October 14, 2019

‘Tis the season for ancestor veneration, and while many of us are comfortable communing with those we love on the other side of the veil, there is a small, gnawing truth: we have some relatives and ancestors we would rather forget, not deal with, or just ignore. Should we do something about that? Included are suggestions for actions you can perform to help with this catharsis. Read more

October 7, 2019

It’s the time of the year where we hear the words “ancestor altar” much more often in conversation. The veil is said to be at its thinnest, and those who commune with those not in this realm stay busy with messages, while the rest of us wonder about our deceased relatives, and what to do, if anything. Create an ancestor altar, and really work with your ancestors, or focus on a relative. Work with them to provide what you need in the spaces you cleared in time for Samhain. Read more

October 2, 2019

Do you wake up on October 1st with a sense of delight, with a layer of trepidation? Is the month exciting, as well as overwhelming? Too much to do, no time to do it all, fear of missing out, with a rapidly-filling calendar? Fear not, witches. We can do this.  Read more

September 22, 2019

The Autumn Equinox is akin to teetering on a precipice. We do a balancing act of clinging to the last bits of summer, while eagerly embracing all that Samhain brings. It’s an exciting time to be sure, but underneath runs a current. If you are very quiet and still, you can hear it. That current, that hum, that leads us on the way to Samhain. It’s not just decorations and witches’ balls (although that is fun as well) it’s also the deepening, the going within, the preparation of what’s to come. Read more

September 18, 2019

Mabon is beckoning as a time of balance, which always strikes me as highly ironic, as this begins during the most unbalanced time of all. School routines are in place, the weekends are full of activity, there are endless chores to do, the holidays are looming, and we begin the descent into the last part of the year. This Mabon Reset Ritual will help reset your intentions and guide you through this upcoming season. Read more

September 9, 2019

“Self Love” September can make you roll your eyes, freeze up in shock (how is it September already?!), or pause for a moment. Self Love is a bit more  than bubble baths and spa days, especially if you align your life with the Wheel of the Year. It is turning onward to the busiest time of year (Samhain, Samhain, Samhain!) The sense of excitement is in the air, along with a bit of wistfulness. More things to do can seem overwhelming, but here are a few quick ideas to get you focused on your lovely self. Read more

September 1, 2019

You know that wonderful feeling of being among your “people” or your “tribe”? The people you connect with on so many levels, where you can be yourself, and you feel centered, grounded, and completely comfortable in your own skin. Or that feeling of excitement when you visit magical places? I felt that during my recent adventures in Cleveland, Ohio. This is a travelogue of my magical experiences there. Read more

August 28, 2019

There’s nothing quite like an impromptu witchy road trip. When days go by, and adventure seems far away, it is quite the gift to be offered a chance to go away and experience the world. Ever have that happen? When everything aligns, the journey proceeds smoothly, and time seems to expand like a magic rubber band, so that you fit in so many things that a regular twenty-four hour period seems to contain multitudes?  Read more

August 19, 2019

Often, when we are overwhelmed by life, we forget we are magick, and can create magick. The world can be too much with us nowadays. But it is worth remembering, and doing, and creating. Read more

August 11, 2019

August ennui and blues got you down? It’s a month with no holidays or celebration, and witchy ennui can set in. What to do? Read more

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