn Sanskrit, Vedas, Puranas, Itihasas and the Darshanas from our ancestors without corrupting it with European narratives, they are very welcome and they deserve the respect that any Shishya gets in out culture of Guru Shishya parampara. If they do a great job of being a shishya i.e., learning our culture without corrupting it with western theories, they even have the right to become Gurus and you have no say in this.

            Finally, when it comes to Romani people, they share our ancestors. They deserve a dignified life which they will probably not get in Europe in the near future. But rabble rousing and calling for the extermination of white people like you are doing here will only endanger their lives and the lives of the Indian diaspora in the west. What we should do is to launch a massive accusation of human rights violation like the Muslims have done to Myanmar on the Rohingya issue. We should then take as many Romanis back to our country and give them the dignified life they deserve in India. This way, neither their lives will be endangered nor if any Romani people decide to stay back in Europe will be treated badly as the Europeans will be then scared to destroy their reputation further. This is what I meant by arm-twisting and unlike what you think, Indian government is very much capable of doing this and especially the current government has both the propensity and intention to do such a thing. Sushma Swaraj has already taken the first steps:


            Now, obviously this is not enough and I will dedicate part of my life for this cause to do the right thing by pushing the Indian government to be more aggressive with Europe in this case with ideas like holding their free trade deal with India as hostage in return for dignity for the Romani people. Your pointless bombastic rabble-rousing will not help them in anyway. I suggest that after you recover from the shock of this recent evidence I have shared with you, you also do constructive things like that.

          • kartashok

            We shouldn’t have a “free trade” deal with anyone. Fair trade which protects the Indian economy is the only thing that makes sense. Free trade is globalism, against national interests.

          • Ch Billy

            kartashok, What???!!! Did you choose complete silence when I debunked your prophets Max Mueller and G U Pope? I thought they were your Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed!!! Come on. Show fanaticism. Deny the evidence I showed you. Swear allegiance to Max Mueller’s Aryan theory and fight to death. Don’t give up. This is very sad and anticlimactic to me. You have been defending them with your life since the past few weeks. You called me an RSS agent in one place and a Bengali cukold fag in another. I have never heard such disparate descriptions of myself ever. Come on. Continue to talk unreasonably. It was so damn entertaining. I don’t know whether to laugh out hysterically at you or cry profusely for having such an anticlimactic turn of events.

          • kartashok

            You didn’t debunk shit. GU Pope is a retard, so is Max Mueller. It is a fact that the dark skinned Indus Valley natives of India had a written language, advanced culture, sanitation, cities, forts, cast iron, bronze, copper, tin, irrigation and agriculture far superior to that of the invading Aryans from Russia in 1900 BC. However, the Aryans had horses, wagons, chariots, and iron weapons, through which they attacked the Indus Valley in waves, destroyed it, intermixed with some of the women, most of the Dravidians went to South India where they remain to this day, while the Aryans in the North intermixed with the Australoids of the Black Ochre culture (Australoids are black monkey-looking creatures, so that’s why the mixed descendants of Aryans and Australoids created modern day UP and Bihar poverty stricken rapist street shitters, while South India with its original Indus genes, minimal Australoid admixture, and then Aryan admixture starting in the Sangam era made us cleaner and smarter.

          • Ch Billy

            kartashok, Yes! Yes! You are back! You did not just deny the evidence I just showed you but you also denied the recent comprehensive genetic studies and went full crazy!!! Way to go. Summary of what you wrote: 1) Retard people are always right because everything of what you wrote is outdated stuff from GU Pope and Max Mueller. 2) National Geographic and international genetic specialists are all BJP stooges because they are validating that Vedic culture is indigenous to India. 3) “Dravidians” have less Ausraloid genes than North Indians from UP and Bihar (the most bizarre of all but completely original fiction. I will give you the IP rights for this. Don’t worry)

            Why are you saying these are useless things? Because you just got busted???!!!

          • kartashok

            Facts are facts. The Aryan invasion happened, not from Germany, but from Russia. The most pure descendants of the Aryans who invaded us that still survive to this day are the Ossetian people in the North Caucasus mountains, unfortunately most of them are Muslim now, and they have Scythian, and before that Proto-Indo-European Yamnaya culture ancestry.

          • kartashok

            Anyways stop crying about useless things like your BJP propaganda and worry about real issues. Muzzloids and Amerinazis.

