Away at FaerieCon West (Plus Some News Links)

Away at FaerieCon West (Plus Some News Links) February 10, 2012

I’m in Seattle, Washington this weekend, part of the team that’s putting on FaerieCon West, a transformational celebration of music, myth, fantasy, and, of course, faerie. While FaerieCon West, and events like it, are not explicitly Pagan, the openness and embrace of Pagan culture can’t be missed by anyone whose eyes are open to it.

While there are many presentations and performances I’m looking forward to, I’m perhaps most excited about participating in a panel discussion with Jeet Kei Leung, who’s writing a book entitled “Dancing Together into The Great Shift: Transformational Festivals & The New Evolutionary Culture”, and once again getting to interview famed urban fantasy author Charles de Lint, best known for his “Newford” novels. I hope to bring you photos, interviews, and coverage from what I’m hoping will be amazing weekend. If you’re in the Seattle area, I hope you’ll drop by, experience it for yourself, and say hello!

In the meantime, before I head off, here’s a few quick Pagan news notes that I thought you should know about.

That’s all I have for now, have a great day!

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  • Hoping you have fun….I have loved going to Fairiefests, and this one looks terrific.

  • Mia

    Your full coverage link for the San Fransisco peak doesn’t leave this page.

    But I don’t need to read any more to know that this is ridiculous. I’ve been skiing before, I’ve accidentally eaten snow because of bad trips down the mountain and many other people do too. Health concerns alone should have stalled the issue longer than this, and I doubt the matter will rest because of this current court decision.

    At least, in a country where people got all riled up over McDonald’s putting GMO potatoes in their fries, I sure hope this matter isn’t going to rest.

  • A. Marina Fournier

    First of all, I envy you getting to interview Charles de Lint. He was a guest at SiliCon in 1989 (at least I think that’s the year it was), and he and his wife, MaryAnn Harris, were Guests of Honor. Then in 1990, there was a technical conference in Ottawa that my husband had attended for a few years. When I found out where that year’s conference was, my response was:
    You’re not going to CharlesDeLintVille without me. As it turned out, our plan to go a couple of days earlier and spend some time as tourists was a less expensive option, extra hotel time included, so anyone from his (Bay Area) company going to it was encouraged to spend the weekend before it up there.

    I was ridiculously excited. One evening we went past where Tamson House would have been, and just past it was The Occult Shop. I asked to stop there, and we went in. I mentioned I was a Pagan from the Bay Area, exploring the area for sites mention in Moonheart and a few later books, before Newford was “founded”. The woman unpacking decks of Tarot cards from boxes looked at me and asked if I liked folk music. I said live folk music was another focus for me. She told me that CdL and MaryAnn Harris would be in a session (informal jam) at Rasputin’s the next night.

    Next night, there’s an OOPSLA reception, and the only person I recognize in the room, aside from my husband and a few of his colleagues was an old friend from college years in the SCA, Phil Wayne, who’s now involved in Umbanda. I tell him, knowing he’d be interested, that after a bit, we’re going to Rasputin’s to listen to a session where CdL and his wife, MaryAnn Harris, would be present. Eyes went big, and once assured he was welcome to come with us, asked if he could stop by his hotel and get his fiddle.

    At last we get to the all-black interior of Rasputin’s, and Phil dashes off to the session room without my getting a chance to say, Oh, they’re here already…the other three of us get some food and listen. I think there was a break–Phil must have gone off to get refreshment–and I introduced myself to the couple, as having seen them the year before at SiliCon. He was kind enough to say I looked somewhat familiar. I told him how I’d discovered the session, and then left them to get some refreshments of their own.

    Session ends, and Phil comes to our table, all aglow from good music, and says, it’s really too bad CdL wasn’t there. I looked at him mischeviously, and said, He was in there playing, but you didn’t give me a chance to tell you that before you headed in.

    In a post from 2008, you wrote, speaking of equal marriage laws:

    “In a theocracy that might be understandable, but in a theoretically secular nation (one that harbors a vast diversity of religious viewpoints) such “traditions” of mixing religious law with secular law are absurd at best, and harmful at worst.”

    I really like that statement. I believe the same thing can be said regarding the access to free birth control, and the conservatives’ and clerical attempt to either kill it, or to claim, as a matter of conscience (sorry, but ha! as if!) that it is contrary to their faith, and they want an exemption, aka “special rights”. That’s the term for what the rest of us see as civil rights for minority groups, especially LGBT citizens.

    Also, what Mia encountered was true for me. I don’t ski, but I was aware of this issue earlier, and am not happy with the ruling, either.

  • Melissa McClanahan

    I have been to FaerieCon – (Eastern version in Baltimore, MD) the last 2 years. It is a fantastic event put on by some wonderful people. While it doesn’t say explicitly “Hey this event is Pagan!” It very much is. 🙂 Have a great time!

  • Keith Campbell

    Mia, the link is working correctly — it’s just that it creates a page containing every post tagged with that tag, so of course this most recent post is at the top. Keep scrolling down for the earlier coverage, in reverse chronological order. 🙂