Being Part of the 1st Water Priestess Confluence

Being Part of the 1st Water Priestess Confluence February 17, 2023

“You’re in a Water Priestess Confluence?” my friend asked me, with a surprised look on her face, after I told her my exciting news about being accepted as a speaker. I’ve written a book called Positive Pagan, so it is easy to think that I only speak about certain subjects. As in Paganism, I too contain multitudes, and this conference is part of my journey not only as a workshop presenter, but also as a Water Priestess.

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Water Priestess Course

In the spiral that is my life, I first met the confluence founder Annwyn Avalon a few years ago at a conference. Being a fan of her first book, Water Witchcraft, I was beside myself with excitement, and peppered her with a bunch of questions that she graciously answered. Since I’m also a Pisces, I consider water to be my natural habitat. In the first year of COVID restrictions, taking her Water Priestess course was a lifesaver. I learned much, and added her teachings to my spiritual journey. Among other duties, as a Water Priestess, I honor local waterways, offer devotional practices to the water and water spirits, cleanse and purify the waters and areas around them (such as picking up trash, etc.)

A few months before the course, I had moved into a home with my partner that is across the street from a beautiful and wild creek. Living in the mountains of  western North Carolina, I seek out water treasures everywhere: creeks, streams, waterfalls, ponds, and lakes. The creek was an added bonus to our new home, and I spent quite a bit of time on its bank, and wandering through its waters on hot summer days.

As part of the initial Water Priestess course, we were tasked with holding a ritual by a body of water. I chose the creek and made offerings in honor of Brigid, who I am devoted to in all my spiritual work. I asked the creek for permission to be its Water Priestess, and in response, seconds later, a beautiful yellow butterfly floated by me. The spiritual meaning of a yellow butterfly is happiness, joy and good fortune. I took that as an affirmative answer, I thanked the creek, and so life swirled on.

A Battle for Local Waters

My neighborhood, which is rural, has been under attack by greedy developers. All they see are dollar signs, and they studiously ignore the actual lands and waters of this area. This has been a years-long process, and when it first began, it was close to Imbolc.

I went to the creek for support and help, and asked Brigid to guard and protect our neighborhood and waters. I had created a Brigid’s Wheel out of vines in our yard, and sealed out agreement by throwing it in the air, and my eyes followed where it landed. Instead of the water, it landed on a little sand bank. where it rested until it joined the elements again. I know that Brigid watches over us and this process, and I feel her strength when it comes to attending local government meetings, where it can sometimes feel we are screaming into the void.

The battle continues onward, and I remain hopeful yet realistic as to its outcome. In the meantime, I continue to honor the local waterways of my area. When I first moved to the mountains, I mourned being away from the ocean. That had been my original plan, until I moved here. The hows and whys I moved here are a blog for another time, but in my many years here, I have learned to love my local waterways. Every single one of them have brought me joy, and their different forms have brought me so much joy. The energies are so different than the majesty of the ocean, but I am truly content with my spiritual journey here, and my connection to all their forms.

See You There?

I hope you will join us for the 1st Water Priestess Confluence (March 24th-26th)! I am in the company of so many amazing presenters, and I could not be more excited nor honored. My presentation is about Honoring Local Waterways, which will cover more of the journey I briefly described above. Hopefully see you there!


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