          • kartashok

            We don’t need to do anything. We need to have a nationalist economic and foreign policy that supports the interests of Indians and India’s economy, while simultaneously collaborating with the greatest enemies of the white Amerikkkans, like Russia and Israel (which owns America). Better relations with China is also a good thing, seeing as even though the Chinese are imperialists that cause problems for India, the Chinese are the only ones legitimately destroying white supremacy in the geopolitical sphere, which is a net positive for us because the white Anglo-Saxon genocidal redneck in Amerikkka’s clout declining makes us as brown people safer. Whatever brings about more poverty, more death, and more nonwhite immigration in the US to replace the Germanic-Celtic Nazi blood of the Americans is a guarantee for the preservation of nonwhite races against future colonialism.

          • kartashok

            There’s nothing wrong with hating your enemies. The physical presence of the white Amerikkkan man, woman and child is the greatest threat to our future existence. Whatever contributes to their suffering and elimination and the great Jewish, Chinese, etc. powers behind it, we must work with.

          • MANOJ KUMAR

            So Sad to note this
            I am sorry I never knew this

          • kartashok

            You don’t know shit. You think whites of “today’ are different from their ancestors? The ONLY reason whites aren’t doing EXACTLY what they did in the past and worse today is because JEWS killed 100 million whites in the 2 world wars and in Bolshevik Soviet Union, and the JEWS created the United Nations as well as modern human rights.
            The Jew has his foot on the neck of the white race, if the Jews did not oppress whites, they would have killed us all by now.

          • Lulu

            The whole reason Romani are not still Hindu is due to forced Islamic and Christian conversions paired with systematic and institutional racism against Roma. We even disguised our worship of Kali to make it more palatable to Christians and safer for us.

          • kartashok

            Well, you’re welcome to visit your Gujjar brothers and sisters in northern and western India anytime, and worship Durga Mata to your hearts’ content. Why are we fighting anyways? We both have common oppressors, both in the motherland and in the homelands of the oppressors? They demonize us and call us Hindu nationalists for not hating our culture and way of life and converting to their monstrous “Christianity” in India these days.

          • Lulu

            I do agree here .

            Thank you.

          • MANOJ KUMAR

            Its so pleasing to note that you used to worship Ma Kali.

            Can you write some more about your country, some brief history,

    • kartashok

      Hinduism as a “universal religion” is a very recent lie spread by people like Prabhupada and others in the years leading up to India’s independence to gain sympathy from white oppressors.
      It all started because Buddhism and Jainism had taken many followers of Hinduism away starting in 550 BC, leading up to the late 300s AD, when the Gupta Empire had to do a “reconquista” to “revive” the old Aryan hierarchies and caste system, and thereby ended up converting SOME people who were not part of the Hindu cultural sphere prior to Buddha and Mahavira. NONE of that gave Prabhupada, the ISCKON movement and all the other universalist nonsense sects of Hinduism to admit aliens into the faith.

      • Lulu

        Your reading comprehension seems to be on par with that of a “low caste Indian.” Reread the actual first sentence in the comment you’re replying to.

        Now explain what it means .

        • kartashok

          Your reading comprehension seems to be that of a Pygmy tribesman. I already read what you said. It is nonsense. You don’t know about how Adi Shankaracharya had to basically reinvent the wheel as far as Hinduism is concerned, in order to convince Indians regardless of caste and creed to start leaving Buddhism and Jainism for Hinduism in the 900s AD. That is where the universalist misconceptions have their roots.

      • Lulu

        Hindu still isn’t an ethnicity, beeteedubs.

        • kartashok

          Yes it was and is, Hinduism during the time of the Bhagavat Gita (1300s BC) and the Rig Veda (1500s BC), specifically referred to the Vedic Aryans (Cemetery H culture in archaeology), the Dravidians (descendants of the Indus Valley, also called Asuras), and the Vanaras (the tribal black skinned people who today make up the Adivasis and low caste Indian ranks.) Non-Indians were called Mleccha. This was around the same time as the Jewish Exodus from Egypt that these things were solidified, it is not recent by any means. The different descendants of the Indus Valley later went on to create the major South Indian kingdoms of Medieval fame, and the different Vanaras, semi-Aryan Vanaras went on to create central and north Indian kingdoms such as the Shunga, the Abhiras, the Yadavas, the Vakatakas and the Gujjars (your people).

          • Vineet Menon

            >Vedic Aryans

            Please don’t use that word, It means nothing. Aryan is a word Nazis coined, we were Arya.

