How to Keep Samhain Going

How to Keep Samhain Going October 28, 2018

Samhain is always so festive BEFORE the big day. It’s understandable. The weather finally turns (depending on where you are), the days are filled with activities and the excitement builds. Then there is the post celebration letdown. Sure, Yule and Winter Solstice are coming. But it’s just not as much FUN.

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This year, I began treating each part of the Wheel of the Year as a season, resisting the urge to be so cut and dry. When the event is over, it’s over, right?  I was called to look more deeply into each one, and celebrate just a bit longer. It definitely enriched my year.

So, how do you keep the spirit of Samhain going? Here are some ideas:

Keep your witchy items visible and displayed.  Many of you probably do this. For those of you that don’t, don’t hurry to put your besom or witch hat away. I put a wee cauldron in my kitchen next to my mortar and pestle, and it has helped me be more present when I do my kitchen witch thing (cooking, creating and experimenting). Leave your items out for a bit longer, for the rest of the year or all year ’round. See how that makes you feel. For me, it is a certain sense of pride, and a deeper connection with home. As the days grow darker, home is a cozier place and where I spend more time. It’s also a comfort to have the items of witchery around. Useful, decorative AND spiritual.

Spend some time in the dark. No, really. It is getting darker, but spend some time in shadow work with yourself. Take this time of less busy-ness and go deep within to see what you need to work on. Have you been wrestling with envy, boredom, anger? Really spend some time with yourself and figure out why. If you don’t feel emotionally strong enough to do so, then use this time for self love and boosting yourself. Take soothing baths and ruminate. Light a candle and meditate. Concoct cold weather drinks and ponder life. Journal instead of social media. Take that yoga class you’ve been wanting to take, see what works, and what helps you feel better. Tackle those thorny things about yourself you wish you could improve. See where the blockages are in your system: mentally, physically and spiritually.

More ritual! When I am away from ritual, I truly miss it. The best part of witchery is working with sensory objects, and making things happen. Don’t wait for a season, a Sabbat or a moon. Timing is important, yes, but also incorporate daily little rituals into your life. Or weekly ones. Celebrate your weekend with a ritual. There are many good resources for A-Spell-A-Day type workings. Pick one up and do some, see how you feel. Create your own, which is even more fun. Nothing like feeling in your own power when you create your own ritual: savor the words, research the materials needed, and enjoy.

Work on your divination skills. Nothing like a cozy evening at home, working with your tarot cards, oracle decks, and more. Find a divination you resonate with and explore that. Lenormand cards? Pendulums? Runes? Dowsing? Explore and discover. Find a new deck that resonates and work with it. Come up with your own spreads, or practice reading for friends.

Keep dressing up. Are there items you wear during Samhain that you don’t wear otherwise? Why? For myself, I discovered I love wearing striped tights. They come in all colors, so I am going to keep wearing them. Useful and fun. For you, maybe its your hat, or certain jewelry. If all else fails, they will be a great conversation starter, and what a boost for yourself, to wear items that make you feel magical.

Find your community. Yes, it’s great to be all alone and introverted during this season. Yet there is also a richness to feeling in community that helps boost your mood. It can be whatever you want, coffee with a friend, throwing a party, attending a gathering or just striking up a new friendship online. There is much to be gained from finding common interests with others. I gain so much insight when I meet a friend for coffee and we give each other readings or discuss challenges in our lives. Try it, you might like it. Volunteering is also helpful. You are doing good for others, meeting people and sharing in the same vision and goals. Definitely a win-win.

Create a mojo bag. If you feel challenged post Samhain, create a little mojo bag with some of your favorite parts of the season. It can be cloves, cinnamon, any stones/crystals that remind you of Samhain, jewelry or charms that resonate with you. Wear it on your person, or place on your altar. Take a whiff when life gets you down. Let your senses resonate with what you need.

Try celebrating Samhain for a few weeks this year, see how and if it enriches your life. Create and practice whatever creates meaning for you and soothes you. Following the rhythm of the Wheel of the Year for longer periods of time can enrich and enhance your life, so give it a try and let me know how it worked for you. May the season enrich you ever onwards.




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