How do you Beltane? Is it even a verb?  Solitary practitioner, always in groups, a mix of the two? Does it include a viewing of The Wicker Man? All these adventures and more can be yours.  ’tis the season! Read more

Have you ever been called to a place? A place you heard, without a doubt, beckon you to move there? With no seeming connection or reason to do so? I moved to Asheville (North Carolina) around three years ago.  Having moved most of my childhood between the New York area and North Carolina, I had spent most of my adult years firmly rooted in one place.  Once my sons were grown, I felt that restless pull to try life in… Read more

So, what exactly constitutes a magical life?  Read more

The word itself, witch, may conjure up a vision you have had from Halloween, the green face, the warts, the cackle. I read an acronym of the word somewhere: Woman In Total Charge of Herself. Read more

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