          • MANOJ KUMAR

            Pls note that
            1. Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta was spoken 1300 BC but 3118 BC
            2. Rig Ved has the same timeline of 3118 BC (in written form) – in oral form Vedas have always been there Eternally अर्थात जो अनादि -अनंत

          • MANOJ KUMAR

            Secondly one more aspect I would like to bring to your notice that nothing in Sanatan Dharm has been explained or talked in Absolute meaning, but on Qualitative Aspects.
            For example when we talk on “Arya”, we actually mean to call a person a “wise – noble person”
            I mean “Arya” is a Qualitative Term, not any absolute word meant for a person based on any region, state or gotra.
            The whole of BHaratvarsh was also called Aryavrat

      • JLIT99

        How do you explain the existence of Hinduism in Bali and former presence in Cambodia, Thailand etc? They were not ethnically Indian.

        Stop trying to claim you speak for Hindus born into the faith. Hinduism has no duty of propogation but foreigners have always been accepted if they wished to adopt the faith (see the Heliodorus pillar).

        • kartashok

          I speak for Hindus that were born Indian, kill yourself. The Heliodorus pillar is about a Greek ambassador to India, nothing to do with him converting to Hinduism (he was still a Hellene). He described India-Bactria relations in 113 BC, not sure what you’re talking about.
          Balinese Hindus were INDIANS, not the light skinned dog eating chink-like racists you see in Indonesia today.
          Bali was converted to Hinduism by the PHYSICAL PRESENCE of Hindu Indian king Udayana Warmadeva, an Andhra who set up Hinduism on the island and took his family and settled there. The light skinned yellow racist Chinese looking people in Indonesia today came there only in the 1200s and 1300s during the Mongol occupation of China, before that Southeast Asia was VISUALLY BROWN and ethnically Indian and Australoid (just like the tribals of India).
          Same with Thailand and Cambodia, Thailand was PHYSICALLY settled and ruled by Tamil Pallavas during the Dwaravati period between the 7th to 10th century, the EVIL DOG EATING SCHEMING light yellow Chinese invaded Thailand around 850 AD and called themselves “Tai”, which is where Thailand comes from. Before Thailand became yellow, it was brown, and India gave it their culture. Before Cambodia was colonized by yellow Chinamen (and our blood brothers were butchered), South Indian Hindus settled Cambodia and Vietnam, establishing Vyadhapura in 245 AD and Champa around 400 AD. The Chinamen who called themselves Chenla kingdom and modern Vietnamese invaded those lands later as well and mixed with the Indian Hindus that were there. They are our blood, not aliens.

        • kartashok

          Death to Nazi Amerikkkans, hope the Chinese nuke their little evil Republican white Nazi babies repeatedly until they glow and wither away, amen. As the Bible says, “Happy is the one that taketh thy little ones and dasheth them against the stone”. That’s how I feel about the evil white Amerikkkans who are so racist to brown people like me just for existing and being different from them. Good luck to the Jewish policy makers trying to destroy Western imperialism by third world immigration.

  • Someone

    Hello Amba,

    I have been following you since a decade but this must be my first comment on your blog 🙂
    The person whom you quoted in the blog seems to be very very angry with everything out there. Some of his statement seems valid but most of them are just plain nonsense. The best you can do is Ignore. You are a Hindu by choice… I have learnt many things about my religion from you. Do you really need someone’s certificate to be a Hindu? I don’t think so… Is it possible to get the nod of every single individual out there? You are a better Hindu than most of us who are Hindus just because we were born into it.

    • kartashok

      What’s plain nonsense? White cock loving faggot moron, don’t speak for me when you say this Celtic waste of space is better than Hindus who were born into the religion.

      • Someone

        Dear Friend in your search for cocks you missed to see the essence of Vedas. Look beyond the cock, there are some very good people out there. Please explain what “Vasudeva Kudumbam” is…

        • kartashok

          A bullshit theology that has made Hindus welcome their own genocide and destruction century after century after century. Vasudeva Kutumbakam should apply only to desis.

          • Santhosh Reddy Bollepally

            Mrs. Ambaa, I love your blogs, vlogs and your love towards Hinduism as a principle not a religion. As we say “Sarvesham Swasthir bavathu; Sarvesham Shanthir bhavathu; Sarvesham Purnam bhavathu; Sarvesham Mangalam bhavathu” no where in the Holy scripts of “religion” Hinduism it’s said that only Indians need to follow Hinduism. In fact Sanathana Dharma- Ancient Principle is lot older than term/religion Hinduism. If I had to hate everyone who killed Hindus then I should also hate Shri Rama for killing Ravana (who was also a Hindu) and also the for the war in Lankha. I should also hate Shri Krishna and pandavas for killing Kouravas (who were also Hindus).

