Panel on Non-Indian Hindus

Panel on Non-Indian Hindus March 20, 2018

I have been invited by the Hindu American Foundation to participate in a panel about non-Indian Hindus!

I’m so thrilled. It will be at the big temple in our area where they do many interesting events (it’s where I went to a talk by Rajiv Malhotra). It will be at the end of April.

I am really looking forward to meeting other non-Indian Hindus in my area. I’ve never met any, but there must be some if they are getting a whole panel together!

I’ll be taking notes for sure and sharing the most interesting parts with you.

For anyone local, here is the info:

“But I’m not Indian! Non-Desi Hindus discuss their spiritual journeys.”

April 21st, 3 pm starting with our stories and then Q&A

Sri Shiva Vishnu Temple

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