The Wild Hunt Podcast, Episode 3: Pagan Chants and Pagan Documentaries

The Wild Hunt Podcast, Episode 3: Pagan Chants and Pagan Documentaries April 24, 2012

Welcome to the latest installment of a new supplemental feature here at The Wild Hunt, The Wild Hunt Podcast (focus groups loved the name). This weekly podcast will take a deeper look at stories, links, and personalities that I feature in my daily updates. In this  third episode of The Wild Hunt Podcast we interview author, ritualist, and Wiccan Elder, Ivo Domi­nguez, Jr. about Pagan chants, and his revived Panpipes Pagan Chants Site (and yes, we also discuss the recent controversy concerning Z. Budapest’s statement on “We All Come From The Goddess”). Then, we speak with Alex Mar, director of the documentary film “American Mystic,” about Pagans, Pagan films, and making better Pagan documentaries.

Ivo Dominguez, Jr.

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You can listen to, and download, the episode at

Segment Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. “Nica Anahuatl” by Soriah with Ashkelon Sain from their album “Eztica.”
  3. Talk with Ivo Domi­nguez, Jr. about Pagan chants.
  4. “The Divine Goddess” chant by Shakmah Winddrum, performed by Assembly of the Sacred Wheel.
  5. Chat with director Alex Mar about Pagan documentaries.
  6. “Awake!” by Sharon Knight and T. Thorn Coyle, from “Songs for the Waning Year.”
  7. Outro

Relevant Links:

I hope you enjoy the show, stay tuned for next time.

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13 responses to “The Wild Hunt Podcast, Episode 3: Pagan Chants and Pagan Documentaries”

  1. Jason, this is great. Can you make it so it’s available on podcatchers? I’d love to download this on my mobile device. Cheers! Damh

  2. I’m new to this debate about men “destroying” We All Come from Goddess.  Obviously people shouldn’t make MONEY off the song, if she has a copyright.  HOWEVER, what pagans choose sing around a campfire is none of her business.

    To quote my three year old son to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle:  “Twinkle twinkle traffic light, standing on the corner bright, red means stop and green means go, yellow yellow very slow…”

  3. Ah, but did you catch the part where, from several days ago forward, if you sing her song with lyrics involving a male deity (dirty, dirty penises), you will henceforth activate a CURSE!

    Oh me oh my.

    On that note, here’s something I found on LiveJournal that originally came from Facebook. Unattributed, but as it’s a meme it’s not copyrightable anyway.

  4.  You missed all the fun, especially the part about demons being sent to possess her if her curse got activated.  Of course, how could anyone tell the difference?

  5. This is above all sad beyond words, that a once-great leader should sink to this furious possessiveness.  I am not unsympathetic to her and of course acknowledge that her work is protected by copyright.  However, I am not at all sure where the lines are drawn legally in this case, particularly after the song has been used publicly for more than a few years.  This is pretty basic stuff that a lawyer would be able to help her sort out.  I would hope that she would have checked out exactly what her rights and protections were before starting to spew this fury and hatefulness.  It doesn’t sound to me like she did. 

    There is copyright law and working through appropriate channels to see that it is adhered to.  There is a beloved leader making a request of those she influences.  There is an assertive person protecting what she understands to be hers.  Z has not taken any of these paths, but an angry, destructive one. 

    I personally see the wide use of her work and the addition of personal lyrics as a tribute to it and her.  Some years ago, I wrote an invocation which I posted on an Internet page, knowing full well that I was opening my hands and letting it fly away.  Occasionally I see it used, and this is something that gives me great pleasure and satisfaction.  I am sorry that Z does not have this. 

    My own choice here is to continue to stay well out of her way, but to begin asking the Goddess that Z experience healing.

    Cathryn Meer Bauer

  6. I don’t really have a dog in this fight, since the chant in question is not one I use. On the other hand, as someone who writes songs and poetry, it would be thrilling to see something I had written go out and be sung by people at large. Attribution is nice, but I don’t write these things to make money.

  7. I’m fed up with Budapest now, she’s not my elder and she has not had any impact on what I do or believe. There is so much of interest in the podcast, I particularly like the chat with Alex Mar, but the only part people comment is Budapest.