            Moral of the story is this person here is just a fake nonsense and kinda need to be swept away with a dirty rag. He is definitely a douchebag.

          • kartashok

            Fucking gulti faggots only know how to suck white cock and then go to Amerikkka to become H1B slaves and get shot. Low IQ parasites.

          • kartashok

            This isn’t about “killing Hindus”, this is about the Indian race, people of South Asian subcontinental descent. You gultis who get murdered in the US all the time should know. All your ugly Telugu bitches are slaves for white cock in the States, and your men get shot dead by rednecks. That’s the people you worship.

          • Santhosh Reddy Bollepally

            Oh I wonder how Indian race look like? I bet definitely not like your Christian or Muslim ass trying to throw shit on the divine culture. You son of a bitch you don’t know me and you don’t want to meet me or mess with me. Think this as a threat/ultimatum. I know your fake agenda of spreading hatred, I bet your ass doesn’t belong to India coz you are too filthy to be an Indian let alone a Hindu. MoFo

          • kartashok

            Of course a gulti confused cocksucker like you needs to suck white cock to get an Amerikkkan visa. Listen, these white Amerikkkan’s agenda since 1776 has been to exterminate every nonwhite person on the planet. The ONLY reason they have slowed down considerably after World War 2 is because the Jews who lead the UN and international finance and media have broken the backs of the average white man and woman and taken over the leadership of white countries. So the more quickly whites die off, the more the future of our children is secure without having to worry about future Amerikkkan imperialists. Your Telugu IQ is too low to put two and two together, Amerikkkans have invaded over 50 different countries since World War 2 and threatened to nuke India too. Only the Jewish Soviet Union saved us in 1971.

          • Santhosh Reddy Bollepally

            You are dying bro you need to find a ditch. I’ll pray for your peaceful death, you are worth nothing. I don’t know what the fuck you are thinking, are you sure you are not in a mental health facility? Coz it seems like you are. My Hinduism belongs to everyone and anyone even if it is not a human. If a rock, a mountain and any other animal could impress gods in the past, a human with a different skin tone can do that too. I bet you are reason why Hinduism is in threat.

          • kartashok

            Shut up you worthless low IQ low caste white worshiping Telugu faggot, non-Indians have done nothing but torture and oppress and terrorize India, everything we have is because we worked for it ourselves and they’re still our enemies.

          • Santhosh Reddy Bollepally

            Yo Dumb shit you do know that you can’t put low caste and trorture in the same comment right?

          • kartashok

            I am a Tamil Brahmin you faggot gulti. Muzzloids and Christscum are both following Middle Eastern religions, but Hinduism wasn’t meant for people outside the subcontinent. I put low IQ gultis in their place all the time, but your women are too ugly compared to other parts of India.

          • Santhosh Reddy Bollepally

            Don’t call yourself that you piece of crap, don’t put yourself in a place who is highly educated. You clearly are not that type of FAGGOT. Bitch you know that India/Hinduism was streatched all the way to middle east right? Oh I’m sorry you are too busy spreading your fake agenda

          • kartashok

            You worthless low IQ Telugu nigger, you sound like a broken record. I know you came back after giving your wife to a white immigration officer to breed, but don’t take your frustrations out on me, Pajeet!

          • kartashok

            Hinduism stretched up to Afghanistan. Not the Middle East.

          • Santhosh Reddy Bollepally

            Did it really? I wished you fact checked before you replied. That proves that you have tainted knowledge of facts let alone history and humanity

          • Santhosh Reddy Bollepally

            And can you explain where, how and by whom it was said that Hinduism only belongs to India? Because the term Hinduism started around 1000 years ago. I wonder which GOD set those rules? Is it you buddy? Are you an immortal Brahmin?

          • kartashok

            Krishna himself said that those outside the Sapta-Sindhu are Mlecchas (non-Hindus). Hinduism started over 4000 years ago you subhuman retard, 1000 years ago we were invaded by Afghans. Whites hate all nonwhites and want to exterminate them, Chinese people hate non-yellows and never include non-yellows as part of their own tribe, the same way Hindus (a TRIBAL identity) should not include non-Indians into their tribe. You understand what a TRIBE is? It’s about ancestry, blood, soil. Not about some weird ghost God in the sky like Christianity and Islam.

