9 Ways to Celebrate Imbolc

9 Ways to Celebrate Imbolc January 22, 2023

Imbolc is coming! For those of us devoted to Brigid, this celebration is one of the highlights on the Wheel of the Year. Along with honoring Brigid, it also heralds that Spring is on its way. The thought of that alone can put a Spring in your step, and I look forward to this bright spot in the days of ongoing winter weather.

Imbolc is coming! Photo by Wikimedia.

Not Feeling Inspired?

By the time February rolls around, one month of the new year has already passed, intentions may have gone off the rails, but Imbolc is the promise of all that Spring heralds into our lives. If you are still in the midst of winter doldrums, it can be challenging to get tooo excited, much less prepare for Imbolc.

If you need a bit of inspiration, below are nine quick and easy ways to celebrate Imbolc. I hope one (or more) of them resonate, and that they add some resonance to your preparations.

Nine Ways to Celebrate


Visit your local waterways, whether it be the ocean, creek, stream, lake or pond. Seek out a place you haven’t been before. Imbolc was traditionally a time to visit holy wells, so seek out a local water source, and take a bit home to add to your Imbolc or regular altar. Drink more water as part of your daily routine. Make an ice lantern by freezing water in a container (empty Talenti containers are great for these) and place a tealight in its slightly less frozen center.


Explore your state parks, a local natural area, and get outdoors. A hike in a forest, walking on the beach, or visiting a local trail or botanical garden. Google what’s nearby and visit somewhere new. Take deep breaths, and enjoy being outdoors. Clear those mental cobwebs, stretch your legs and rejoice in the beauty of nature. Open your windows on a breezy day, and let the wind blow through. Change up the energy by opening your front door, wash down the door frames with some water and protection wash (either your own or purchased).


This one is simple. Head over to your favorite music source, and listen to some Celtic music. Let it play in the background, and see how you feel afterwards. Did it lift your spirits, make you want to dance? Perhaps you will find a new favorite band or musician. Move into Celtic movies, documentaries, or books. Learn a bit of Irish history.


Invest in some gold, red or white candles. Once lit, gaze into the flames,. Have a bonfire on a clear night, or have a cozy night in front of your fireplace.


Don’t get overwhelmed at the big picture of cleaning. Clean out that junk drawer, or go through your socks. Organize your jewelry, or clear off your desk. Make it manageable for your life, and note how you feel afterwards. Make a point to do a little at a time, and there’s no end to what you can accomplish.


Add metal to your spiritual practice. I recently reviewed “Metal Never Lies” and it’s a resource I turn to often, especially at this time of year. Consider the place of metal in your life and spiritual practice. Add coins to your offerings, or learn more about the art of blacksmithing. Seek out local blacksmiths in your area. They often hold workshops or are part of demonstrations at craft or renaissance fairs.


Write a poem to Brigid or to someone you love. Sit in the quiet, and see what words flow. Begin to journal, if you haven’t done so lately. I began a spiritual fast in January, and my journal writing has picked up considerably. So many insights have been revealed, and it’s been a joy to add this practice back into my days.


What do you love to create? Do you like to cook, bake, paint, draw or sew? Whatever you love to create, consider doing a bit of creating to honor Imbolc. Make a collage of all the things Imbolc reminds you of, or what you would love to see happen in Spring. Pick up a hobby that you haven’t tried before, or go back to one you loved from your childhood. View all the chores you do as something creative, and see if it adds a boost to a previously mundane task. Even grocery shopping can be turned into an adventures, if you approach it with a new viewpoint.


Time to start thinking about planting and gardens! Even if you live in an apartment, you can consider what herbs you would like to keep in your kitchen. Herb plants are usually available in grocery stores, so pick some up for a quick boost to your senses. The smell of basil can bring back beautiful summer memories and meals. Ask a friend with a plethora of plants for some cuttings to add some more greenery to your home. If you have a cat, get a catnip plant. Find a plant you can nurture throughout the year.

However you celebrate Imbolc, may it be joyous and peaceful!



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