Interfaith Update

Interfaith Update May 14, 2014

I’m winging it here.  Don’t really have a blog to post this time, more of a update on the usual events that I’ve been doing for the past two years.

While we at Interfaith WS have a lot going on (check out our May – June calendar of events), one event I must mention is the upcoming interfaith dialogue scheduled for mid-October set to take place at a neutral location.  This dialogue will focus mostly on an ecumenical conversation, occurring between an extremely conservative Christian and a very progressive Christian.  There will be a moderator to keep a sacred container so that things ‘don’t get out of hand,’ but I’m still taking popcorn!  My pagan self will be sitting front and center to watch the show!  I can’t wait!  🙂  Stay tuned for a report on that event happening later this fall!

Currently, our Interfaith Journeys breakfast is on hiatus while we look to move to a different venue that will serve breakfast, or allow us to bring in potluck.  Now, I can imagine that this potluck might mostly consist of the standard, Southern Christian, specifically Protestant affair for a potluck dish.  About 85% if I were to take a guess.  However, I can also imagine the other 15% being completed by yummy, ethnic cuisines that will appear on the potluck table, made from scratch at the home of one of our Muslim interfaith cohorts.  Or the delectable dish prepared by a vegan Pagan (probably me).

So, I’m really hoping that we find ourselves settled at a location that is very comfortable with us hosting a  potluck.  It’s much cheaper on the wallet, and makes for an even more interesting conversation to be had during the communal time before the presenter takes the stage. Wish great thoughts that I my hope comes true! 😉

While this update was short and sweet, I wish to remind you dear reader, to be kind, be compassionate, and above all else, Treat Others as You Wish To Be Treated Yourself.  Imagine if you were this guy.  How would you feel if you were ignored in the same manner?


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