          • Santhosh Reddy Bollepally

            Did he really! he should have also said let another person live with what they believe is right! Wishing ill for others is calling yourself for the same illness. Everyone who attires sin will get punished now or later.

          • kartashok

            I don’t give a shit what any pig skinned terrorist devil white colonizer believes or doesn’t believe. As long as they don’t start speaking on behalf of Hindus. They are not Hindus, they have been the enemies of all nonwhites since their evil race’s inception. They are the agents of the worst Rakshasas ever seen on planet earth, and hating them is common sense, since they hate everyone that’s not one of them. They lie and pretend to like you while stabbing you in the back. Such is the character of the Anglo-KKKeltic white devil.

          • Santhosh Reddy Bollepally

            Ha ha ha so whites are not Hindus. Fine! They shouldn’t speak on behalf of Hindus. Fine! Whom shall we make brand ambassador for Hinduism then? You? We can but don’t worry we will do that when you are the only Hindu left on the earth. Aka never sucker. I don’t know out of 5 billion whites how many you have met but I can say that I have met lot more than your ass ever did. Unfortunately, they all looked like humans to me tho I have my doubts on you buddy. You are a special specie of humankind

          • Santhosh Reddy Bollepally

            You gotta admit that you are sad, lonely, unhappy, worthless, low IQ, faggot, douchebag, dirtbag, pig, Rakshasa etc. etc. I know it’s a little disrespectful to the pig to be compared to you. But I know Varaha avathara of Lord Vishnu will forgive me. Oh, you have been calling white pig skin are you implying that you see Lord Vishnu in them? If you are I’m sorry buddy I miss understood you.

          • Santhosh Reddy Bollepally

            And I have one more question dirt bag, where did Human race evolve from?

          • kartashok

            PS. death to pig skinned Amerinazi devils and the slaves who worship them like you.

  • S Kr

    Hi Ambaa, a few points :

    1. This race-baiting is a very very American problem. Possibly due to the conditions of history of
    America. In fact, this is *the* problem of American left, that they focus on race and not the
    real ideological enemy of proselytising monotheistic mindset (thus they ignore Islam’s record in
    other countries).

    2. People in India DO NOT do this. Never Ever.
    From the initial days of anti-British agitations in India, there was never any anti-“white”
    sentiment. And Indians have always honoured “whites” who have taken to and honoured our
    philosophy, from Sister Nivedita to Annie Besant to Beatles to (in current times) scholars like
    David Frawley, Koenrad Elst, and so on.
    I mean visit some ISKON temple (at least the ones I have been to in India), Hindus feel good
    to see their traditions gaining ground. In fact, I would say this much that honour of Hindu
    traditions by people such as yourself, or scholars like Frawley, or bloggers like Maria Wirth
    have done much to boost the confidence of native Hindus, who are mocked by Christians and
    Muslims from all directions (as idolators and polytheists as if something dirty).

    3. Some NRIs might be doing it, but I can say it with confidence that they will be the extreme
    American left kind, which looks at every tradition through the jaundiced eyes of race and colour.
    These NRIs are probably taken in by the zeitgeist of wanting to look cool by spouting
    (crappy) wisdom in the name of race justice, blah, blah, and garnering sympathy.

    4. Indians recognise very well that it was not the skin colour of foreigners which led to their
    colonial slavery for so long, but the ideology of proselytising monotheism (Christianity+Islam
    for Indians and Africans, and Christianity for Native Americans).
    – It is ironic that that one commentator starts by mentioning Celtic etc, and then shifts
    to “white”-blaming, and thus remains confused who the real enemy is … the real ideology
    which caused pain and suffering -> proselytising Abrahamism (Christianity and Islam).
    – “White” Hindus (like yourself and others mentioned above) and other faiths are much
    nicer than christian Indians (who are very nasty) … we have seen it first hand … Trust us.
    So, we know the enemy very well.

    5. As far as appropriations go, even I do not like things like beer yoga type stuff, but we Hindus
    blame it on shallowness of modern life, capitalism, etc etc, never ever “white” people.
    – What I do not like is the western academia, but that’s a different story altogether … still
    even there I don’t blame the “whiteness” but the christian mentality.

    In the end, if there is one strong point I would like to re-emphasize, it is that this feeling of being
    continuously offended … this guilt-trapping of “white” people is VERY MUCH a problem of America,
    and American left. Everyday sitting in India I read such kind of news about America, and I cant
    believe how much race-baiting goes on there. People in rest of the world mostly just go WTF
    everytime. I mean, sure, I dont want my culture appropriated and my traditional wisdom patented,
    but you (and others mentioned above) are NOT doing any such thing.
    America appears to have a huge societal fracture because of its past (which was pretty violent and
    its shadow persists), and Americans should heal it, but it is an absolute mistake to think that
    the rest of the world thinks as Americans do.

