A Hindu President in 2020

A Hindu President in 2020 March 13, 2018

Did you guys know that we have a potential Presidential candidate in the U.S. who is a Hindu? She is the only Hindu in Congress. Her name is Tulsi Gabbard and she is a representative from Hawaii. `

I personally don’t really care what religion (or non religion) a President is. It’s how they behave and the ethics they have personally that matter. Sometimes religion informs that and sometimes it doesn’t. You can meet plenty of people in any religion who are good people and plenty who are mean and selfish.

Still, it would be pretty cool to have a Hindu in the White House. Not to mention a woman too! And she’s super qualified.

  • She proposed the “Stop Arming Terrorists Act” (H.R. 608)
  • She said, “focus our resources on investing in and rebuilding our nation and communities here at home.”
  • She is a veteran
  • She is a business school graduate
  • During the government shut downs she did not take her salary

Here are her takes on a number of issues:

She aligns with Bernie Sanders on a lot, which makes her a great candidate for those of us who were pushing hard for Bernie! She’s younger but still has a lot of experience. She’s the same age as me and I don’t even know how she’s managed to accomplish so much!

…As a teenager, Tulsi co-founded an environmental non-profit called the “Healthy Hawai’i Coalition”, which serves to educate children about protecting the environment of Hawaii…at the age of 21 where she became the youngest elected official to the Hawaii state legislature in the history of the state…her unit was deployed to Iraq. Her attendance was not obligatory, but nevertheless, she left her job as a State Representative to go with her unit, making her the first state official to leave their post to serve overseas. During her first 12-month tour in Iraq, she was a part of the 29th Support Battalion Medical Company and earned the Meritorious Service Medal for her performance.

…during the heat of the Democratic Primary, Tulsi resigned from her position as Vice-Chair to endorse Bernie Sanders. The DNC’s very own charter states that its members must remain impartial during primaries, which is why Tulsi resigned…This unprecedented act of courage and bravery to play by the rules and stand up for her beliefs catapulted Tulsi onto the national stage where she has remained since.

…Her sense of morality outweighs her loyalty to the Democratic Establishment.

I think I need one of these shirts. Because even after the election, having a shirt with the word for Holy Basil on it is nice too!

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