But You’re Not Indian: Panel Recap

But You’re Not Indian: Panel Recap April 22, 2018

Yesterday afternoon was the Panel that I was invited to speak at about being a non-Desi Hindu. It was awesome!

I got to meet some other non-Indian Hindus and the audience was very engaged with lots of interesting comments and questions. The moderator (who now has a blog on Patheos too!) asked questions and then passed the microphone for us all to answer. That helped me to minimize my interupting! I get so excited and I always want to jump in!

We talked about what brought us to Hinduism, about using the word “Hindu”, about our experiences in and out of the Hindu community, about being in India, about whether a purely western version of Hinduism might emerge. I could have gone on for several more hours!

There will be a video of it. I need to find out if I can get the footage to put on my own Youtube channel or if I will share the link from someone else’s channel. So keep a look out for that!

(I look pretty heavy, but it’s because I’m six months pregnant!)

I’m feeling quite energized and inspired.

I’ve actually avoided the SSVT temple because it is the biggest probably in the whole DMV area and I get intimidated. I get so nervous still after all these years. But the people yesterday were so warm and kind that I want to try again to get involved in the community there. It is a little less than twenty minutes from my house, so it’s really quite close.

Garrick Ravi did really well as long as we let him wander and come up on the platform with me.

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  • DudeFromDC

    It was quite an interesting discussion especially to hear about the challenges faced by non-Indian Hindus. I think there should be a forum where everyone can meet and get to know each other, help one another and the challenges faced by all of us as a community be openly discussed.

    I was thinking the forum would re-convene after chai and snacks so that I could ask the question I had. 🙁 . May be next time.

    It was great to see you Amba and Garrick Ravi seemed to enjoy the discussion too!

  • kartashok

    Basically white Hindus are either a bunch of fruitcake retarded hippies or some kind of LARPing Aryan neo-Nazi who wants to kill everyone darker than them. Seen both kinds, both scum.
    Christianity (or native European paganism) is good for whites, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism is the best for our people, browns. Hinduism was only created by the mixing of the fire-altar Rigvedic religion of the Aryans mixed with the Indus Valley and Black Ochre Pottery Culture of the Elamo-Dravidians and Australoids already living in India around 1900 BC. Starting around 1400 BC, when the Vedas were codified and Manusmriti and the Bhagavatam were composed, people that were outside of the Vedic-Aryan (specifically Indo-Iranian), Elamo-Dravidian, Australoid, or Tibeto-Burman fold of the Indian subcontinent were called Mlecchas, or alien outsiders. The label was used to describe the Yavanas (Greeks), who were called Mlecchas during Alexander’s assault, and for the Scythians in 58 AD and the Kushans (Tocharians) in the 2nd century AD.

  • Stepfan Huntsman

    I wish I could have gone! I hope you’ll share the link to the video, or the video itself whichever HAF is allowing I guess) when it has been processed.