    PS : By the way, that kartashok looks like some christian troll with the kind of shitty imagery
    he uses. You should just delete or block him.

    • kartashok

      Kill yourself, you cuckold white cock worshiping faggot. It was not Christianity which did harm to India, it was the Celtic-Germanic DNA of the English and Scottish colonizers. Syrian Christians are brown and they came and settled in India almost 2000 years ago without any problems.


        Christianity did surely did much damage to Bharat. It can’t be denied.
        And its still damaging not only Bharat, but the whole of world

    • kartashok

      I’m also an alt right ethno-nationalist Indian, not a “leftist”. Which is why I don’t believe in universalist religions like you white worshiping slaves. You do know race is more than skin color right? Race is biological, and it is the Germanic and Celtic peoples of Europe who have created the most extreme doctrines of legal racism during their colonization of nonwhites.

    • kartashok

      Your enemy is the white Amerikkkan conservatives creating biological weapons, nuclear weapons and hacking teams to wipe out our entire race from the face of the earth. It is the Germanic blood they possess which makes them evil and hateful above all people. The only reason colonialism collapsed so completely after World War 2 is because Jews broke the back of the white man after 1945. Hitler himself hated Christianity, he was a true representative of what a German white man is.
      Indians like you get SHOT DEAD for being brown in the US, like in Olathe Kansas. That’s why “race-baiting” happens, because whites are a race full of millions of angry Nazis just waiting to murder nonwhites. It’s in their DNA, to be the superpredator.

    • kartashok

      Native Amerikkkans were killed because they were not white and the whites wanted land. NOTHING to do with Christianity. Your enemy is the white race, the R1B haplogroup, that is also the enemy of all nonwhite people on planet earth, and even the R1A Slavic whites don’t really like those devils.

    • Ambaa

      You are so right! And I have a friend who thinks these guys are Russian trolls! http://www.patheos.com/blogs/whitehindu/2018/05/russian-trolls/

  • showyourfacewithpride

    Hi Ambaa, just ignore the vile and ludicrous rantings in your comments section and block those persons from your blog. You are as Hindu as anyone can be. Hinduism is not an ethnicity. There are plenty of brown-skinned Indians who are not Hindus and plenty of non-brown people who ARE Hindus. Even during ancient days, presumably yellow-skinned people in south-east Asia and white-skinned Greek settlers in present-day Afghanistan were Hindus.

    Hinduism is not something to be locked away in a bank vault to prevent being ‘stolen’. No religion can be ‘protected’ like this. Every human is free to believe what they want and practice the religion of their choice. This freedom is more with Hinduism than any other religion, since there is no central authority or figurehead to make up rules as to who is or is not Hindu. Millions of colonized people have taken the colonizers’ religions; it is only natural that the reverse should also occur.

    In any event, please remove your feelings of guilt about being white or privileged. No one chooses where and which race to be born into. It is enough that you respect and treat all people as equals. There’s nothing more you can do to compensate for the former atrocities of the ‘White Man’.

    • kartashok

      Yeah no one chooses the race they were born into when alt righters kill people in the US and Europe, or when the US military murders people in brown countries while crying about white genocide. The atrocities of the white race continue today, the only reason they have decreased is because the Jews have severely hurt you through brothers’ wars in World War 1 and 2. Now that you’re dismantling Pax Judaica and the white gentile Nazis are rising again, it’s time the Jews and Chinese wake up and do something to protect the rest of us.
      The Indians who are following other religions are following religions that WANT converts. Hinduism never wanted converts, just as Odinism and Celtic and Slavic pagans didn’t really want converts to their faiths. It was a tribal identity. And Southeast Asians were mostly of Indian descent before the Chinese migrations to Southeast Asia during the Tang Dynasty and later during the Yuan Dynasty, so the Hindu pioneers of Southeast Asia were from India.

    • kartashok

      White skinned Greek settlers in Afghanistan were Buddhists and Zoroastrians, not Hindus. They are the modern-day Pashtuns. And as for “colonizers’ religion”, Christianity and Islam WANT converts. Hinduism doesn’t, there’s ZERO reason that the reverse should occur. WHY should evil oppressors COLONIZE the religion of the oppressed? I will never see these demonic terrorists as Hindus.

