Russian Trolls?

Russian Trolls? May 23, 2018

So a friend of mine did some digging on the usernames of the people leaving the nasty comments that I wrote about last time. He has come to the conclusion that they are not Hindu and not Indian, but are in fact the famous Russian trolls we’ve been hearing so much about lately.

I’m rather stunned by this revelation.

Perhaps I have some notoriety if Russian trolls want to mess with me?

I always take people at their word. It’s hard to understand how someone could passionately fight for something they don’t actually care about just to sew discent and conflict.

I would love to believe that there is no one who feels the way these commentors claim to feel (and they might also be the same person). But I still think they brought up issues that are worth considering. I will continue to avoid complacency and to examine myself and my behaviors and motives frequently to try to be the best person that I can be.


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  • JLIT99

    I’ve read there is a lot of backlash and prejudice towards Hinduism in Russia, which has become surprisingly popular in the country and Eastern Europe as a whole.

    The Hare Krishna movement as well as indigenous movements like ‘Vedism’ seem to be gaining ground in the country.

    It may be that they see you as a threat.

    • Archaeopteryx

      They have even banned Bhagavad Gita.

  • Arturo Esquela

    I read your book with interest and I find the hateful criticism abhorrent, whether real or fake. However, I find the philosophy of Hinduism to be in sync with my beliefs, or at least Advaita Vendanta, but not the rituals in which I have no background and about which my belief system sees no value. I find the study of the scriptures, meditation, and Dharmic living to be enough, without the affectations of Indian culture or personal gods. To those who find the worship of Murtis and the following of ritual helpful to their spiritual understanding, by all means practice it. I like ritual too but am able more easily incorporate my Hindu beliefs in a Christian service than a Temple service.

    • Anonymouse

      Dear Arturo “Eastern Philosopher”® Esquela,

      “Eastern Philosophers”® say that you have reconciled “Advaita Vendanta” [sic] with The Carcass On A Stick Cult®.

      You say that, one Mleccha Jeebus® – an obnoxious treasonous renegade Jew who got his a** fixed by patriotic Jews and non-anti-semitic Romans – is within all of you? Huh?

      What if I slapped an “Eastern Philosopher”® like you in the cheek, will you turn the other cheek like Jeebus allegedly proposed?

      • Arturo Esquela

        Dear Anonomouse (sic).
        All paths lead to God (Brahman). The philosophy of Christianity is contrary to Advaita Vedanta, but ritual is ritual. As I understand it, the use of Murti worship is to focus the mind for purposes of meditation. Although I am sure many use it to achieve temporal goals. Concentration on Jesus as the Lord within and of us in Jesus is not contradictory to the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta and, given my cultural roots, is more natural than focusing on Krishna. That said, I do have a shrine. Mine includes Ganesha, Vishnu and Lakshmi. It also has a cross and a plain rock to represent to me that everything is divine and reflective of Saguna Brahman.
        I hope your hate somehow rewards your spiritual life

        • Anonymouse

          Dear Arturo “Eastern Philosopher”® Esquela,

          So Carcass-That-Allegedly-Become-A-Zombie is now “a path” leading to Brahman? Oh my goodness. Where do you hipsters come up with such horse droppings?

          Advaita Vedanta was made for religio-cultural virgins like us whose religio-cultures are organic and tribal.
          Advaita Vedanta was NOT made for religio-cultural promiscuous s**** who go from Paganism to Jeesusism to whatever…

          But then you can’t turn a h** into a housewife, and even Advaita Vedanta can’t turn a Necrophile, err.. umm… Jeesusist in to Brahman.

          P.S. Since Jeebs is the Lord within you (yes, you, not me), would you volunteer to be Crucified because a rib-woman was seduced by a talking snake?

          P.P.S. Hate? Spiritual life? It sounds so funny when you Esquelas talk about spirit, when the Catholic Church once actually debated whether Indigenous Americans had souls or not.

  • Anonymouse

    Carolyn “Eastern Philosopher”® Choate’s non-Hindu racial heritage is clear from this post.

    When Hindus like the followers of Adi Shankaracharya and Madhvacharya were reconciling their internal differences WITHOUT CENSORSHIP, Carolyn “Eastern Philosopher”® Choate is dictating whom to burn…, umm….err…….ban….. for heresy.

    Her banning of heretical posts, merely shows the nature of her Christian blood.

  • showyourfacewithpride

    It’s astounding how much research trolls like Anonymouse have to do just in order to try and upset some people online. They expend a lot of time and effort but to what purpose? Their motivation isn’t clear to me. Perhaps they are being paid to do what they do. If so, who is paying them and why?

  • S Kr

    I think it would be fairer to call then Christian trolls of Russian origin (if at all). Russians in general are some of the most receptive people to Hindu ideas … and generally nice and liberal people. In general, Russian orthodox church is also not the rabid evangelist type, unlike the US ones.
    I think we should not conflate the Russian interference issue (whatever its validity) of US politics with what happened in your blog comments.
    I really would not judge Russians (if at all) with these few comments … Again, as an observer from outside US, there is a lot of negative propaganda being spread in the US media against Russia (and other countries too sometimes) due to the highly charged political atmosphere.
    For you as an American, if there is one thing you must take with a bag of salt, it is the American media’s coverage of other countries.

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