    • Archpagan

      Hinduism is as much Indian as Islam a Arab religion.

  • Archaeopteryx

    Ambaaji, I do not think this Kartashok fellow is even a real South Indian Brahmin. Check out his Twitter ID:


    He is a Russian troll, trying to break our Hindu unity. Probably a white supremacist himself.

    • Archaeopteryx

      More of a ‘karta joke.’

    • kartashok

      White Amerikkkans would torture and exterminate everyone darker than a paper bag if the Jews weren’t oppressing them. You traitorous faggots who side with white devils should be hung from lamp posts. Russians are whites too, but if they are the only ones capable of nuking and murdering white Amerikkkan conservatives in the millions, God bless them. We Indians stand with the enemies of the Anglo-Nazis. Russians, Chinese, Jews, it doesn’t matter, anyone who hurts the Western white devil is our ally.

  • Archaeopteryx

    @disqus_vgCwseQT2C:disqus, @chbilly:disqus, @disqus_lgQRHFk3fg:disqus, @disqus_VHSEL7aw1l:disqus, @disqus_Gizn2OLAPF:disqus, ‘Kartashok’s’ real name is Aleksey Kartashov. He is no more a South Indian Brahmin than he is a rhinoceros. He is a Russian troll who is trying to divide Hindus against each other. People like Ambaaji, Dr. David Frawley, and Dr. Jeffrey Long represent Indian soft power in the west. Russians want to keep US and India from working together and want to keep races divided against each other. Here is a screen shot of his Twitter ID: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b02cd0036bf3b49f28f0f08e91e26e886dd121524e5e63a8ab2cd882e3ba875c.png

    • Archaeopteryx

      His friend ‘Anonymouse’ has only one follower: kartashok. They are likely the same person: Aleksey Kartashov. Aleksey, give our regards to Vladimir!

      • Archaeopteryx

        @showyourfacewithpride:disqus, @disqus_70TzeVZwYB, you should see this also.

        • kartashok

          Your account was literally created three days ago, you white cock sucking faggot.

        • kartashok

          And if I was Russian I would be a white nationalist, I am anti-white, so clearly I am Indian. Libtards say Russians put Trump in office. I want Trump voters to die of cancer. How do my interests align with Russian interests again? I hate both you libtard Democraps and the Republinazis in America that are fucking up the entire world. At least the British Empire brought with it some civilization and decency, America exports nothing but faggotry, degeneracy, white supremacy, death and evil. They produce no high culture anymore, all the inventions in their country are by first or second generation immigrants, and all they know is to bombard any country that doesn’t use US dollars or bows to Amerinazi will.

      • kartashok

        So you really think that there are no Indian people who dislike racist, evil white Amerikkkan scum? Specifically Amerikkkans? Do you know how many Indians have been shot dead in Amerinaziland for just having brown skin? Fucking clueless white cock loving idiot.

    • kartashok

      Hahahaha are you fucking retarded? I am most definitely an Indian, my profile has nothing to do with him. I don’t like Russians that much either, although Russians are way better than Anglo-Celtic Germanic Amerikkkan imperialist scum. Ideally if Russia and Amerikkka nuke each other the nonwhites can have peace in nonwhite nations.

    • kartashok

      Europeans aren’t Hindus. Hindus = people of the Indus River and the subcontinent. Others are identified by their own pagan faiths, be it Asatru, Rodnovery, Celtic mythology, etc. So I’m uniting red pilled Indians against their eternal racial oppressor and enemy, the R1B Celto-Germanic whites. As bad as the Muzzies are, they never killed us for the color of our skin, as long as we followed their religion. These guys are monsters. 500 years of terror and imperialism which continues today, both by the “human rights” leftists and the Christian Evangelical warmongers of Amerikkka should have taught you that.

    • kartashok

      India has no soft power in the United Nazi States of Amerifags. Just as a leopard doesn’t change its spots, an Amerikkkan doesn’t. And there’s no reason for having soft fag power anyways, the only thing that we need is more development, more nukes, more space achievements, more cruise missiles, more nuclear submarines, more weapons, etc. And we are getting our weapons from countries all over the world, and also starting to produce our own weapons, which is all good. India’s goal should be to exploit the conflicts between large world powers in a way that keeps India safe and allows us to benefit from the fights of stronger nations. Russia isn’t “dividing” the races. The races were never united in the first place, whites have been a bunch of cruel Nazis ever since they sprung out of the Caucasus Mountains 5000 years ago. They haven’t changed for shit, the only reason they aren’t overtly racist anymore is because the Jews have punched them and told them to behave a little more decently. And their Jewish power is now clearly not doing enough to stop them from being evil again, explaining the rise of the alt right, the white man’s desire to be a cruel conquerer once again.

  • gmishra

    Why do u need certificate from others to be considered a Hindu? Develop self-confidence. It must be ur decision whether u want to follow a certain faith or not. It’s fact that nowadays people comment without thinking about its impact on other person.

  • Sita Smile

    Personally, I see “sanatana dharma” not as a religion, but as a set of (often very localized) rules and practices that foster cosmic order in the individual, family, and local society. While some practices can be practiced in a vacuum by the individual with benefits for the individual, I feel like many dharmic practices came about (and have a primary purpose) to also benefit the family and society — for example, the Satyanaryana puja is not only a devotee’s act of devotion to Lord Satyanaraya, but a ceremonial way to expose family and friends to important life lessons on a regular basis, to reaffirm your social network, feed hungry neighbors, and more. One could certainly perform the puja by themselves to reap individual spiritual benefits, but it can and does have a greater purpose for the family and society that is totally missed when practiced alone. Another one? My husband is Tamil and his family has been doing an annual Karadaiyan Nombu puja for probably hundreds or even thousands of years. The whole family gathers, listens to the story, recites prayers, spends all day cooking prasad, and then feeds everyone on the street. Now that my husband is an NRI living in America, the special puja sort of feels “dead” — without any family here, without proper prasad, being practiced out of context. We are trying to find ways to “enliven” the puja here, but I feel like the deeper purpose of it is just totally being missed.

    I feel like a lot of Hindu practices/rules/recommended behaviors/taboos are VERY specific to India/Indian context, like the taboo related to not crossing the ocean (kālāpānī), etc. — so many of these things wouldn’t necessarily make sense to an individual practitioner or a devotee outside of India, and have no real purpose at the individual level / outside of India.

    For example… I know that Ganapati likes children to be decorated with certain flowers and leaves. So as a NRI, I special-order those flowers and leaves from Amazon and have my boys lovingly decorate our home’s Ganapati! Is Ganapati happy? Maybe… but not really, because the “higher purpose” of the flower & leaf gathering activity was to have the children go out into nature and learn where those flowers and leaves are, because those happen to be from important medicinal plants for society. That purpose is just totally lost outside of the village context!

    I know it’s similar with the Ganesh Chaturti idols. They were originally created from clay and built with 21 types of medicinal leaves, which were then immersed in the water along with the clay (supposedly imparting health benefits). Nowadays we just make huge idols out of toxic plaster and paints… and immerse that toxic idol in water, much to the chagrin of any living thing who depends on that water to live! A community celebration of life, when taken out of context, has almost literally become death. I sometimes wonder how many other practices would be unknowingly bringing about bad instead of good, when taken out of context, or done without the proper training.

    So I feel like it’s a challenge for not only Westerners to properly practice “Hinduism”, but also NRIs… and anyone modernized, who live far-removed from the traditional societies that generated many of these multi-layered, multi-purpose practices that met the very specific needs of that specific culture/context.

    I do keep in mind that “Hinduism” is really a collection of locally-adapted traditions and practices. While many people might scoff at the idea of “changing practices,” I do think that practices *should* change to meet the needs of new contexts, new situations… but under the guidance of some extremely brilliant/knowledgeable, visionary leaders or religious authority figures.

    In the end, though, whatever people can do to foster “sense control” and “cosmic order” in the mind, family, and society, is probably good and worth doing. I don’t know if I would call those practices “true Hinduism” when it is so far removed from its deeply-rooted cultural contexts, but it could be, and is definitely related. And I guess it’s useful to give it some label. Maybe New World Hinduism (New World referring to the West, and literally, the new, modern world)? Feedback welcome.

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  • Anonymouse

    If everything – including you and dogs – were divine, why didn’t you a marry a dog instead, O Eastern Philosopher?

  • Agni Ashwin

    I could not lie anymore so I started to call my dog ‘God.’

    First he looked confused,

    then he started smiling, then he even danced.

    I kept at it: now he doesn’t even bite.

    I am wondering if this
    might work on

    — Tukaram (d. 1650)

  • Ambaa

    Sorry to subject you all to the nastiness. I will be banning them at this point. I think they have said what they needed to say. My friend also believes that they might be Russian trolls http://www.patheos.com/blogs/whitehindu/2018/05/russian-trolls/